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  1. As part of time travel operations from generation to generation, which real time traveler's sometimes experience., the reincarnation of a person from generation to generation, may change both sex and identity within nature's clause. This is a two phased statement as one a person may be changed to female, or male, in their next incarnation as it would suit nature's proposed utility within the demands of that reincarnational insertion. The second phase change in reincarnation, can be by an agency, such as in the said case of the Al Bielic time travel incident.This situation to where it was said that the Navy had a machine that could deposit the spirit soul complex into an intended target, due to an accident which had been caused by their doing. So the second incident would be a form of recompense, that afforded an aggrieved individual, their proper non-damaged reinstatement in life. *It is a common mistake, or occupation hazard to where an experienced time traveler can mix both the identities of sexual orientation to people they think they know.This new situation, along with identity misidentification, as a byproduct of their work, or as expressed as an occupational hazard to them. This is why key function identification inservices are important to those who time travel.Thank you, Pinter
  2. This process is repetitious gene track.Because society at time acts as an organ, the pattern of genetics in similarity can repeat over again, however with that copy, the copy may or may not have full copy from original values. However' very rarely a copy is made so exacting from the original master origional, that time along with identity affinities, or likenesses to the original and its circumstances can and do occur.Pinter
  3. To answer this asking, this process is as if you taker a very large animal and then segment it into five pieces with glass panes cutting through the animal, however the animal still functions as one unit.What occurs is that if you alter time enough, you change the character of each domain of that animal, to a different character. So in the end, you have rear quarter and tail about the size of chihuahua, the middle part about a the girth of a horse and the head the size of an elephant. Sometimes these conditions functioning as one often right themselves immediately.Other times depending upon the amount of tampering do not. Another condition associated with tampering with a timeline is the full closet syndrome.This is to where say if people want to correct a mistake in their lives, so think that they can do this by going back or forwards in time to either put something in or take something out of that timeline happening. Say if I were a creep and wanted to make money off of people's e underiable parts of life, this would be the same as letting people go into an upstairs bedroom closet.One after another would go into that closet all thinking that they were affacting the outcome of their future.In realituy what one is managing to accomplsish is n more and more people jamed into this little closet, till you have fifty people in there and your floor joist start to become affaxcted. Like an inner tube blown out, you also get timeline expulsions.This is where an item from another timeline will get blown out in this process and you have an automobile, say for instance named a Franklin that nobodies ever seen before parked in a driveway or a business parking lot. The registry might say that this car belongs to the Ustanza Province, and has passed it's daily inspection.Nobody can figure out where this vehicle has come from, nor why the documentation is so strange. Hope this helps.Pinter
  4. I wanted to help you, as again this is a subject that I'm not sure of.These two final facts. One, the now known size of the brown dwarf is slightly larger that planet Jupiter.What's been going on with people that follow this issue, is that they have been using deductive facts and logic.The early estimation was a size less than Jupiter for the size of the brown dwarf. Secondly, there was a person with exceptional remote viewing abilities that had attempted to image the brown dwarf.The process had backfired, with the R.V. agent thinking that they could land on the surface of the brown dwarf because this was an out of body affair. The agent ended up choking violently, because as I said earlier, just like Pigpen of the Peanuts cartoon series, the brown dwarf failed to ignite star, gives off a constant outflux of fine iron silicate powder.For these reasons, I am especially not sure what we're dealing with.When I find that YouTube with the altered trajectory on the incoming PX system, I will come back and post it here. Take care and thank you for your interest, RMT. Pinter
  5. I'm in math every day.The thing is and I'm being very careful on this say, is that I do not know if the say about the Nibiru System is absolutely correct.Ed Dames has mentioned this in conversation, but I had taken a policemen's introspection on what the motives would be for the supposed appearance of said Planet Nibiru showing up as predicted again, September 23rd. parallel to Earth in an orbit. I do not know on this? David Wilcox has come out and said on his latest video outreach that Planet Nibiru is now hollowed out, as condtions now have changed over what they were from the 23,000 year ago point, as far as residence on said planet.So really simply put RMT, Nibiru may be a self moble world? I'm not sure on this and this is why I am approaching this issue with great caution. I do know that the brown dwarf center is iron silicate, which is heavy.Like the cartoon character Pigpen in Peanuts the brown dwarf, which is not Nibiru would have a tendency to send a little iron powder before it's arrival.This dust would exacerbate arthritic and some other medical conditions.