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  1. Alas, I shall have to work harder to make my Time Travel fiction more believable! :-)
  2. Oh dear. That's not how it works, Dizzy. That's a gross misunderstanding of the process. Look, if you want to discuss future events of my worldline, or the theory or philosophy behind time travel, then that's ok. But really - you're just proving my point as to why actual people who may arrive on this worldline from another avoid discourse with you. This isn't supposed to be an interrogation, and I really have nothing to prove. Say I do convince you, all of you, of my identity. What have I gained from the process? This doesn't benefit me. I'm happy to indulge in polite conversation or idle speculation, but abrupt or rude messages? Why come on here to be insulted? I know who I am. Surely that should be all that matters to *me*, no?
  3. Greeting Mylo. I thank-you for your input. It was a calculated risk to be sure. The divergence is significant enough that certain world events are different in significant area's, but certain aspects of my life are similar. Of course I had to make certain checks first. That the family in question lived in the same house, were both still alive, that the other 'Me' lived in the same place; Enough facts were similar for me to be reasonably sure that our lives when I was a child took similar paths. You must remember, our worlds didn't really diverge all that much until the early 2000's, I could be safely sure that before that time - i.e. - my childhood, my life and my counterparts on this worldline were similar enough to be almost identical; hence we had similar childhood experiences. I must add - whether I am a time traveller or not, is that really what you care about? This is a website called the 'Time Travel Institute'. This is a forum called "Time Travel Claims". I have to ask myself who would frequent such a forum, if they were not in fact looking for 'claims of time travel'. Whether you believe me or not, is irrelevant, at least to me. I will find this discourse valuable in either instance. And when my assignment ends, I will return to my time, and my approximate worldline, and your belief or lack thereof in my identity will be so far from my mind as to have almost immediately vanished almost as soon as I return. If you take anything from my writing here, and from the things I tell you - great. If you take nothing from it, then you haven't really lost anything, have you? TA1
  4. Cosmo - one calculates divergence by speaking to a physicist or someone significantly smarter than myself! ha ha! Ok, we did attend lectures on this during training for the TRC (Temporal Research Commission). The computer units and gravity sensors on the displacement unit do record your trip, and can also be used when programming a trip to estimate the divergence of a programmed destination. This is based on the size of the gravitational field needed to conduct the trip, the amount of power needed to be generated by the electron-fusing of the microsingularities - it is referred to as the 'Diversion Field'. At the TRC, we keep a record of - sort of a scale - of diversion field destinations. Each field record is drawn up from a number of estimated World lines, in some range. For example, one field estimation chart contains world lines with the divergence from 1% to 10%, another has world lines from 10% to 20% and so on. Zero divergence, or "ZD" is believed to be technologically impossible, but it is possible to get close. We can't break that barrier, but we can achieve a displacement to a destination of 0.25 or .0.5%, in some cases.
