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  1. I predict: Star Wars: The Force Awakened will win the same amount of Oscars as was nominated. Mitt Romney will suffer one of his most crushing defeats compared to his previous runs. Kanye will not apologize for his conduct at the 2015 Grammies. There will be more airplane incidents. Let's see what happens I suppose.
  2. I wouldn't say "Nuclear Explosion" per say. Let's say, hypothetically, that Mars housed a race of humanoids that were in possible conflict with another race of humanoid creatures. Given the look and lack of life of Mars as we know; Mars could have suffered massive terraforming from a device used by the rival creatures. Say, however, that the technology had not been previously tested and instead of doing what they wanted, the device malfunctioned and caused the gravitational field around Mars to collapse in on itself. This would rupture the atmosphere and ecology of the planet itself and, with the planet no longer able to support itself, would rot and become a wasteland. Then again, I could be 100% wrong.
  3. ...Wow. This is what I get for locking myself in my room for a while. Thanks for correcting me. I will admit I am bit surprised, but then again I've never jumped that close before.
  4. Oh boy, mental institution, here I come again! My name is Julius. No last name, we abandoned those. And I am going to be another one of the possibly dozens of people claiming to be a time traveler. I am honestly not as afraid as I was the last couple times I did this because I am on the internet and nobody can have cops forcibly shove me into a Mental Institution for the third time. I suppose some background is in order. I was born on Sangora 66, 9980. Although in your Gregorian Calendar that would be April 1, 9980. Earth in this time period is relatively peaceful, although this is because of the reforms made by Almighty Aurelius, but I digress with my potential political jargon. Although time travel had been invented before my birth, time travel in my time is restricted to aristocrats and on the Day of Ascension. The Day of Ascension is an event every 30 years in which a group of young men and women aged 18-21 are gathered from all over the planet to be thrust back in time. An old prophecy states that a savior shall emerge back to his home after being thrown in time to lead the true believers of Jupiter to the promised land. Funny enough, nobody has ever come back from being ascended. In the year 10000, I was chosen to take part in this project. The really hilarious thing about this form of time trial is that we knew how to use it, but not how it was made. The time travel ability is injected inside us through a serum, and we are then given the ability to travel through time by thought. Of course, I now know why nobody ever made it back. When injected with the serum, I immediately began to feel a wave of anxiety, this resulted in me and the 19 other chosen having panic attacks, causing my ability to go haywire and juxtapose me to a random time. Here's the thing; unless you are one lucky son of a gun, you won't ever make it out of the time road. The pressure is supposed to rip you to pieces, which is what the other 19 chosen died from. I shouldn't be alive, yet I ended up at Pompeii two days before Vesuvius decided to have a hissy fit. I have been constantly jumping between time periods; from Ancient History to My own past (Or your future). I don't know why I am doing this, the last times I did this ended horribly. In fact, I gain nothing from this come to think of it. Maybe I am just venting. I am not sure. There you go though. Believe me, don't believe me, call me insane, I just wanted to talk with people whom I think may understand. Thanks I suppose!
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