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  1. A few things, mostly concerning decisions I've made and my behavior over the last few years, which has informed my life negatively and has caused me to be alienated from friends and family.
  2. Thanks, interesting videos.. if only I spoke Russian.
  3. Hahaha, hadn't really thought about that... Touché.
  4. Says who?[DOUBLEPOST=1412858124][/DOUBLEPOST]Well if possible in this scenario, to make changes.
  5. I never implied that is was. The fact that it was written by "anonymous" is just a bit sketchy.. who or what is Temporal Recon? Did he write Convictions of a Time Traveler?
  6. That's easy to say about a book that was written by "anonymous" and that came out after the fact, dontcha think? Someone's gotta play devil's advocate.
  7. I listened to the parts you mentioned, heard no mention of either July or November. I also got the sense that he was acting funny because he was uncomfortable, on account of him potentially fabricating certain things.
  8. Ha No, he mentioned a return, but not specifically October or November, or any month for that matter. He said it was possible that he MIGHT return in the next year or few years.[DOUBLEPOST=1412550196][/DOUBLEPOST] Lol, good point.
  9. Well he never said anything about the return being in October or November, or necessarily this year or even next year for that matter.
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