  5. Slow down, folks. Ok, more explanations are required I take it? First of all - "Autocorrect" was a feature on smartphones and such in my day, but it wasn't termed 'Autocorrect', it was simply known as the automatic dictionary. Secondly, Text-speak is unfamiliar to me. I don't recall shortening words and phrases to make digital communication faster when I was younger - no one I knew did. Was that just my naivety? I don't know. There was a lot more to be concerned about in my 2014 than worrying at the time about digital grammar. Yes - from the bits I've read about John Titor - our time displacement technology is the same. At least, it has the same designation. However, C204 Time Displacement Unit is the term given to it by General Electric. That's not the name that we gave it. There of course was a C201, C202, etc, and 4 is the latest version of the technology. This is what convinces me that Titor was a genuine article; how could he otherwise have known the displacement unit designation given to the device by GE? Please be aware, I have not read everything this Titor fellow posted online. He put a lot of material up here, and I have only scanned the highlights. Being from where I am, and having seen what I have seen, Titor's story does not hold the same......fascination.....for me, as it does for you. I'm not an American, and the average citizen has very little contact with people from abroad in my time. There is no international news service, no CNN, no official news coming into the general populace on the state of American affairs in 2037; everything I know about America from the mid 2020's onwards comes mostly from hearsay and what I've been told by those in Trading and who have contact with the council, who have spoken directly with American Traders and contacts. As such, I have never heard of a Temporal Recon unit. Do they exist in America in 2037? Perhaps. I'm sure what passes for Government in the USA is doing *something* with the Time Displacement Technology, but what exactly they do with it is a little outside of my purview. I am employed most directly by the Natural History museum (Yes, it still exists) and specifically, I work under the Temporal Research Commission, funded by the Museum, which in turn is funded by the The Representative Council of of England and Wales. I do not live in the heart of the city, and wouldn't want to. Instead I commute from just outside of London. I did not become a historian until after the Economic Collapse, when many industries fell apart and many people were forced to look to other area's for paid work. Research positions became more prestigious with the advent of time displacement technology and time travel as a reality. Since I was already a graduate, it wasn't so difficult for me to get onto a new academic course and qualify as a historical researcher. So much interest in my age! Forgive my 'ripe old age' comment ha ha! My wife is always telling me I play up my 'old age' too much. I can confirm for you, I am 55. Which admittedly, is not 'old' even by your 2014 standards. What doesn't help too much is the field I work in. There are many researchers, archeologists etc that I work alongside who are a great deal younger than me, and remember very little about this time period, those that were born. It constantly makes me feel a little older than I actually am. Life expectancy - technologically - should be higher than it is in 2037. However, the technology to repair a vast range of illness's and injuries is not openly available to all. Like the displacement technology, it is limited, and has to be distributed based on priority. I am lucky in that my value as a researcher at a key institute has afforded me priority healthcare in recent years. But alas, there are still those who could be much healthier and happier if we had an abundance of resources to distribute to everyone equally. I am confident, however, that as we re-establish ties with the rest of Europe and trade becomes more plentiful, our economy will strengthen, and this will change. Ronnie - please read my previous posts. I did not say that your worldline was exceedingly close to my own; quite the contrary, there's a4 to 5 % divergence between our worldlines. In a previous post, I outlined some events that occurred from 2008 - 2014 on my worldline that have not occurred on yours. I could certainly tell you some things that happened in my history between 2014 - 2020 etc, but they would have little bearing on what the next few years hold for you. Which is the ultimate irony isn't it? Surely if I could accurately predict a number of key events for you, and you could sit back and watch them unfold exactly as I predicted, it would erase all doubt from your mind that I am who I say I am. And thus is the unfortunate nature of time travel. You cannot travel back along your own worldline. No matter how close another worldline may be to your own, it is NOT your Worldline, there will always be *some* divergence between the two, and so you can never predict exactly what is going to occur with 100% accuracy. Look at what this Titor fellow predicted for you? And yet, you have no American Civil war, no nuclear weapons have been launched, Your world ticks along in a similar fashion to the way it has for the past 15 years.; yet he is held in high regard as a potential 'time traveller'. I would surmise that Titor's Worldline was closer to yours than my own, but he could not tell you exactly what was going to happen in the coming years, because there was still a divergence between your world and his and he knew that. All I can say for sure, is that our Worldlines clearly diverged in the early 2000's. Perhaps you are beginning to see the start of what is to come, and your world will follow a path similar to my own, just at a slower pace. There is major civil unrest in America, is there not? You Are in a Global recession, aren't you? Similar, but not the same. One thing that is marching along at a very similar pace is your scientific endeavours. CERN was constructed, they are conducting the exact same experiments here as they were in my 2014. But your governments are still warring with foreign nations, they are still pushing everything they have into defence and weapons development. I ask you, if CERN and the governments that fund the project had discovered the ability to control and create Microsingularities, right now, today, in 2014 - do you think they would make that public knowledge?
