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  1. I think honestly Hawking won that one. The moment he said "there are 10^10 observable particles in the universe, your mama took the ugly ones and put them into one nerd" I was laughing so hard I snorted.
  2. I actually did not know that there was a t.v series based off of the 12 monkeys movie. I'll have to check this out later when I get some free time!
  3. On the ne hand. I want to visit the future. I want to see what ultimately is mankinds destiny, or what we can achieve. I want to see what the choices of today will do to the tomorrow that I might not live to see in 100, 200, or even 300 years. But, at the same time. I have a lot of obligations here in the now. I'm getting a business up and running, I'm still in college, I have family and friends who enjoy having me around. I can't just leave as it would devastate them.
  4. While I do believe and agree that our brains aren't at their fullest potential. I don't think I understand how they can be utilized to manipulate and subvert the laws of physics.
  5. Got to agree with Kana above. It just seems that an elevator is one of those things that as soon as the right technology came around, it would be the first thing to be invented. Especially since it's really simple in design. It's just cables, levers, and a box. As far as the movie goes. If the Hugh Jackman character went forward in time despite being the inventor of the elevator, then realistically the elevators either would stop existing, or they would be but invented by someone else. Not stop working altogether.
  6. Time has to exist though. Sure, it's not something physical that we can touch, or feel, or gather and divide out, but it is something that we can effectively calculate as happening. As Kimberlyd said above, it's something that's man made to gauge when to harvest and a means of travel.That alone proves that time is real because the seasons are cyclical. Plants grow, die, go through a season of snow (usually), and grow again and we can accurately time it to when we can. We can gauge our own growth, others growth, and see its passages in the erosion of the planet. We might not always get it right and calculate it right within our minds, but the human mind can only do so much with what information we're given.
  7. These guys were pretty funny, I admit. I kind of liked it. In regards to the first picture they showed though with the "Time traveler hipster", I kind of wanted that to be real. On first look he completely looked like someone that isn't out of place hitting up a Starbucks, or an Indie Prog-Rock concert, but the more they pointed out that he had similar features to the people in the background (in regards to his hairstyle, his "cardigan", and goggles) the more he just seemed to be a very weirdly dressed person caught up in the crowd. Maybe even a hipster of the era who was ahead of his time.
  8. I want to believe. I really do. but the biggest problem I can see if these weren't hearing devices is how the cellphones would even work. The only reason they work now is because they utilize satellite and wi-fi technology to send and receive signals across space. There wasn't any of that technology prior to to the 60's, so there would be no way that they'd be able to connect to any other device, even if two people with similar phones were in the same time era.
  9. I've seen the source books at my local game store, and I've been pretty interested in it. If there was an SRD of it online that I can quickly reference I might see if some of my friends are interested in playing it with me some weekend.
  10. I try to make grilled cheese every time. Something about the cheese and buttered bread that kind of sobers me up. Or, I just end up eating bread out of the bag while watching cartoons.
  11. They're really cute to look at, but I really would not want to see one in my house in the dead of night.
  12. I just generally want to see humanity get along with itself better, and use our resources more wisely. Our natural resources aren't infinite, and we're currently consuming and consuming at a pace that eventually will leave us with nothing. I believe whole heartedly that it is humanities destiny to travel throughout space and propagate as a species. While Time Travel may never be a possibility, it is easily within the realm of possibility that we can travel through space.
  13. If we're just traveling, I guess my first priority would be to figure out what sort of paradoxes are going on if we're zipping around time. If we're just simply changing things, and creating alternate timelines, there really is no point going back and changing things, since conceivably any outcome that CAN happen has already happened, and we'd just be making a redundant time line where the only thing that's changed is we intervened. Heck, think already to how many timelines there are out there now where Hitler died before rising to power. If we can effectively manipulate the timeline and zip back and forth along it at various different points to witness the change in outcome though. I'd probably more than likely at first just use it for selfish gains. I know, I admit, I'm a pretty selfish person. I'm only human after all. but I think afterwards? I think afterwards I'd probably use that sort of power as a guiding tool for people. To bring back news of the future and try to prevent major catastrophes.
