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  1. Thanks Einstein. I never saw those before.
  2. Back in 2001 I found this place by accident. How or Why? I have no idea. I joined. I made my first post ever on the internet. I thought it was relatively harmless, but BAM, CAZOO, HOLY CANOOOLEEEE ..... You guys ripped me a new one when I didn't even know I had an old one. DAYUM! I didn't post anywhere for another 10 years. At Least. But HEY! Thank you. I probably would have said some stupid things that could never be erased. Over the years I've stopped by to see what was up and saw the same old name ripping unsuspecting posters up. OMG I have laughed so much. I would like to thank DARBY for his ratchety ass consistency. He has got to be the less passive aggressive human being in the multi verse. I don't know where you're going DARBY but I do hope you have a great time. Keep on Ripping! And NO I don't have the science or facts to back that stupid shit up!!! Cheers Dude! Job well done! :):):):):):)
  3. Leslie


    I just couldn't let it go by without comment titorite. You have better restraint than me on such matters. How long do you think this "guest" hung around for an answer? Anyone? Think he'll be back? Thank you Paula and Mylo for responding.
  4. Leslie


    Received. You still there? Waited 15 years to respond. :p
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