  6. Apologies for minor spelling mistakes. As I said, I don't use digital technology often anymore, and 'Autocorrect?' I believe it is called? Still something of a mystery to me.
  7. Thank-you PaulaJedi. A result of the world in which I live in 2037 I suppose. You have something here - 'Text speak?'. We don't shorten our language to accommodate digital communications in the future; education is considered extremely Important for the rebuilding of the western world and England in particular, and correct grammer and reading and writing skills are very important for record keeping and communication (we use traditional typing and pen & paper more than we do computers). I can return to a worldline virtually identical to my own. My device is sophisticated enough to narrow down the divergence to maybe 1 or 1.5%. There might be very subtle differences in the world at large - someone in some part of the world may have a different job, or live in a different place, but the differences will likely be so small I will never notice. It is pretty much impossible to traverse time within one's own Worldline. Whenever you travel, you move dimensionally as well a chronologically. The most we can do is stay as close to our own reality as we can, keeping the divergence down to an absolute minimal. As such, will the 'Me' that emerges into that 2037 Worldline be the 'Me' that left? No. But the 'Me' of that Worldline also cannot return to his exact Worldline, but one almost identical. In essence, I will be taking his place, and he will be taking mine. As long as my Children and my wife are there, I'll be smiling. Oh boy, your asking me the tough ones today Paula. Ok, keep in mind I am a Historian, not a physicist. However, we did cover Multiverse practice in training. Our Science tells is that our Universe is contained within an expanding bubble. In the beginning, The big bang occurred, the universe expanded rapidly -- so rapidly that an area of space once a nanometer square ended up more than a quarter-billion light years across in just a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second. This happened multiple times - we call it the Multiple Bang Theory. Thing of it as....ok, instead of one massive explosion. It's like one of those firecrackers? The ones that gives off multiple little explosions in rapid succession? The Big Bang was like that. *Bang bang bang bang*, each explosion creating a New, separate, expanding bubble, each containing it's own universe. Some of these bubbles had identical materials and developed identically over billions of years, others contained a great deal more or a great deal less material, and developed very differently. So we have a giant void filled with these 'Bubble universe's' and they're all expanding. Inevitably, some bubbles bumped into each other. It's possible some produced secondary bubbles. What we do know is that they are packed close together - the bubble universes exist very dimensionally close to one another. How do we know this? The wide number of worldlines we are able to travel to, evidenced by every trip every person takes through time. Each Worldline exists in another bubble. Our universe is one bubble in a sea of bubble universes. Does that make it easy to picture? How did my family react? Not well. Ha ha! At first they thought I was selling something, then they thought I was flat out insane, and possibly dangerous. I had to convince them to spare a few moments to just listen, and then told them things I could not possibly have known, if I was not who I said I was. I also able to show them a small scar I have, and still have to this day, from childhood. Now that they've opened up, they say they can see clearly that it is me. They eyes, the voice, my hands. They have asked to see the displacement device. As of yet, I have not let them. Ok, how is it powered? How does it manipulate gravity? Well, first let me reiterate - I am not an engineer, I did not build it. Can I operate it? Yes. Could I repair it if it became damaged? To a certain extent, although all I have is my Field training to rely on. It would depend on the extent of the damage. I can tell you that what I have is a C204 Time Displacement Unit, and it was not even built in my country, it is American! The source of power for the device, certainly the power that allows it to manipulate gravity distortions, are 2 microsingularities that were created and fused into the device itself. Now, the mass of each one is manipulated by injecting electrons onto the surface of their event-horizons. The electricity comes from 2 standard car batteries. An incredible amount of power can be generated once the injected electrons interact with the microsingularities. It is my