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  1. I find it really interesting that there has been a really unusual activity of electrical and unexplained happening’s in this area from anyone in particular my vehicle behaviour with still no explanation or very little interest. I may be be that so many unusual things occur in these later days . Maybe this is a good thing as it is is just an unusual coincidence in life . It isn’t like in the movies where there is one person who picks up a theme, or follows a destination it’s just life . Maybe it isn’t out on the edge enough to pick up a scent. I had my moment and it was pretty out there so maybe that’s it for me! No other shared parallels it seems . It’s good to be able to post it somewhere . I hope it doesn’t happen again as it was pretty out there, the sound of those dial’s flicking to the extreme of the odometer still haunt me and the flashing lights I’m glad it’s over. If it was alien 's I wasnt on there list!
  2. 35 km’s north west of Melbourne- battery still in tip top condition nothing wrong with the vehicle -no explanation-all weird
  3. This is a true account, I didn’t see little green men, or anything like that, I don’t believe I have any special abilities , overly endowed with genial capability or on any spectrum. A couple of weeks ago I was working a late shift and went to get into my car, it is a later model CX5 Mazda, when I attempted get into the car the inside light was flashing , when I got into the car and tried to start it the dials ridiculously were whirling indicating I was doing 200 km/ hrs and the overhead lights were flashing like a strobe light the headlights flashing but the motor wasn’t turning. I attempted to stop the car, but there was no stopping it. It was approaching midnight, the street light in the parking area got in on the flashing light show and I was freaking out. I rang a collegue still on duty who came out and shook her head saying she was stumped and I should call the road side assist . She offers me a torch and stayed in phone contact- I said ’ keep the torch I have plenty of light ’ I called the roadside assist , continued to attempt to stop the dials whirling on both odometer’s by pressing the start button with the break . I could hear the impact of the dial hitting the extreme end of the circle. I looked around thinking maybe I was going to see someone break through the atmosphere in white suits and helmets, I was feeling quite uneasy. When the assistance came I don’t think he had believed my account on the phone and when he saw it laughed but added it reminded him of a scene out of ‘Close encounters of a third kind’ when the guy is in front of the railway line and nothing is coming but the lights are going crazy and his car motor stops. Anyway he attaches my battery up to the ute he is in and says it is near to run flat, it takes 20 minutes get enough in it to start with the light show continuing and the occasional street light on and off thrown in. He said you will get home as long as you don’t stop but get a battery tomorrow ( he didn’t have one that was comparable for me) . The next day I got it into a check up, it had only recently been through a routine service, passes with flying colours. The diagnosis was - nothing is wrong with this battery. I explained the light and vigorous whirling dials and he laughed and said he’d never heard of that one maybe it’s something to do with the electronics but couldn’t tell me what it was. The car has been fine and dandy since no hiccough, just a weird night I guess, but if anyone has any interesting explanations please feel welcome to comment. If ever I came close to thinking I was about to be picked up and taken away it was that night.
  4. What leads you to believe you may have something in you that you don’t even understand ? Telekinesis is one of the basis of many superpowers that are based on “controlling/manipulating” objects/matter with their mind . A Telekinetic can control anything at a subatomic, particle and universal level. Most people that have claimed this have been debunked as frauds or found to be delusional. Sylar from the TV series ‘Heroes’ demonstrates a good example of telekinetic powers from a comic made into a series .
  5. There is a downside to being genuinely brilliant apparently.
  6. If time stood still we would remain in that current moment. We would still remember the past and expect the future and to us it would seem that time was moving forward.
  7. If John is or was what he says he was things aren’t going down as he predicted. So maybe that’s why he’s gone quiet. Or maybe he managed to ‘change’ things enough to our present reality and got hauled back to his time for ’ playing with the time continuum’. I think he was a very good author with a convincing story that people want to believe in. Doesn’t it strike anyone else that these people just never come for a cameo once th story has been told?
  8. Good opener, limited narrative, need more information, but understand you are monitored . Contact will be limited due to web tracing.
