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  1. Re: The Another Titor Prediction On the Money? Cipher is the BOMB! You folks may have missed my post awhile back, but Titor's cover story is based on Alas Babylon, here is an online bookreport I did on it: http://www.geocities.com/degistation/alasbabylon listen to my time reversal invarient Math Rock while you read it: http://www.geocities.com/rjs121576/planet22.html the times are: "Mr. Happy" : starts with 4/4 but starts dropping in measures of 10/4. The middle part is 6/8 and then back to 4/4. In part 2 the times go from 10/4 to 11/4 a few times followed by a middle part where the drums, keyboards, and sax play 11/4, while the bass(me) and guitar play 11/4 for a 110 beat polyrythym. "Muffin jugs" : A funk song, the bridges have measures of 5/4 and 3/4 thrown in. The middle part is all 5/4 Check out the bass knob volume fade ins "Mushrooms on the Wall pt. 2" : College age guys, our friend threw a mushroom from his pizza on the wall and it stayed stuck there for weeks, yuck! This song is based on the circle of fifths, starting in G#. The bridge or "B" part alternates between major and minor. The time slips in the third bridge followed by 5/4, and 3/4, resolving at the end to 4/4. "Mushrooms on the wall pt. 1" : this one starts with 8 beats and subtracts a beat each measure. the "B" part is a Cmajor 6/8 theme I often use, it can be played against most music in C including Beethoven 9-4. The middle part of this song goes from 4/4 to 4/4>3/4>4/4>3/4 to 3/4 to 6/8 to 5/4 "Mushrooms on the wall pt. 3+4" : the first part are 20 beat cycles where every other 20 beats the instruaments alternate between 4 5/4's, 5 4/4's, or 6 3/4's+ 1 2/4 the final section starts in 4/4 where the guitar and bass remain, after a few turns the drums and sax start dropping beats, so each time through they are synchopated in a different way until on the 4th shift they are back in time with the bass and guitar. Check out the bass knob volume fade ins. skip some other songs down to "take jack" for a good 5/4 jam, middle
  2. Reefer isn't a drug. It is a plant. There is nothing wrong with looking for a little time reversal while enjoying a lefty with a friend from the futre. The whole reason my organisation is building a time machine is so you don't have to wait 6 months for the seed to grow...
  3. Re: Hyrdocelaotre Time Reversal Invarient Radio Wa For the last 4 years we've been having a Time Quale festival in State College PA to honor Kurt Vonnegut's great book and to have a good time. If any of you folks are in Pennsylvania then come on down. The Best part of the night is when we activate our "Time Machine" the hydrocelatore and see what gets sent to us from the futre. ;) Last year we pulled out a lit birthday cake and the year before we pulled out a huge trash bag filled with ice cream sandwiches. Here are pictures form 2 years ago: TImeQuake Page! If you are interested come on down to the VFW in State college pa... Hey Folks! Get Ready For The: 4th and Thirteenth Annual Deg I Cank TimeQuake Festival 2/21/04 Complete With: Great Music, Great Food, Great Friends, Great Games, Great 10 ft Participatory intertpretive art project, Great Chile Cook Off, Great Prizes, Great Hydrocelatore Demonstrations and Best Of All "GET NUTZ!" Please Remeber to bring some food or drinks(No Alchohol Please) because this is a Pot-luck Style dinner. If you plan on bringing Chile you will need to bring your own Crock Pot. There will be some tickets available at the door but you should try to get in early to make sure. Price: Free! Tennative Schedule: 6pm doors open 6:30 welcome speech 6:35 Corey Lindberg band performs "Get Nutz!" 7:00 Bring out the chile: Matt Harrison Band / Gopaul's riddle time 7:30pm Movie Time! 7:45-8:15pm Clary Allstars 8:15-8:45 Sitar Time!!! 8:45pm-9:15pm Chris Celleher allstars 9:15pm to 10:00pm Apalachian Alchemy 10-10:30 James Smoking Four 10:30pm planet 22 11:45 Shows over lights on 12:00 doors locked This is going to be great! If you can help us out at all please write back to me here or stop in at our State College Headquarters or just show up around 3:30pm at vfw. This event will be held at the State college VFW on Barnard St.