manipulating their mass, that the device to control and stabilise the power output, and it is this massive amount of power that allows the device to create and manipulate a gravitational field around an object/person and/or vehicle. The British Government? Ok, there is a 'Government' in 2037, but it is quote different from what you think. There is no 'President' or 'Prime minister', no one man who speaks for the rest. Instead, we have The Council. (officially 'The Representative Council of of England and Wales'). The council is made up of 11 Members, from the 11 largest and most influential districts in England (The 11th member is welsh, and speaks on behalf of all of Wales. Because of Wales relatively small size and very little defensive and monetary influence, it has less of a say than the other, English representatives. Fair? No. But that's reality). Scotland is - technically - part of the UK Republic, but in practice they take the decisions of the council under advisement, and do what they want anyway. They are also split into districts and only occasionally send a representative to address the council in person. So, each of the 10 districts (and the one representing wales) nominate a Speaker who will address the Council in London on their behalf. Correspondence informs each district prior to an arranged meeting of the council what is to be discussed, and then each district votes within it's community what the districts opinion of said matter will be. - The Speaker does NOT get a vote and is not allowed to attempt to sway the opinions of district citizens In any way. He is merely to convey our voices, nothing more. Does that all make sense? Ok, the Representative Council rules over which organisations will be permitted use of a Displacement Unit (remember, there are only so many available in England) and for how long. Each district was chosen some time ago to nominate 5 people in their community to stand as potential candidates for temporal travel, and then the organisations have a pool of 50 candidates to choose from, depending on the needs of the assignment. There is a backlog groups (Historians, Researchers, Military, Archeologists) who wish to use a displacement device, and each is assed to a waiting list; the council determine who needs it most, and how long they need it for before A) it can pass to another organisation and B)It has to be put in for maintenance. The Council also deals with trade with Europe, disseminating law enforcement services to districts, and nominate legal courts to oversee disputes. More importantly, it negotiates with American ships and traders for trade of different items, including the displacement technology. Hope that all clarifies a few things for you all. TA1
  8. If this is something that really interests you, I would consider it. However, unlike in my time, your internet is not secure; it is in fact well known that during this time, you were constantly monitored by government authorities in what you do, say, and visit online. I have taken steps in this forum to hide my location and not reveal too much about myself - I would have to be sure that this skype program can offer similar protection.
  9. Hello all! Thanks for your musings and idle speculations, they did indeed make me smile! I apologise for my short disappearance. Without going into too much detail, it had to do with my assignment. I had to leave for a short while and there was little time to log onto a computer whilst I was doing what I was doing. So much speculation about me! To address some of the philosophy being thrown around - why an Internet forum? Well, for the very reason that it IS obscure and makes it easier to remain anonymous. As I explained before, temporal travel is a dangerous undertaking. We're going backwards to points in the Earth's history (albeit on a different Worldline) where the very notion of time travel and multiverse theory are just theoretical notions and where there exist people who would steal or even kill for the secrets t0 those realities. I don't wish to patronise any of you. You're clearly intelligent people; but in 2037, we've become accustomed to the reality of temporal and dimensional travel; we're ready for it, and you are not. Admittedly, it took a massive civil war, a broken Europe and near world-wide economic collapse for us to reach that point, but reach it we did. The rules and regulations are there for a reason. We cannot arbitrarily hop into different worldlines, screw up your entire perception of the world by going on national television and using our devices to demonstrate the reality of time travel, and leaving your world to handle the ramifications. This is not an authorized activity that I am doing right now. I