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  1. "Gpa said even though we are a finite number" yet another one that dose not understand. whats that make it now? 500 billion trillion people that engage here that get it all wrong? :lol::lol::lol:
  2. and one last question. how come you did not go to Stephen Hawking time travaler's party? the invitation is still open. just go back to 6/28/2009 at 12:00 UT time in the area of 52 degrees 12' 21" N by 0 degrees 7" 4.7" E . held at the university of Cambridge on trinity street Cambridge. prove your not a screwing around. ;)
  3. "WGB wrote; 10. By the year 2057, life expectancy in the most advanced countries will be of about 127 years. how to stop the oxidation of brain cells" can you elaborate more on this please.
  4. lets get down to the facts. Titor reports he was sent back to 1975 to retrieve the IBM computer. this 5100's series was not used publicly nor professionally. i know i was there. it is reported to sell for 8 grand. but was discontinued shortly after 1978. where in 1978 a new 5100's series was developed with an internal 12 inch floppy drive. again i know about that. i bought one in 1981 for 25,000 dollars for my military works. the only immediate use of such a computer was for ease of data storage beyond the real to reals of the times that was not practical for military operations in the field. in the works Titor describes he would need to retrieve the data storage floppies as well as the computer. it would take well over 50 large file cabinets of floppies to complete the works he was ordered to retrieve. most of which was nothing more then publications stored on those floppily disks. think about it Titor. one disk could not hold more then 128 kilobites of data information of the newer model i used. the one you were seeking only held 80 kilobites of data. do the math. you would need 100 million disks to become useful. your military orders were impractical.
  5. for example. the wingmaker's caves. where in predictions have been made of near future events. certainly were this information to be found truthful, this would bring into the area of investigations questions that should be asked to one whom reports to have come from or has first hand knowledge of those described events in this alleged near future predictions/prophecy's arena. as for my self i would ask of a future personage some very hard fact finding questions in relationship to my research and with its inevitability of publications. positive results of that research are known to me now and i would seek to confirm the use of such a bio-chemical product for all man kind as has been predicted. in that the product will be in full swing between the next 8th or 4th generations from now. it is not that i wish to know if the product is well know by then. there are some contentions with my colleagues weather or not it is the 4th or 8th generation from this time when this will be known. a universal medicine. given my knowledge base and that of my colleagues i highly doubt any purported time traveler could possible answer this question. however if one dose answer correctly? i would cast aside any hesitations of doubt. just remember you that alleged to be from the future. i will know if you fib or tell a truth. so chose your answers wisely.
  6. however cloak and dagger elements do present another form of instructions and interests.
  7. "ScornedTramp wrote; So can we get back to some kind of discussion now? The cloak and dagger drama is dragging on a bit" agreeded
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