  9. Well if the travellers are looking for company -good luck but if your memories are wiped you will just live your life as you did and not know you went back. That’s almost a pardox in itself. What I think would be ideal is: Retention of consciousness and to go back to your younger body .You have no place going back with your present body. Travel back to a point in time where you have clear memories preferably between jobs or travelling between countries about to make a new start. Also awkwardness of not recalling names of people and remembering what you did yesterday isn’t going to attract attention, this provides time to reset your mind. Research the monetry values ahead of time to blend in when making purchases and decisions. Have a clear goal as to why you are going back so you can make the right choices, after all this will be most people’s primary objective, be prepared to the world around you wanted to reset to what its previous path was . We deviate to the norm it’s the underlying pattern. Don’t react to political incorrectness too obviously this was the norm then, you have to take the good the bad and the ugly, it doesn’t mean you can’t influence it but we have gone through these awkward social stages as evolution has allowed us. Exercise and eat wisely you will go back with all the wonderful knowledge of how to care for your body and not allow the poor choices of fast foods etc. Do not be a hero and predict the future , too dangerous and attracts attention, there have been watchers and monitors at all stages of our progress. Just live your life and love the opportunity embrace seeing people you lost and avoid the toxic ones that got in the way. Happy travels
  10. To play the devils advocate : Maybe if you have been ‘picked’ to join a time traveller he/she/they have to wipe your memories once you are back or ’ arrive ’ how will they know you don’t spill the beans to the monitors or people in general. So what criteria do you think watchers of time travel would be looking for, how will they know that a person won’t use it for evil? Personal gain is almost a given for most people otherwise why do it if you are happy with your lot . There is no guarantee if you go back that you won’t end up in the ’ funny farm’ People generally are not that tolerant of personal account’s of time travel with no backup proof or the,I can’t tell you that piece of information line ( or I’ll have to kill you) a bit of antipsychotic’s under a compulsory treatment order or a few lightening bolts would be most likely inflicted upon the poor genuine time traveller without an escape route. Locked up as legally insane in the past wasn’t a good look. ( one flew over the cuckoos nest a reminder of that ) I’m just panning it out, you need to blend in and say nothing to anyone and remember your lines at all times. No getting drunk and blurting it out in the wrong company . Plus no using present information for personal avarice, you will possibly find the time cops hot on your trail and be busted back to the mideval ages speaking a dialect no one understands, or worse the Salem witch hunts- not nice! They will be monitoring changes in history time lines and sudden wealth and technology leaps- causes ripples in the time continuum. Be careful for what you wish for!
  11. Sadly I don’t imagine genuine contact is going to happen through an open forum, if any government picked up through the many means of bugging and tracking and monitoring systems the remote possibility of time travel they would be on it like lightening. I suspect the butterfly effect would have a more profound catalyst then we in our imagination could think out. Any technology going backwards could potentially create chaos as we already suffering with the rate of advances on our social interactions and everyday life for example. For hundreds of years we have sat at almost a ‘peak or plateau ’ then comes this century and ’ bam’. I have read theories on how the series Star Trek was used as a ’ softener’ for us to groom us for flip phones, iPads, touch screen computers and smart houses operated by voice command. Not so crazy ! Is this all a coincidence? Or does a greater power already have the ability to time travel and is playing around with our time continuum and causing instability to our societal structure through our values breakdown . So many people want to go back in time to relive or repair past mistakes, reverse heartaches and losses, if it isn’t possible to go back into your younger self and retain your consciousness surely the same path will be taken and we end up here again- Groundhog Day without knowing we have lived this circuit before. Only those that have travelled will know and they are most likely monitored to every cell in their body, so they can’t contact you, no drop zone will be safe, how will they contact you? Beware of anyone asking for money if they have travelled through time they will already be filthy rich so don’t fall for that one. The old ’ give me some money to finish my time travel machine and I’ll send you back trick’ gets you every time! Bye folks and don’t take any wooden nickels.
  12. Hello All, Have been away for quite some time still holding out that time travel is real and someone is monitoring the posts to find the ideal time travel stable personality ! LOL, sound crazy? You bet, if you are conserservative no initiative and no imagination then would you believe it if some guy or gal approached you to go back in time to occupy your younger self with your memories of now still intact?what point would you choose and how would you get away with not recalling every ones name in your then life and phone numbers etc without being 'odd'? Most would go the conclusion of - ' nut bag walking' if you were approached with the line of - hi I've been observing and following your posts and hey I would really like to send you back in time...but what if.... Would you agree or run for the hills? So many possibilities and timelines - overwhelming, would time and history be influenced by a butterfly effect of little old you or me going back to straighten up a few boo boo's. Furthermore could you keep your tongue about what is to come and not to try and save your dad dying of lung cancer and infuencing his cull of tobacco?or not use inside trading information? It's a big ask and far too tempting for some. Food for thought. BTW no-one has approached me yet, I'll probably won't be sanctioned to let you know. If a prerequisite is sanity how does the completely sane smarter than the usual bear know if this is the real thing? Taking that chance could be the tipping edge of sanity itself? The pondering Tere tere
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