could argue that gaining your perspective on this time period, and how you perceive time and space is useful to my research, and on some level it may be, but the truth is I am posting on here to satiate my own curiosity, nothing more. But there have to be limits to how far I will go. I have read more about your John Titor. I am lead to the conclusion that he was probably a genuine time traveller. For various reasons but mostly because - he spoke of CERN being the first to create and stabilize miniture black holes or microsingularities, leading to the creation of gravity manipulation and involves rotating singularities inside a magnetic field. This is a fairly accurate description of how the foundations of time travel technology was discovered, as well as the functions of the temporal displacement unit manufactured by General Electric. He describes an American Civil War, stemming from growing civil unrest. This occurred on my Worldline as well, and it is an eerily accurate prediction to be made from someone, if they were not from a future Worldline. However, Titor was not from my Worldline. He describes as nuclear war. - Where I come from, Nukes were not launched. Very close, as Communist Russia was very concerned when the USA fell into civil anarchy, and there was a fear they would launch a nuclear attack at the USA To prevent American Nuclear Technology from falling into radicalist or unpredictable hands, thankfully this never came to pass. Also, maybe things were different in Titor's world. But he gave you folks a lot of information! Pictures? Schematics?! Can you imagine a soldier, today, uploading schematics of classified technology onto the internet? A very irresponsible thing to do on his part. Obviously, he didn't care, because it wasn't his Worldline anyway, so any negative impact of his actions would affect HIS future, only yours. Still I find it incredulous that he broke protocol so carelessly and just showed you so much. Or maybe they didn't have such protocols where he comes from - which I think is even more scary a possibility. To clarify - the rules are clear. No interaction with governments or authority figures beyond what is absolutely necessary. Absolutely no sharing of time displacement equipment, detailed schematics, or anything beyond the most basic explanation of time travel technology. Meeting ones 'younger self' is a massive No-no! Although I am alone on this assignment and there would be no way for anyone to know whether I had or hadn't, if I were to return home and it was discovered I had made contact with another version of me, not only would I never be allowed near another displacement unit again, I would lost likely face prison time. (I shall reveal to you tho, I have encountered a family member on this trip. NOT myself. But a member of my family I felt I could trust). So, please try to understand. Like Titor I suppose, I didn't come on here to prove anything to you. More, to have you prove something to me. To hear the thoughts of people from your time period in a frank and open manner (something I cannot do, for Obvious reasons, out there on the streets of the city), and to perhaps gain a better understanding of how you see your future, and what you think of your world today. Not to mention - how will YOU handle the reality when CERN and the scientific community reveal that they can control singularities and bend time and space? I mean, what does that mean for you? Religiously, spiritually, politically, ethically? Do you believe it affects free will, knowing you can travel to a different Worldline and effect changes to it? Does it effect the way you feel about yourself and your world? Knowing there are more than likely an infinite number of Earths and an infinite number of 'You's', out there? These are the things that fascinate a historian and philosopher such as myself! Perhaps not a soldier. Or even a scientist. But, I suppose, that is why I was chosen for this assignment. Regards, TA1
  10. That was a metaphorical split Halo. Texas definitely ceded from the US and declared itself the independent state of Texas. From there, the US tried to enforce governance in the state, which led to outright civil unrest. Individual states lost the ability to maintain law and order; I remember when it first happened back when I was much younger, watching the news reports of outright anarchy on the streets of DC. The President was evacuated to a secure location, and shortly after, foreign ambassadors to the US were recalled. From what we know in 2037, the US has no centralised Government, but instead is split up into various zones, where local governance is determined by councils of citizens who have responsibility for certain geographic area's.