*This alone has my curiosity up on if the said system is even there or not.A lot of pics on the net, but nothing really there. They re-charted the trajectory of this one third less sized mini brown dwarf system, as recently said in YouTube.So how this system is comeing in, has supposedly altered its approach.This is a thirty five thousand year cycle.I need to look this up.But how this would be, if we were better freinds and sitting in a rowboat fishing, is that the flat part of the boat as you and I say would be our solar plane reference. Now the Nibiru mini system, would come up through the bottom of the boat, in similar fashion to a chainsaw, but only based on an angle away from us based with the bottom of the orbital oval more underneath us, however the upper apex of its orbit based away.For reference the brown dwarf would be on the reverse side of the sun, sun won't affect it, but the chain would be bringing up that grouping of planets. Now they are saying, as we rotate around the sun towards the Fall, that on September the planet Nibiru of that one their less sized mini system, will show up next to us.However RMT, I am not certain of the exact planetary placement of those planets.We will know this time if this entire PX planet thing is fake or not.They have had some crop signs placed on this, so it's kind of a guarantee. I hope that this helps you?Printer
  6. Good, you digress, this is your vested right to do so.I'm pleased.This would really not be my theory of what planet x is, but a general consensus derived from said sightings and news reports only.Your comments are noted for histories sake.Thank you RMT. To others for thread linearity, as to what and how the said incoming Nibiru system might look like.The best I can describe it, would be if you were sitting in a small sized fishing boat and someone bentah that boat started to cut up through the bottom of the boat with a chainsaw. All anyone would see at first, is the tip of then rotating blade, but as time went on, more of the system would start to appear. Now what I'm going to give here would be an honest appraisal of this oncomeing system and this would be, that since the center of the PX planetary system is said to be an iron silicate brown dwarf, which is nothing more than an iron ball, then this cutting up through our system failed to ignite star, would be wafting off more and more iron particles to a greater extent all of the time.*Note the large brown dwarf has yet to make itself be seen to us?Planet Nibiru, is one of the said planets which orbit around that brown dwarf failed to ignite star. Two issues would occur.One, people's arthritic conditions along with other health concerns would dramatically be on the increase.Even healthy people would note the discomfort, as our atmosphere would be more and more inundated with particles of fine iron, which would precede this brown dwarf star. The second issue would be increasingly dramatic lightning storms and all conditions which would be exacerbated by an increase in iron particles within Earth's atmosphere. In closing here and waiting for other posters from wherever they may be to comment, on the equation ask for by the good Rainman Time poster, this can't be so much done.The reason is is that parts of the equation may be based on deception? This is said in the passage from the David Wilcox interview as and I quote,"Yea, they've got planet Nibiru all hollowed out now". If this is true, then Planet Nibiru would not be a true planet, but some sort of spaceship And since a spaceship is a free agent and does not ascribe to follw a set route, then this would be a modulation of a known plantary system, rather than the acrtion of a real planet.So we've got a problem here. But just for the fun of it, the equation starts with a collection of variables, so I would start the equation with the small letter y as all of the precepts are non real figures and numbers, so a letter can be afforded.The second part of the equation would be the two symbols divide and arrow, which means into.The third part of the equation and this is where I must stop, as remember in the conversation with RMT as said above, the years and both the particulars for Planet x to arrive are it seems as stated a variable, so for one part of the core of the equation, this would be the pound sign #. The pound sign is really ascribed as a matrix to place variables in, so in probability there would be one to four pound signs, with each quadrant of the tick tack toe being filled up with prescribed and given data from the past as to where they said PX would be here.This info, to the present now and still more pound signs, if PX does not show this year, into still other years when it might show. All is not lost here, as what can be provided with this bedding of mathematical equations, as a simply fourier, pronounced (for-yeah) figuring process matrix.Since this is a time travel board, you of the future could already be playing out the entire equation. Each grouping of pounds signs with the many variables held within the spaces of the architecture of those recesses of the pound sign could be factored against one another.However if you've ever seen a mathematician work out an extensive equation as a matrix and can ahead of time determine where you desire to go within that equation, then your'e working out an exceptionally large math matrix. Thank you and "cheers" to everyone involved, maybe this is a thing-a-ma-jig and it might not show? Pinter
