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  1. You are absolutely correct! It is censorship in its worst form. I love the correlation between PC and McCarthyism. As much as I hate political correctness, and as much as the leftwingers scream about McCarthyism and "witch hunts," I had somehow failed to make the connection. Well done! BTW,the subterfuge behind it certainly sounds like a page out of the communist playbook, via Saul Alinsky, or Hillary Clinton!



  2. The first thing I would do is gather up all the baseball cards and other small collectibles I could find. LOL Then I would try to look up my family. Some of them lived in the woods, and they, by all accounts, were wild and wooly. LOL The most important thing I would do would be find my Grandmother as a young girl, and see what she was like in her young days. She was an important part of my childhood, and I miss her. I imagine she was a very different person back then.



  3. vegito12, That's our biggest problem in understanding any of it. All we have to go on is what we have seen out of Hollywood, and from Science Fiction writers, and we don't have any real hard science to corroborate it. I don't like to think that mankind CAN'T grasp something like time travel, but I have to say, nothing we've discovered so far gives us any hope that it might be a reality anytime soon. I find that very sad, as the idea has always fascinated me.



  4. Cool video! It was realy enjoyable to watch. I loved the Ocarina of Time clip. LOL What this video tells us is that we know nothing about time travel, and the possibilities of actually experiencing it. It's so mind-boggling to even think about! The Grandfather paradox practically gives me a headache!



  5. I would love to read that book! I admit, I try to resist, but I am a sucker for a new conspiracy theory. I wonder what the purpose of it was? Was the idea to promote mass killing across the entire country? Was that the conspiracy? This would be a fascinating read!



  6. Have any of you ever experienced a time warp? That is, looked into another time, maybe for just a brief second or even longer? I am convinced that this happened to me once. I am definitely not given to hallucinations, but I'm sure I saw things from another time period.



  7. Recently went to Colonial Williamsburg for a trip back to Revolutionary War times. Highly recommended! They do a great job between the restored buildings, trade demonstrations, programs and roaming in-character performers. It was even better than I expected!

    I love Colonial Williamsburg! I went there years ago, and I would love to go back. I sneaked into the grounds of the Governor's mansion and stole figs off the trees. LOL We went in August so the figs were nice and ripe. It's a fascinating trip!
  8. The big bang theory will someday go the way of man-made global warming, but the public will be slow to catch on because people in lab coats will be looking smarter and more important than the rest of us, while insisting that :


    "... this in no way renders the previous view of the Big Bang "invalid,"


    In the words of Puck: "Lord what fools these mortals be!"



  9. That's a perfectly logical argument. Whether you believe in creation or evolution, there is no reason life couldn't, or even shouldn't exist elsewhere. If life was created, there is nothing that precludes God from creating it wherever He wants. Perhaps, that is an explanation for why the universe IS so big. That way, we can't mess the other's lives up.

    This my take on it as well. I don't understand my fellow Christians getting so bent out of shape over the concept of extraterrestrial life! It seems like that really puts a limit on God. I absolutely believe it is possible, and probable.



  10. I see in the future......Stepford Wives, for the men, and yes Stepford Hubbies for all you Lasses! Wheeeee! Now, let me ask this. Your two children, one your own flesh and blood, the other comes with a charger, are both drowning. You automatically, without thinking, are going to save the real child first. Then, after proper CPR and such, you'll tie a rope around the android's foot, at the bottom and drag, or vehicle tow him out. You'll take him back to the factory and get another just like he was. And just Luv, Luv, Luv that new baby.

    Excellent hypothetical. Which one would you save first? Even more telling: If I were in a situation like that, I would save an animal's life before I would an android. I like to think a "wind-up thing" could never replace real lives.


    Kinda like Dick Cheney.

    HAHAHA! I have absolutely no problem with Dick Cheney, but THAT was quite unexpected, and funny! I guess we'll all be some part android someday, huh?



  11. I definitely believe in time warps! I experienced one myself years before I had even heard of such a thing! It was at a train museum, and I saw people in the dining car, drinking and laughing. They were dressed in Edwardian clothing. Upon closer inspection, the train car was locked and empty! I haven't told many people this story, for obvious reasons, lol but it really happened, and it was quite disconcerting.



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