  11. Many things are happening right now that never occured in my Worldline. To us, this is an education in what we might have done differently, and what we still might face in rebuilding Europe. For instance - ISIS? We never had an ISIS terrorising Afghanistan and the Muslim nations in my 2014. By 2014, the US government in it's current state did not exist. It certainly was in no position to fight a war with anyone. Northern Ireland was the nation vying for independence from the UK government in 2014, and with widespread civil unrest and the British £ dying a death, the last remnants of UK government were in no position to try to hold it. Ireland regained N Ireland in early 2016, at which time Britain adopted the Euro as it's official currency. Another area I've been sent to study is the Royal Family. See, by 2012, the Royal Family had all been evacuated to Canada, which had a small semblance of stability as it was able to secure it's borders against the American Civil war, whilst Britain was still a broken country. So Prince William and his wife Kate having children? Never happened for us . In fact, there was no Kate Middleton. Understand, we knew this Worldline differed from our own before I was sent here, but we couldn't be sure how or in what specific area's. My assignment is to use my knowledge of our own history to look at the political landscape, make comparisons and record, and try to predict what the events occurring now, that never occured for us will do to the future of Europe and the UK.[DOUBLEPOST=1410899080,1410898503][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry Halovesya, didn't see you there. We can only assign as many missions as there are Displacement Devices in our possession. I'm afraid the UK is still in no position to begin manufacture on our own Displacement technology, but we are working on back-engineering the ones we have, so far with limited success. When I left, there were 4 other missions being launched, to different worldlines. I know at least one was a historical-study assignment. The other 3, I was not privy to the nature of their assignments. I can tell you that the sophistication of the displacement technology differs, as does how much power it can handle and the size of the field it can generate. My device can travel accurately to a range of 50 years, or so I was told. The further back I try to go past the 50 year mark, the wider the divergence between worldlines and the more risk I could renter into a Worldline drastically different from my own. The unpredictability of that alone would be pretty dangerous.
  12. Scotland never voted to ever leave the United Kingdom on my Worldline. Which is another interesting wrinkle, considering it's been put to a vote now. I knew this question would come up. Ok, the issue of Scottish independence may have come up in our 2014, in my Worldline, had we had the kind of fairly stable western world you have. However, as I said, America's situation grew worse and worse. When I was a young man, America virtually declared martial law as it's fight on terrorism grew more desperate. Freedoms were restricted, and it split the country in two. Texas was the first state to try to split from the United States and declare independence. The US Government tried to intervene with military forces to prevent the loss of Texas when it became clear citizens were not going to vote to stay, and paramilitary groups sprang up all over the States. As the US fell deeper into a state of civil unrest, the collapse of the dollar threw the world into a global depression. Those nations with large external debts couldn't trade sufficiently to earn the income to service their debts, and slid into bankruptcy. The economies of New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK pretty much collapsed, as a result of their indebtedness and not being able to service their borrowings. It resulted in the Western nations facing abject poverty, lawlessness and an almost break-down in society. Crime became rampant. Law and order still existed of course, as did police and military, but they were severely strained. Under a global economical breakdown, Scotland becoming 'independent' was the last thing on the mind of the scots, as the intervening years were a struggle to retain order and feed and clothe the citizens of the UK.
  13. Wow! Questions questions questions! Ok, let's see. I'll give you some quick answers here in order. 1. Mylo - no. Our Timeline's are broadly similar, but not identicle. (and we call them 'Worldlines'). I don't know what you were told in the realm of this Titor mythology, but my Time Displacement Unit doesn't automatically confirm the displacement differential between worldlines unless specifically analysed to do so. As I said, I am not an engineer, but was told there would like me a .4 or .5 variance, or 'percent' if that's an easier term. For instance, a .1 variance would indicate a Worldline that is very similar to the one you're leaving; as to be almost identical. So .5 is pretty much broadly similar, with some significant events differing around the globe. To be clear - yes, we had a WW1 and WW2, and the allies won, the Nazi's (Axis powers) lost, just like here. However, the last few years of this Worldline do differ from mine somewhat. For instance, right now your Russia is still a Republic. On my Worldline, in 2008, Russia declared a state of high alert, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin assumed a new term as President but quickly formed a coalition with Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Russia was effectively a communist state again from 2009 onwards. 