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  1. Hello, I wasnt saying your suggestions were not helpful. I actually found them interesting and its making me take another approach to the game. Early in the game the player is saved by a strange warrior because he lacks the skill to defeat a certain enemy/boss. (remember the player is not a hero at the start) Ive decided to make that warrior his future self instead of the character he was previously. But the player will not know the strange mans identity until he follows the path and has come full circle. The game is also an action adventure rpg that is open world. The player will go to an alternate reality where the villain has went and there you will go through a series of dungeons/quests before finally facing the boss and being warped back in time. There I plan for the hero to repeat the actions of the strange warrior from the start of the game but he will ultimately stop the beast.
  2. I like the suggestion and my mind has wondered down that path before, but it may mess with some of the other details of the game. (ive been writing this story for over a year and its gone through a lot of iterations) Story and character development is really the key aspect of the game. The player does not start as a hero. He is actually quite the opposite and is very cowardly yet willing to face his fears. Similarly to Luigis Mansion, but over his journey he comes into his own and that is in the past. But after really thinking it over I think there is a way I can make it happen, but like i said I will have to rewrite some details for sure. Nothing really to drastic I will just have to replace a character with the "completed hero". The whole time travel thing is a mystery until the end of the game. So it will be very cool when players have the "aha!" moment when they are on the hero end of things.
  3. Surprisingly ive never played Chrono Trigger, but my colleagues have suggested it to me. Ive thought about incorporating the paradox but it just seems messy to me. The multiple timeline method seems like the easiest way to avoid paradoxes and players screaming about plot holes. Ive thought about the hero being the villain but its completely against his character. I do have plot twists in store though related to that.
  4. Yeah I was leaning towards the new timeline option. Would be disappointing to see you could not stop the monster in the end for the players. I just know that alot of people will be complaining to the fact that if he stops the monster and prevents himself from becoming a hero then how could he go back in time in the first place? This is of course handled when the timeline splits but I know many will complain and cry foul.
  5. Hello, I'm not really sure what you mean? The one who is initiating the time travel is the beast and thats the moment he travels to.
  6. Hello Everyone, I am a game developer and currently have a fairly large project in development which includes some time travel. Ive been thinking about it a lot and have been going back and forth on how the event of changing the past should work in terms of the games story. Ive been doing a lot of research on the subject and have been an avid fan of anything time travel related since I was a small child. I figured if I could get some well informed opinions then this would be the place to start. My game takes place in a fantasy/medieval style setting. I don't want to give away to much details but essentially towards the start of the game an unknown beast will appear and begin destroying towns and villages in the game. He soon after targets the hero and goes after him, but luckily the hero escapes before he himself is killed as well. The hero then goes on to face a new villain but towards the end of the game the villain mutates into the same beast from the beginning and travels back in time with the intent of killing the hero before he had the means to stop him. In this instance I would like for the hero to go back with the villain and prevent the towns/villages destruction. So my dilemma is if I were to allow the player/hero to stop the monster before all the destruction. This would logically create a time paradox, because it would prevent the "past" version of the hero from escaping and eventually becoming a hero so he could go back in time in the first place. I am curious on others opinions and suggestions. In my game I think its important for the hero to be able to alter history but I want it to make logical since without having a flood of plotholes that most other movies/games have when it comes to this topic.
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