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  1. I'm sorry if i annoyed you i will share my history to other place please don't think that im not John Titor im in Europe to avoid the 3 world war i already said it so i will not waste your time... GoodBye Time Travelling is possible and a time machine it's very different of what people think...
  2. If you dont believe that im the Person you call John Titor you dont need to explain and My real name is not john Titor its confidential because if people know it would change the universe John Titor is just "NickName" and i ask why to Cosmo.
  3. First I'm very really, second it would change the universe just for saving her or just meet you, I'm really sorry
  4. 1-I can't teach you stuff about gardens because i dont have one, 2-second question i dont know what your talking about, 3-spending an afternoon with you is not possible unfortunally beucase sharing things with you just be with you or any other people can change all the universe and i don't want to change things by simple actions that can be avoid, sorry. 4-Probably because we have different ages.
  5. I didn't, I came back in 2015 at one week ago to change some predictions that i've made in the past
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