  7. Lines from storage and restate: A Canadian man was mountain climbing in an area of Canada which was close to the Banff National Park Wilderness.The type of mountain they were ascending, was similar to a stepped terrace, with each terrace having a little overgrowth placed upon it. The climber being tired rested on about the half way to the top climb and stood for a while taking in the vista blow him.Another climber was still below, with him to appear soon. He noticed movement out of the corner of his left eye, to where when he had turned to face whatever was standing on his left.This figure appeared to be a large reptile of some kind.Now affronting this unknown the climber noticed that it was not similar to any wildlife that he had seen before, however a large, green colored looking like a dragon, complete with a rather long tail and wings. The reptile noticed the climber the same time he did, but made no provocative actions as to alarm the rather frightened climber.After the space of two or three minutes, with the dragon apparently relaxed, spread its wings and pushed off with a powerful lunge from both of its legs.This leap falling in depth till the air inflated its wings with lift, allowing the rather large reptile to fly gracefully down the valley.FIN This article proves that there are dragons in Banff.This is pretty muich by memroy which is accrate.You can find this if you use the www.wayback.com archival tool to find and verify what I've said. Have I seen twin contrails from two dragons?Yes I have, here in the states.This was at a distance of over fifty yards, but the pair was inter-phased, so all you could see were the contrails generated from their wing tips.Many dragons can alter the states of their beings, with an inter abdomen device which allows them to phase change their frequency of being.There is one video I will show that demonstrates phased changed dragons. I do not know much about oriental dragons, other than they are differently shaped.There is a recent video in YouTube of an inter-phased dragon in YouTube.
  8. That was Marilyn Monroe who was said to be both seeing K****** along with Nikita Kxxxxxxx.This is given in the video (Photograph), by Def Leppard. No' wait, this was a woman who was the daughter of a xxxxxx don? Wow. Then your'e not an xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xx Pxxxx? Pinter Reedited sanitized
  9. If you want to code it go ahead, but people will not understand what your'e trying to say. There is one problem with what the thread is trying to say that was pointed out earlier.This is, that the times offered for this Nibiru System to appear are said variable.>Try if you can, to equate this with the shuffle of the cards.This makes this a cross between a confidence game and slight of hand in a dealer dealing out cards? 2.If said by Wilcox in the videos offered, that now one of the orbiting planets of the brown dwarf centered Nibiru system is hollowed out, then it really is not a natrually orbiting plamnet.So this would make the orbiting planet of that system, Nibiru, to function like a spaceship, wouldn't it? You see' what your'e doing in attempting to fashion this as a math equation, is that your'e actually starting the equation with two or more variables, so you can't really set this up as a solid beginning equation. -Okay, but here' the thing, why did I suggest that if this Planet Nibiru system is gonna show, it will do so this year?This is given in the very first video within this thread, which shows a series of graphics overlaid onto an illustrated crop circle.And this is vested as a missing part of an equation. So all this suppostion is supported by a temporary postulation, but still with some evidence given.So what is the nature of what we're doing here then? The answer is, temporary conjecture, as the evidence is all set as a multifaceted series of already given postulates.By David Wilcoxe's saying, the Avains, not the Anunnaki are the ones with the contract now.So it seems that the contract for management, has been passed to other beings. If you don't become mad and very carefully but patiently look over what I've said, then this looks as if the Planet X system can come at any time and that the new managers have even changed.This appears to be like or similar to a rapidly switching deal, involving slick used car salesmen and a befuddled customer, as they have no idea what's going on. So stated as an equation, > then starting with variable points ABCD, which is any year, a planet may park itself near Earth, which is location J, so therefore, please fall into the nebulous for determining just when the Planet X System will appear, as by time this time, the evidence appears genuine for PX to appear, so when will this be as output G as a given showing of presence along with action?It's still a question as this equation cannot solve itself, till the Nibiru system, contrived or not, appears. This is a variable Omega pointed, or started equation, so one must work with a slide variable to begin with with an outcome that may only appear this year. *Note in ending all that I had attempted to do, was to supply you with a way to protect yourself, which if you look over carefully, is for you to be honest about where as an Earthling you have come from; which is your official reset point. Hope this helps? Pinter This action would be defined as a variable starting slide equation, with an answer that is multi spectrum, as the nature of the equation can change every year, However know as an output, that one answer,(the appearance of Nibiru) at a given time may be real.This is logical thinking, but still a form of carefully calculated math.__"Anyone caring to try and state this as an equation, then please, feel free to do so"?