  14. You know what. I'm going to watch this right now. I love National Geographic, and I love documentaries. Hopefully other people watch it too so we can get a discussion going on it afterwards.
  15. That was an entirely entertaining, and intensively enlightening view. I sort of now want to download the whole thing and put it to a DvD just to add it to my current movie/video collection.
  16. I loved this movie. While it didn't take itself seriously, or the concept of time travel seriously (I mean, come on, Patrick Warburton as Agamemnon who spoke perfect English?) I found that a lot of the inside historical jokes were quite funny and made it an overall enjoyable romp to watch while just ordering a pizza and relaxing for the day.
  17. More than likely. To you, the 70's were a simpler, more innocent time where everything seemed fun. To me, the 90's were (yea, 90's kid thing, yadda yadda). Most of those feelings are more than likely just a result of a mix of nostalgia, and the fact that you were a kid back then, so life seemed like one grand adventure because you were more innocent and didn't have the responsibilities you had now. Honestly, I think I'd be completely lost if I ever traveled to any time in the 90's, or 80's, or 70's. Most of my knowledge and humor, and mannerisms are completely millennial and no one would more than likely get my humor, my references, or why I act the way I do. Plus I don't know what I'd be able to do in a time frame like that because so much of my life revolves around current technology, especially the internet.
  18. That was quite the video. I'm not gonna lie. I liked that. As far as other theories that I've heard, I remember one, but I can't remember the name of it. Essentially, time travel IS possible, it just hasn't been invented yet in any sort of capacity. That we're essentially occupying the "prime" timeline really. Thats why there hasn't been any documented cases of actual Time Travel, because no one has the capacity to time travel yet, but once we do we can observe the various paradoxes from our stance as the main timeline all the others would theoretically branch from. I think that was the gist of it anyways.
  19. I don't know. If you can change something to happen for the betterment of a lot of people, wouldn't it be a good idea to do just that using your time travelling ability? I don't see what the harm is in going back in time to warn people of a terrorist attack, or to stop someone from enacting a mass shoot spree, or even to stop someone from murdering someone horribly.
  20. Science is more than guessing though. Yea, you have "guesses" in which you create a hypothesis and guess at the outcome of what will happen. But then you back up that guess through the scientific method and experiment, and collect data that correlates with your original guess for right or wrong. And then change your guess to fit in with the data you've collected. So it's more than just guessing. If scientists just guessed at how everything worked, they'd be working in marketing.
  21. I've never had this sort of dream before in all actuality. My dreams are pretty weird, and outlandish and usually tend to involve me in a mishmash of locations that I've been to. Like being in a school that's a mixture of my elementary school, high school, and a house I lived in 10 years ago.
  22. Man. This is pretty heavy when I think about it. If I had the ability to do this ONCE, I'd probably just do something personal that impacts my life in some positive way. Go back in time, tell my family how to invest their money, and then reap the benefits years later in the new timeline, or just change something that's very, very personal to me that I wish would have happened. If I had the ability to change things at a whim though and whenever I wanted? I'd be starting at the beginning of time and do what I can to somehow guide humanity subtly through time and space to a better goal. Someplace that's vastly different where we're at now, but ultimately better for us as a species.
  23. Plus we don't even know what will happen in that in interim of 1.5 billion years. For all we know, something large from space could collide with us and destroy our planet, or, we just end up making it unlivable for some reason.
  24. Too bad. I could use some form of teleportation with how busy my schedule tends to become.
  25. They claim we are years away from using this technology in humans, The bolded section above is what gets to me the most. The fact that they're developing this technology, and have full intention on using it for human use. I'm not against developing technology to help people, but I am highly against technology that can easily be abused by people in power against those that aren't, and this is something that is highly unethical to begin with.
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