2. Paula - the toughest thing, it seems to be, for people to believe that someone who has travelled from another Worldline is indeed who they say they are, is the lack of proof. People want pictures of future dome cities (we don't have those!), or a video of a time machine zapping into existence from thin air. These things are all technically possible, but can you imagine, right now, what it would do to your world should you suddenly have 100%, unequivocal proof that, for want of a better term let's call them "Time Travellers", were visiting your world? The knowledge that people from 20+ years from now are zipping in and out? First, it would change the way you think about yourselves, as the reality of Time Travel did for my society. It would raise questions of religion, science, personal freedom. Not to mention the fact that, by 2037, this era is considered one riddled by corrupt governments, run by Freddy politicians, who rarely had the best interests of the majority at heart. I think we both know that if I was to come to you with pure, hard evidence of my technology and what it could be used for, not only would my assignment be put in jeopardy, but my very freedom as well. I'd give it an hour or two before MI5 or some other branch of British Intelligence was kicking down my door. The truth is - anyone who is truly in my position would of course want to keep you guessing. I'm sorry, but no genuine time traveller is going to be stupid enough to unleash unarguable proof of his ability to traverse worldlines, until he was literally moments from escaping your Worldline forever. 3. Yes Titorite, I have heard of Rife frequency generators. I'm surprised you would bring such an unsupported technology up. I'll happily confirm for you - no. In 2037, we do not use Rife machines to treat cancer or any other ailment. Those generators produce low energy waves and I can tell you, trying to blast diseased cells with electromagnetic frequencies does nothing for the treatment of disease. However, I can tell you that by 2032, we had virtually perfected medical Nonotechnology for a wide range of treatments and that it is nanotechnology which is going to make the most significant impact on both the medical field and the human lifespan in the future. Also, no. I have not been asked to retrieve anything from this timeline other than pictures, video footage, and to scribe my own personal observations and reports on events and current world affairs. Please understand - I'm not comparing myself to this John Titor character, because IF he was real, he clearly worked differently. The entire reason I was sent here, was specifically because this Worldline differs in area's from my own. In my field, we consider it not as helpful to study Worldlines almost identicle to our own. We know what happened there and how it turned out! My work is the study of 'alternate history', if you will. How events in our past night have turned out differently, and what the governments and oeople of your world here and now are doing differently to what we did, and how that is changing the course of events for you, as opposed to my own history. 4. Finally, PaulaJedi, I don't subscribe to the multi-Worldline theory theoretically, our science has proven it to be true! Universal wavefunction is a scientific reality in 2037, and has been in fact accepted since 2033. For every quantum event, another universe branches off. Everything that can happen, does happen, in an alternate quantum reality. Of course, entering the past would itself be a quantum event causing branching, but we now know that when someone engages in temporal displacement, the timeline or Worldline accessed by the time traveller is simply another timeline of many. This is why we still have strict protocols regarding our interactions with other worldlines. Nothing I do here can affect the future of the Worldline I came from in any way, but it could still affect yours. It's a moral and ethical concern really. Just because we are safe in the knowledge that our travelling back cannot screw up our own futures, it doesn't give us a right to screw up yours. Phew! Did I go a bit long there? TA1
  14. Do you mean someone could come from a future Worldline - future from 2037 - and try to...what? Kill me and live my life in that time period? If that's what you mean, it's an interesting thought experiment. I suppose, theoretically, that's possible. But to my knowledge, we have never had a visitor from the future as of 2037. Who knows why? Maybe they don't want to, maybe it's not as interesting a period of time for them, maybe if they come from a greater differential Worldline, they live in a universe where time travel was simply never harnessed, due to war, lack of resources or something else