  10. Yes I did. I gave a primary requisite, which is, concerning the power manifold, which is more relevant, The presence of Micky Mouse or Star Wars history.This was the founding equation to be proved., I did that. Then where is the factoring which makes one more relevant over another?_I also showed this, which was Mickey Mouse couple with the Big Picture, as this is a social reset.In the use of a social reset as a primacy, all you have to prove is where your starting point is.I had accomplished this. Then the other side of the equation had been, is why does Star Wars show less social relevance as a power manifold, than the rest starting at the 1950s?_I did that, as the Star Wars information is both socially negative and starts off as an issue not only not being as solved, but demonstrates a lot of social negativity at times. If you use a transformation dynamics on these principles, you will deduct that Mickey Mouse is superior to Star Wars, as this social event has occurred more recently, has greater understanding among the masses and is and was more effective when applied. Is there anything that I did do wrong in reference to this equation?Yes, I did not take the time to show in re-purity, that you could meld the military with Micky Mouse as a kind of culture.This would have had to be done with the predictor of sorts.All of that is there. What's wrong with star Wars socially or morally?_You can deduct this out by going back to Greek times to where two mothers are sitting on a bench and one seeing kids trying to gain entry into a temple that was torn down because of extreme evil.One of the mother's seeing a mask that she knows was used in a forbidden ceremony being carried past them by a child would says,"Oh no' here we go again, those damned kids think they know everything". The same can be said about Star Wars materials to where say in the supporting evidence parts of Star Wars are shown to be evil. The public might not necessarily also know that Star Wars materials is not only complex undecipherable, but evil as well.So the use of this material, just as the two Greek mothers have said of it, might be materials that would eventually weaken a social structure, rather than fortifying it. Everything that you need, is right there in front of you.If you desire delta omega and primacy notations mathematically you won't get this in this type of equation, but you did get founding conditions, a process of factoring and a possible outcome. If you desire to run how strongly Micky Mouse people are over Star Wars people, I guess you could run a collegiate level in the field academic simulated experiment. Pinter Point missed, that maybe Star Wars is a lot more complex, dangerous and evil than people every though these factors could be in the relishing of this materials.But we're talking which would have greater clout show as a moniker with visiting aliens, as one factor would be closer to truth.
