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  1. I'm still wondering if John is the cause or the effect. Part of me thinks it's like a self fulfilling prophecy. I'm patiently waiting to see how this all pans out.
  2. The problem is not materials or invention. Its the energy required
  3. I'm not sure if you took offense to that or what, but you quoted me and then rambled off about yourself, boasting, then started talking about stupid people... which has nothing to do with the left/right, as both sides have idiots taking up the cause.
  4. So the only thing I have for now, is that the psychological profiling could also be used to say that the far right also display childish behaviours such as greed, violence, and tribalism.
  5. It depends on your view of how timelines work.
  6. It starts with education. We are not giving ourselves the tools to understand these complex issues, and risk being the next civilisation to crumble under its own weight.
  7. Side note; Do Jojoba's Witnesses claim to accept and use any Bible version in the states? Your comment reminded me that this was about the state of America... (<is that a pun?) America is in a hard place. There are many problems. But your fighters! You'll stand tall, proud of your convictions and push back against those intent on corroding your basic rights. My country could do with some fighting spirit. Disclaimer: I do not condone violence unless to defend. I am referring to emotional or spiritual fighting I.e. debate. Put the safety on. Our people should talk.
  8. I am an atheist. However, I will agree that the ten commandments are a solid moral foundation for anyone to use for guidance. How do you feel about religious leaders that maintain the idea that homosexuality is wrong, or that use their position to divide people rather than accepting and embracing differences?
  9. Do real Christians follow the Bible to the word? Or Catholics? Religion again is not cut and dry. It's how we interpret the stories. These topics are basically tripping up our culture and distracting us from the real problems. We are divided, and we could fall. I may have jumped the gun on my community comment. Long day, plus reading percentages instead of true numbers equals an apology from me. Personally I believe that that a person's spirituality, sexuality and heritage have no bearing on the morality of a person, and to define larges groups of people with sweeping labels does us all a disfavour. I couldn't agree more. The only thing I might add though is that sometimes it comes down to how informed a person is. If I hadn't gained the experience that I have, my view would not be the same. Travel and visiting other cultures dispels the cultural hangups you gain from your own.
  10. This poll is very telling of the community here. I couldn't agree with any of your statements. The wording you used doesn't take into account any of the complexities of the topics you mentioned. Racism is real even if you don't participate. Gender inequality isn't a black and white kinda deal. Gender and sexuality are hard topics to understand. And as for your Muslim comments... yes there are cultural differences that may seem hard to overcome, but it simply cannot be true that all Muslim people are morally bad. How about looking for the similarities we have with each other, i.e. how our governments are slowly leading us to ruin.
  11. Your acting like its big news. We already knew most of the big conflicts since WWII have been directly caused by the U.S. governments poor judgement and inability to keep its agenda within its own borders. The United States polices the world like it polices it own people. With prejudice. With ignorant belief. And with violence. We don't need RV to see these truths.
  12. So it's a bit of both for me. It's a great freedom to realise that nearly everything in modern life is a human construct, and therefore can be made more or less important by perspective alone. However, being in society means that it's not just my own views that I have to take into account. This is the sobering part. Real change in my existence relies on my ability to navigate the social landscape, and things like income, housing or living costs won't change just because I want them to.
  13. We predict the future all the time. Whenever we are presented with a challenge we know the impossibilities and most often create plans that will complete the task to a high degree of accuracy. We take it for granted, but problem solving is not easy.
  14. There's plenty of phenomena that have been dismissed as fantasy, but what separates remote viewing from lucid dreaming, or imagination. How would you yourself know, that what you experienced wasn't some mad daydream. Can different results arise from different techniques?
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