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  1. In journeying what you can do ( it takes skill and practice) is go back in time to an event and 'alter' things so in effect you are going back in time but only to amend a specific event. It's called rewriting contracts in soul work, so what you do is amend the contract by adding something to it or make your contract more specific. This has worked in many cases, but access is only granted for certain circumstances and you must also convince the gatekeeper of your intentions and state them. An example would be making a soul contract with someone and saying you would help them throughout their entire life. Then when it comes to it, they become a drug addict and attack you and bankrupt you. So, you go back in time to amend that contract to say you will help them as long as their actions do not halt or harm your own path. By adding those extra words, it can change your life subtly.
  2. I don't believe in them mainly because people look for them these days and many are proven to be fake. It may just be an act of nature. You would need a GoPro camera to monitor it and to really see what happens. Now that would be interesting if someone did that.
  3. As you can tell from my user name I believe and trust in the 'force', a greater unexplainable power that controls our destiny. I am a nomad, a writer, and an explorer. I love being by the sea or in the mountains. I have ventured into shamanic journeying where you can go back in time or see the future. It's not easy and you only get shown what you need to know, so time travel is possible in the mind.
  4. I do believe some objects can hold the essence of the owner and that it can be transferred. Mirrors in particular can be dangerous to people who are sensitive and some old mirrors I have seen, I have felt very uncomfortable around. An old land lady of mine had an African medicine horn which I felt contained all the ailments of who it had 'cured'. I refused to touch it as it felt wrong, but I do think it carried a lot of power and also bad vibes.
  5. I'm not sure how you could ban it? Those who know how to time travel wouldn't tell anyone and most people would have a hard time believing it. The only way and reason to ban something is if it was illegal or it can be proven to be harmful. You can't ban something until harm has been caused. An example would be cyber crimes, they couldn't implement laws on cyber crimes until they had happened. It's a bit like saying you want to ban someone from using magic. It would be very hard to do, and you have to have good reason to do so. Time travel could be abused, but how can you stop people if they have changed things or do it without anyone knowing until much later?
  6. I believe in destiny and fate and that if something is supposed to happen it will one way or another. I have seen and experienced it in this life, where you avoid a course of action, but eventually it happens because it is meant to. I don't think you can change things, even if you go back in time and you think you have changed it. Nature has a way of correcting itself and adjusting things back. As for should you? Well, many people would like to, but then it changes the person that you are as those experiences are part of you.
  7. I do believe in reincarnation and despite 'proof' there will always be people that will debunk it. Some people don't want to believe in reincarnation and then there are those who do, but don't believe in past lives or karma. To me they are all inter linked and whether you believe it or not, there is proof that it exists. We can ask ourselves why some people remember and others don't; some souls remember because of the tragic way their last incarnation ended and need closure and maybe someone who died with closure doesn't need to recall their former life. That's why some people don't trust the proof, because not all people will have recollections, but they need to understand why they occur. Quite simply, if you don't need to remember then you won't, but that doesn't mean reincarnation doesn't exist.
  8. It depends, if you mean in this life then no. I wouldn't need to travel back as I remember most things and as for the future, that can always change according to choices you make and the actions of others in your life. Traveling back to a past life would be a different matter and I would look at that as a means of clarifying any events that were holding me back or that weren't clear. You can't change the past, but you can understand and learn from it. I have learned the future and knowing it doesn't always help, so I would not go into the future as it is inevitable.
  9. As a psychic (or the preferred term of 'Sensitive') you can't use knowledge for personal gain. I predicted a score at the World Cup semi-finals and did on a live chat on Facebook and people were shocked and amazed as it was a strange score. Often psychics will have brief flashes of a possible outcome, but that also comes with images that they have to piece together. I do think we all have some capacity for intuitive psychic ability, but there are many that ignore it or don't want to know as it's too scary for them. When people have the gift of foresight, it is one to respect and not abuse, because it can be taken away.
  10. I think this is possible at certain points in time, especially when one has been in a deep sleep. I know sometimes I have woken up and felt as if I am in the wrong place. The mind can take us to a parallel universe where things seem familiar yet are different and when we return, we recall the slight differences. Some people do this through journeying or astral projection and other times it happens because we need to see alternative ways to solve things or to feel things. Maybe it's a way to help us when we are troubled and our alter ego helps us by allowing us to see an alternate way?
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