  15. Hi Cosmo. I may consider posting some basic pictures of the device for you, even though to do so is a violation of protocol. Right now, the device is locked securely away somewhere safe, and so I would have to arrange for it to be taken out of secure storage. Please note, it is very similar to the pictures I have seen of the Titor decide, with some minor variations. My assignment is purely one of research. I am a historian at my ripe old age, and much of the purpose of my organisation is to conduct hospital research into previous time periods; comparing the subtle differences between worldlines and taking pictures and reports of key events and locations within the United Kingdom. This time period was chosen, and myself chosen for the assignment, because I lived in this time and this location, and certain key events occurred during this time that we would like to gain a first hand perspective of. Yes! I am aware I lived this time right? Therefore, why don't I just write a report from memory? This was a long time ago for me, and in my youth I was not a historian and paid only a passing attention to such events. Similarly, many of my colleagues are a lot younger than me and only vaguely recall these events. This time period was also chosen because this was the beginnings of science's discovery of the possibility of time travel. As such, the next five years are crucial (presuming your science and your CERN reactor) make the exact same moves forward in understanding as they did on my Worldline. As such, this is an historically important time. Still, there are very significant differences between this Worldline and mine. America is not entrenched in a Civil war here, for one. Although the beginnings of civil unrest are still evident. The situation in the Middle East here and over in Afghanistan, believe it or not, are still not as serious as they were in the 2014 in which I lived. I was warned before embarkation, however, that the displacement differential of this Worldline would be fairly significant. Perhaps a .4 or a .5[DOUBLEPOST=1410879564,1410879253][/DOUBLEPOST]Peorthyr! That made me smile! I am a much older man than I was in 2014! The hair is grey, the wrinkles are deep. Even if, by some chance This worldlines 'me' got ahold of the displacement unit, and worked out how to operate it with no training, and was able to program it to return to my original Worldline (which can only be done by going back to before I arrived here, and going forward again anyway), the man that would return would be 23 years younger than the man who left! A rather significant discrepancy, no?
  16. Wow! Ok, lots of questions. First, let me say that I had never heard of John Titor until I arrived on this Worldline and used the internet to search for Time Travel, out of pure curiosity, considering my current assignment. I have not come across any 'Time Travellers' that come across to me as being genuine....yet. Having said that, John Titors posts do seem the most likely as evidence of a genuine agent who travelled through time. I say this because his version of events are quite similar to mine, with some minor differences. My device, is also a C204 Time Displacement Unit, and is also produced by General Electric, although other organisations have engineered the technology and produced similar devices, albeit with limited travel abilities. C204 Time Displacement Unit My work is with the Republic of the United Kingdom, and in 2037, my Government has little to do with the American state. We do receive shipments from different parties in America, mostly supplies and the occasional piece of technology for trade, so most of my knowledge of America in 2037 comes from those encounters. Just to clarify, I am not a soldier. I had never heard of a John Titor until I arrived on this Worldline. I am not a scientist, though I do have a working understanding of the displacement technology, and am trained in it's use. Frankly, I am surprised this Titor fellow was so open and frank with you, sharing pictures and schematics. I don't know how his organisation works, if he was genuine, but we have protocols in place that rule out unnecessary interference with another Worldline. As for the above question - I'm not sure of that's a serious question? But to answer, there are no 'evil versions' of oneself, simply versions of is that have chosen different paths in their lives to the ones we chose. Having said that, protocol allows for limited interaction with another version of oneself or ones family, if it is necessary to ones assignment. Having said all that, I find this discourse fascinating, as I lived in this time. For me, this is a fascinating perk of my assignment; being able to interact with a society that I remember from my youth. almost like stepping back into ones memories. I will answer what I can and attempt to satiate your curiosity to the best of my ability. Be well. TA1
  17. Hi everyone! Well, this is interesting I must say. An entire website dedicated to Timetravel and those who claim to be Time Travellers! It's really too bad I hadn't paid more interest to this sort of thing when I lived in this time period. Anyway, I don't expect to be taken any more seriously than any of the rest of the people on this forum (who so far, do NOT seem to be people who have come from your future at all!), but this is my first long-chronological temporal trip in my lifetime, and I must say I find it fascinating to experience the full reality of being here again. Anyway, I'm here for a short while, so if anyone would like to converse with me, about anything, please do so. My Worldline is exceedingly close to yours, I can assure you, so I'm quite understanding of this time period, although as any genuine time traveller would know, there are certain limitations as to what I can and cannot post onto a public forum. But I'll do my best! Thanks! TA1
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