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  1. I was only able to watch the season finale episodes of The Flash series and it's interesting how it was revealed that evil Flash could time travel by running faster than the speed of light... it makes Quicksilver pale in comparison :P And speaking of Quicksilver, what's he doing in the present timeline in the Avengers movie? And why did Wolverine lost his memories of his original time line only to regain it back in the altered present timeline? These time travel story lines make my head want to explode! haha...
  2. One of the things I love and hate about the Marvel movies is when they interject time travel in the story line. Sometimes it can become too convoluted! What are the loop holes that you've noticed with regards to time travel in the following movies/series?: 1.xmen days of the future past 2. The flash 3. Avengers (spoiler alert: no time travel story line yet but they will soon have it in the infinity war story line) Post your theories here time travel experts ! :)
  3. Well, man made or not, weather it be some sort of satanic cult ritual or aliens manipulating nature... it sure is scary! and amazing to see at the same time. I've never heard of these explanations before but the best for me was youthful aliens doing graffiti of some sort theory ! :)
  4. I've always been fascinated by them but recent news have debunked these so called alien crop circles and turned out to be "man-made". Do you think it's just a cover up or is it just a hoax? Alien or not I would love to figure out how to make crop circles and make art out of them in my own back yard! :)
  5. Well personally for me I try to stay away from western medicines as much as possible like antibiotics, and NSAIDs. I use mostly natural healing remedies when I get sick, I think this conspiracy is more about the giant pharmaceutical companies trying to sell us drugs that we don't need and it probably stemmed from conflicting research in the field right now (people advocating for or against high fat diet and cholesterol, high fiber vs low fiber etc...)
  6. Being able to see an unseen target using esp or a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding. I've seen courses on the internet that teaches this kind of stuff... does anyone have any experience with this or is it a complete hoax?
  7. What conspiracy theory really bugs you the most? A lot of conspiracy theories out there about aliens, government secrecy or Elvis still alive... but what bugs you the most? The one that you really think about and makes you paranoid and question things?
  8. The " you are what you eat" is an interesting theory! I've never heard of that before, perhaps we could go around that problem and theorize that time travelling in the past would cause a different parallel time line such that your original past still exists and you just went on a parallel universe instead.
  9. I would invest in the stock market, become the next youtube sensation and make friends with make friends with Mr. Zuckerberg. I would also tell my parents not to feed the "little me" too much cereals and candies. Oh I guess I need to make a living for myself first? Hmmmm I like the idea of living with the legends working at the gym and finding some shelter there as mentioned above. I'll be Manny Pacquio's best buddy and training partner! I'd be careful tho about altering the course of history.
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Vickeree! And I came from the future! Haha Nice to meet you:) Lots of interesting topics and threads in this forum!
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