  11. No, actually it's rock hard logic as shown in mathematics. Again, where is the reset point for this society to start all over again? The answer is directly after world war two.There is The Marshal Plan and a new re-address to the people.So the late 1940s and early fifties is that area of reset. Why was The Big Picture a really important contact with the people of the U.S.?Because it was a rest to show a new and better way.A tempered military. Okay if we've got that, then how about the social readdress, what or where is that?The Mickey Mouse Club because this edifice had accepted all without any questions asked. With respects to Star Wars one has to look at the many billions of dollars made.There is a competition there, so in order to root what was primary logic for this society to change, what came before Star Wars?The Mickey Mouse Club came before as this was an asking of the people as entire social conditions had changed post world war two. There is one last adding and while this may seem comical or funny, this is pretty serious business. If you were aliens landing on this Earth and you wanted to have a representative that was most authoritative, then who would this be?Technically because you have to take from the reset point and not in later years where there is social confusion, then a man wearing his Mouseketeer cap and complete with same identifying tee shirt walking up to these aliens would have the most authority.This would be because he would truly represent the new society that has reconfigured to this point. Might not be Rainman Time exactly, but same kind of guy and same stance.Try looking at this through an aliens eyes? *All you get with Star Wars is,"I have problems with my dad, there's war and strife everywhere and no new set point". Let me tell you, if you walked up to me in your Mickey Mouse outfit and I were an alien seeing this type of guy, with this kind of confidence, I would certainly think twice about doing anything rotten or mischievous.Try this RMT, try dressing up as a Mouseketeer and see how this feels? *Note in sources, that there were said galactic wars by being similar to said Star Wars series in this area.A truce was assigned to this area of space.See author Dan Winter at YouTube.He does mention the Star Wars saga. Pinter
  12. From what I'm getting is that this Planet X system will show up like a taxi and park itself in front of Earth.By the video, they're saying November it will appear.But there is some sliding math equation here. You've got to go by the premise which is more important, Star Wars characters, or The Mickey Mouse Fan Club. You must go by force of precedence, which is who originally in this relative time had more authority, the Mouseketeers, or Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers? The answer of course would be the Mouseketeers. The second precedent would be, who has more authority than I do in that special area of California, that I know? The answer is, Rainman Time.So therfore Rainman Time should become an honorary Mousekateer and in that right is more powerfull than any said alien spectre held by Planet Nibiru. With Rainman Time, all things are possible. CHECKSUM ALL PARTICULARS: Authority preaching.The special known as the Big Picture.What the Big Picture had done was to give military authority to everyone of that era and beyond.Proved that the Hawk Missile was wonderful, easy to fire and that almost any nation could have one. Second run social math, is that the Mickey Mouse Club gave unconditional love to all children, big and small everywhere.So since he's in the aera, Rainman Time is now just as good as a Roman Catholic, he's also a Mousekateer. *Check authority math here.Good military knowledge, happy and clean in the fact that he could be a Mouseketeer.Rainman Time fits the bill. Compare this to Star Wars.__CHECKSUM, MATH STATES: A military foretelling, as dictatorship._No' this is not approved as everybody was not originally happy and universally accepted as with the Mickey Mouse Club. Second run of mathematics on social re-countenance as opposed to social groups that are accepted in their core values._Output is, as guy that walks around in a black cape, makes strange breathing sounds, has father son issues which are never resolved with his father so they could get along better. So the output is the absence of groups that can play laugh and or dance belonging to a club._What's more important, does Rainman Time like this?_The final output is, no. So which social group might be best for Rainman Time?_The answer I would venture to say, is the Mickey Mouse club, as the military backing in the Star Wars series makes no promise that it will allow the children for those that believe in Star Wars, as time to laugh and play. >> If we will have to deal with aliens from Planet X, then Rainman Time attired in his Mickey Mouse Club regalia, would have more authority that any said aliens from the Nibiru system._Sources:It's all given in the preamble to joining The Mickey Mouse Club; "Why"?, because we like you, M-O-U-S-E.Pinter *Please note, this is up against the wall mathematics and does actually work in advanced forms of borrowed more advanced computer programs sort of math, such as combined with mathematical processes.
  13. I've seen the comparison test with a lady and a man standing with a yard stick in between then to show that it's just not perspective.I think that the gravity crunch can occur without hurting.Has to do with molecular spacing.
  14. The thing that I'm figuring, is that the entire thing is alien contrivance anyways.David Wilcox has come out with something that the Anunnaki no longer possess our management contract.Who has that now are beings known as the Avians. The deal is, that these aliens are supposed to have by Wilcox's say, hollowed out the visiting planet Nibiru and automated the entire affair.So this is very similar to how the Wizard Of Oz works, but they come to see us instead of us going to them. I've grown a little insecure, so have gone to a doll makers and had then fashion a small rainman time dolly.When I cuddle with it in bed I press the button and he says,....?...Start a contest, what does the Rainman Time Dolly say? Here's Wilcox below.Kind of reminds me of the propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.Pinter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrt_03XoD6E
  15. RMT, your'e asspolutlty sure of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nnz9vVg7J8
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