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  1. The Inca's had a belief system similar to this. I don't remember the details but it was interesting how even today, the culture has a compleatly different view on what time is and how p/p/f interact. It's not a linear view if I remember correctly.
  2. I think you'll find that Thatcher is not held in high regard, especially here in the UK. Her policies are still effecting us now.
  3. Have you guys seen Looper? It throws up a lot of questions like these.
  4. I think most western societies need to push harder for effective change whithin their respective governments. A good start would be to get younger people in and stop letting the older jaded polititians push their out dated agendas on us. An overhaul on the legal system as well, I mean, it's well over due right?
  5. Transplant patients also gain personality traits of the donor. One theory is that there are brain like nerve tissues that run throughout our body, and the brain is just the main cluster for processing, so when organs are transplanted, certain elements of the donor go with it in different forms. I'm still on the fence about reincarnation. I like to think it's real, and this gives me incentive to invest in what's going to happen after I depart. And like we've discussed, there's plenty of stories to think on. The one for me was an Indian girl who lead police to her former body, and pointed out her murderer in the street!
  6. I think it's brilliant that we have such understanding of the universe without even really moving from our tiny little speck of cosmic dust!
  7. And I bet those foreign organizations are pretty pissed. Is it any wonder US businesses are being targeted by foreign agencies. But that's another topic. I live in the UK, but knowing our government, it wouldn't suprise me if they were allowing the US to spy on me too. Germany have been assisting them for a long time now, and the EU is a mess. Your so called leaders are well known for preaching ideals they themselves are happy to contradict, for example torture! And I'm not saying my leaders are any better. Did you see the candidates for our PM? A bunch of fools too concerned with history to focus on effective and decisive change. The question you guys need to ask is how much more your willing to put up with from a gov. that can't handle any of the serious issues facing us in the future.
  8. The point is, if an independant person or people's started rumagging through your mail, or hacked into your personal tech, you would be mad as hell! Yet when the government do it on shakey legal standings everyone just shrugs and let's it happen. Would you let your senator poke around on your hard drive? Or phone? I sure wouldn't. And who knows what they do and don't see. Or which words and phrases are indicators. Where's your warrant for this search of private information? It's a stupid process costing the tax payers a fortune, that yields questionable results and has the potential to undermine every Americans right to freedom. If I was caught doing this, I would be in jail. But your paying people to literally ignore your rights and spy on potentially every correspondance you make.
  9. It's hard to say when the effects are unknown. Are there effects on the traveller? Will travel disturb the current universal function? What by-products are there from the device? Would a traveller become enamoured with the God like ability to change events? The truth is we love to feel control over things, but in reality all things are wild and free. Time travel technology would be the unstoppable force, allowing the holder to simply stop the ban from ever occurring, or go back and hide its existence.
  10. This I like! I need to find time to sit down and think about it ...
  11. Ye! It is. And I don't feel like people were very forthcoming after claiming that they have information. It's like having missed a chapter of the story.
  12. I think that the 'nature' vs 'humanist' debate is pretty irrelevant. We want to survive and continue so the debate should be, stand back and accept our fate or study and learn and decide to save ourselves from the world
  13. Not necessarily true. We observe all sorts of things but never truly understand them. I would think intellegent beings would seek us out for the same reasons we do, to further our knowledge and understanding. Its what they observe from the outside that worries me. We are not a welcoming or compassionate species ...
  14. Still weird that no real entertainment has been created around this story. Especially with Haber's contacts.
  15. I'll have to mull on it for a while to really express my thoughts on balance, or perhaps duality. But in terms of TT, any effect you cause creates new outcomes, but also a deficit in outcomes that can no longer occur, and finding a balance between wanted outcomes and unexpected differences between your original world line and the new world line is the key. And accepting that sometimes, morally questionable things might have to be done to secure a future worth living in.
  16. The fear shown is a statement in of itself though. Confidence in the goverment is slipping, and this is not just a US problem. Many 'western' societies are feeling this too. And really it comes down to a wholly inefficient system that marginalised the many to hold up an out dated ideal. The shift is already gaining momentum, towards personal freedom in any form the person feels, bound together by collective moral standards for life and choice. Turbulent times ahead, I feel.
  17. There is a part two! I like the idea of repeated attempts of rewriting time, the unlimited different combinations of events that lead to 'now', and if it really is the small things that make the big changes. I have a strong hunch it's more about balance.
  18. I have been struggling with questions like these for a while. I feel like I have a soul, or at least that my body is not all that I am. There's interesting studies on DMT, that multiple participants have very similar results. And then accounts of children recalling their past lives and taking police to their bodies, pointing out their murderers and such things. I try and take a scientific view of existence, but I don't think we've quite cracked the human experience yet.
  19. I liked it, but all the product placement was a bit much, and the acting was really dramatic, all the time. Not Halle's best performance ...
  20. Where are you based? I thought you'd put it in one of your posts already, but I couldn't see it when I skipped through. What other projects are happening there?
  21. There's two new kids having a fight in the school yard!! Fight!! But seriously, ZeroZ, you haven't had the most organized of thoughts yourself.
  22. Lets try talking it out a little, should we? It feels like your trying to find a theory that fits with something you've already thought out.
  23. Start a Time Machine holding and storage area, and just ... You know ... Pop out for a bit. Or not. You should keep us updated too. Sounds like fascinating work! And my advice; stay super objective, especially when they come calling with your information. It's easier than it seems to 'know' someone nowadays. Don't get suckered in, and stay sharp! The future thanks you for your on going commitment
  24. How many time travellers does it take to turn on the universe? And also, is there any link between the two?
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