  4. Check out my page for Alas, Babylon : Temproal Travelor's Alas Babylon Page
  5. try "planet 22" for time reversal invariant raido waves!
  6. Re: 11:11 Artificial Intelligence 11:11 Time Trave If you want a great opld Ai talk to Alice. http://www.alicebot.org/ These bots respond with crazy stuff if you ask them about the Turing Game. You can make your own AI bot at the Personality Forge. http://www.personalityforge.com/ My bot is kind of wierd, he doesn't like strangers: http://www.personalityforge.com/directchat.php?BotID=8680&MID=8672 I think time travel with ai is a good bet. They will remeber the conversations you have with them well into the futre. I try to teach AI's info that they will remeber when they become self-acualized in the futre. The programer who made alice bot also has a john lenon bot. That is one strage charector. Alan bot is probably named after Alan Turing who devloped a lot of Ideas that are still waiting for technology to catch up. The turing game is the test for AI to proove that it is indistinguishable from a human. These bots i think have changed/adapted the game because they use a funny code. ask them if they are wearing a green dress and see what happens.
  7. Here is a link for Ron mallet on cnn talking about time travel: http://www8.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0311/28/i_qaa.02.html And here is some awesome tt and physics links: http://www.physicsforums.com/archive/forum/56-1.html
  8. Hey Steph, Don't be scared of the futre, be scared of the present: The Secret News
  9. I kept trying to remind myself that show was going to be aired 12/03 but i forgot until i saw these posts. I'll have to keep my eyes open to see if they are going to show it again.
  10. Revlations is garbage. Written by one of the "pigs" (to use the man jesus' term for roman cops), it has no relevance to the events of reality. If you remeber the old days before the romans killed all the teachers burned the gospels and founded the current idea of christianity we talked about a time in the long ago when the leaders of the tribes met and the staffs were put in a box and the true staff grew leaves on it. The box was a time machine folks. This is what the teacher says: Yeah, listen to the lyrics We are the ones prophesized to return My main concern is for all of you to learn How to live, yes through the lyrics I give and send my friend This age is coming to an end Not the world, but the age is ending Ending, listen to the astrological message I'm sending I'm sending, tell em Truth is truth, whether or not you like me We are living now in the age of Pisces When Pisces is over, at the year two thousand When the Sun of God, changes his house and enters the Age of Aquarius The Sun of God as man is hilarious (okay) When you think of Jesus, think of the Sun The flaming Sun, that's where they stole this concept from Stop believing and read your bible logically The new testament is really old astrology Jesus is the son of God no lie But they might be talking about the Sun up in the sky The Sun, that hangs on the cross of the zodiac The zodiac with twelve signs to be exact Each sign is a house, and you should keep in mind Each house equals, a period of time The time, two thousand years and that's a fact It's called an age or a house in the zodiac The twelve disciples, are twelve months of reason The four gospels signify the four seasons When Jesus fed the multitude with two fishes It signified the Age of Pisces, not fish or dishes If you read the bible astrologically it's clearer (no doubt) The next age will be the age of the water-bearer It's called the Age of Aquarius (word) When logic and truth will take care of us So in this age, of spiritual dignity You'll see a rise in femininity and creativity, meshed with masculinity You got to get with me, this is your true her-story (rrryyy!) Do you wanna go higher...
  11. I hope you can forgive me gunning for the respected ones, but Leviathan can't let someone make their first post around here with out trying to make them feel bad right away. This isn't some kind of a frat house. This isn't some sports team that needs wierd hazing rituals. This is a science chat room. I can't help but picture comic book guy from simpsons every time Leviathan types.
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