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  1. My position is not true I'm using a browser tor
  2. My English is so strange because the language will change a bit having a structure of language much more schematic . I want you to believe me because my journey of 2000 influenced the change in the pattern of the episodes . This visit will be successful and if I can make me believe that you will serve again to change the order of the event by providing more detailed information of what will happen in order to vary many disasters that will lead to riduzionedel 27 % of the world population in my future
  3. hello I'm John Titor the person who in 2001 claimed to get the year 2036. I came back the day 31/01/2015 at 11:57 pm My return was scheduled for the year 2016/2017 . But my principals have brought forward because unfortunately my previous trip has influenced the change of my future as I have answered some questions giving too many Informations . In fact my prediction on the new World War proved to be wrong because of the circumstances . I understand that almost no one will believe what I am about to reveal . The war I already announced about 14 years ago is about to start and will cause many more catastrophic events that will also affect my future leading to the fall of ' America and follow Europa.La russia will prove one of the strongest military powers in the world with a large margin of detachment from ' america . In fact, Russia will show its weapons kept hidden for the past 10 years with incredible devastation means going beyond the 4 trillion of victims divided between europe in particular France and Italy and the United uniti.Il my return year 2050 is expected 04.03.2015 for the day after the ' beginning of guerra.I launch my appeal to the whole ' humanity , not been watching you act you do tyred of food and water since in many countries will imposibile leaving home. I said before the year 2050 because in my world we are in that year . I want to provide accurate information to convince the most skeptical , remember the 21 beheadings of ' isis , will soon discover that there were many more.
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