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  1. The LHC is designed to function as a singularity production facility, why else would China build one cheaper?
  2. Perhaps nuclear energy is a mistake with long term consequences? http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/environment/article67532167.html I understand you suffer a similar fate due to Crystal River? http://energy.gov/em/articles/em-s-defense-waste-processing-facility-achieves-waste-cleanup-milestone This solution takes 55 years to implement. Our enemies will attack these sites unleashing this poison much sooner than 55 years.
  3. I was thinking we could create an organization comprised of a database of missing person's so that we could retrieve them to a later date and time. A form of temporal reconnaissance....
  4. Are these men time traveler's? [ATTACH=full]529[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]530[/ATTACH]
  5. Do you have a link to the YouTube video?
  6. #1 Cooling Fan #2 Propane Storage A #3 LPG Fuel Cell Courtesy of (Samsung) #4 Unit Storage Locker #5 Cesium Clock #6 Data coupling for Cesium Clock #7 Correlating systems unit per Cesium Clock #8 Electron Injector #9 Singularity #0 #10 Emergency disconnect for Singularity #0 #11 Firewall coupling for Electron Injection Rail #0 #12 Emergency disconnect for Singularity #1 #13 Correlating systems unit per Cesium Clock #14? #15 Remote unit Data Port #16 LED Display for Computing units #17 Computer Unit #1 Failure Reboot Switch #18 Xray Venting Systems #19 LPG natural gas storage B #20 Emergency Power Disconnect for Systems #21 Breaker Housing #22 Internal cavity of Correlating systems unit per Cesium Clock #23 Internal cavity of Cesium Clock #24 Internal sensory cavity of Cesium Clock #25 Internal routing of data line through firewall #26 Internal Magnetic Casing of Singularity #1 #27 Internal Vacuum chamber seal of Singularity #1 #28 External casing of Magnetic Housing for Singularity #1 #29 Data Line for Cesium Clock #30 VGL #31 Inter power line for VGL systems #32 Data junction for VGL #33 Data juction ports for all system to computing units #34 Radiation/Firewall #35Computer Unit #2 Failure Reboot Switch[ATTACH=full]521[/ATTACH]
  7. Perhaps we could store our singularity in a vacum sealed magnetic chamber and fire electrons at it? I hear Tallahasee has a facility for building such magnetic containment housing.
  8. All of these uranium pressure cookers will eventually leak fission products. Perhaps a low pressure thorium molten salt reactor could be safe?
  9. MIM was the name of the interdimensional race of ice age inducing climate changers that single seven was at war with.
  10. Those electrons can't time travel back, but they could go elsewhere, to a similar dimension, assuming they exist as particles and not connections strung between parallel universes....
  11. How would that apply to the concept of time traveling electrons?
  12. String theory, would you mind determining the location of the electron orbiting an atom?
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