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  1. I think it would depend on the reason. I brought this up yesterday what if someone had to travel back in time to fix something that went wrong and now threatens the future of man kind. This is always a possiblity, we never know what the things we are doing now could effect tomorrow. I do agree that with time travel comes great responsiblity. Even if it were possible, and a person were to be brought back on a particlular mission they would no doubt told that they had to be careful to only full fill that mission not have any other impact while there. Which isn't easy because sometimes just the littest thing can change the course of time.
  2. I don't know about our brains being used for time travel or not. What I do know is that the brain is a powerful tool. Like you I have heard that we don't use the brain to its full potentail. Truth be told we all have it in us to be powerful beings whether we realize it or not because our brains are powerful tools that we haven't fully utilized. So, if we started to tap into our brains potential who knows what we could achieve. Our minds have the ability to manifest various things if we just learn to figure out its potential. Who knows maybe time travel would be one of them.
  3. This is something that has been discussed here, that many believe that time travel can only take us forward into the future. That there is no way to go into the past. Well, fair enough, I guess when it comes to the past we should leave well enough alone. After all going there to change things could change to course of history as we know it, and who knows what affect it would have. But what if in the future we discover that something went wrong in the past, something that now effects the entire future of man kind as we know it. For example like in the movies Star Trek: The Voyage Home, the crew of the Enterprise discovered that in order to save the Earth they needed the Hunch Back Whale which was no extinct, so they went back in time to recover two of them. Now I know this is just a movie, but could it be too far off the beaten track. Things are becoming extinct, the world is changing perhaps not in a good way. What if we got to tuture and discovered to due to actions in the past the world was no doomed. Wouldn't scientist want to figure out a way to go back in time to try to fix things to change the out come. This is just a thought I had, we can say that maybe the past should be left alone, but who knows how it could end up affecting the future.
  4. I know this is something that has often been debated can we actually meet ourselves in time travel. Unfortunately at this point this is only something we can ponder, it hasn't actually been proven one way or another. For me I don't see the actual problem in meeting say a younger version of myself. After all, this younger version wouldn't actually know who I am, and maybe that could be a key right there, not letting the younger me know that I am them only older. Now when it comes to alternate realities, which I also belive in I don't think it is poosible for the alternate me and this me to be in the same time line reality, because we are more or less one in the same person at the same time in their lives. But then again I have nothing to base that one just a theory.
  5. Its an interesting study that he did here, and I believe what he is saying. It might be easier for a kid to remember their past lives. I have a sister who worked in a school at one time, and back in 2007 she told me about a boy who was disturbing her with his stories. The boy kept telling her that he remembered flying a plane into a building. I asked my sister point blank how old the kid was, she said that he was five maybe six. I then said to her which means he had to be born sometime in 2001 or 2002 and what horrendous event happened in 2001. She believe in reincarnation like I do, and at first she was freaked out by what I said but then realized it could make sense. So, from that point on whenever the kid started talking about doing things that were the actions of a terrorist she would tell him that this wasn't his life any longer, he was now a little boy in school. After awhile the kid stopped talking about these things, and seem to settle down. Especially after he got glasses, my sister told me it was like he was finally able to see clearly the world now around him. So, I think Dr. Stevenson has a valid point. I wonder how oters will react to his findings. What will they say that kids have active imaginations and this shouldn't be considered proof that reincarnation is real. I wouldn't be anything pass those who refuse to believe.
  6. I am not surprised or upset about this in the least. I have already come to realize that we are more connected then ever these days. We also can trace one another more then ever before. Let's face it what I am doing right now being on the Internet on a message board is information anyone can get their hands on about me. All they would need is my ISP address. This is information that the police or the FBI can easily get their hands on. So, it doesn't bother me that the government is monitoring these activities. I have nothing to hide, and maybe some think this is an invasion of privacy but in today's world we really don't have too much privacy left.
  7. Wait what about insemination? You know the process where a woman goes to a sperm bank and is inseminated to become pregnant. Yes, its not longer necessary for a woman who desires to be a mother to have to do it through the old conventional way. So lets say a woman falls in love with an android, and she wants to have child. Well, I guess she could also get an android child like outlined, but there is another option open to her. That option is insemination, so I don't think humanity is doomed.
  8. First of all not all crop circles are hoaxs some are believed to be authentic. Second is there any proof that an aliens have multilated any of us. Third, is there any proof of any real alien abductions. I am not ruling this one out I just want to know if it has actually been verified. As for why aliens haven't actually made contact with us yet. Maybe they are studying us, maybe they don't know if we can be trusted, or maybe they want to know what we are all about. Think about this for a moment to them we are the aliens, not the other way around.
  9. Anyone else a fan of this show as I was back in the nineties when it aired. This was a show that aired on NBC that was about a scientist by the name of Sam Beckett who created a time travel experiment known as the Quatum Leap project. In the first episode he entered the chamber and vanished into the past. The concept of the series was that Sam Beckett went leaping through the past in a timeline of his own life time. In doing so he was guided by his friend Al who appeared to him as Hologram, and told him why he could of leaped into the body he was in. In other words Sam had a mission to full fill and until he full filled it he couldn't leap out of that time line. This was an interesting concept on the time travel theory, because as we know in time travel its usually said don't go into the past and change anything. Yet on Quatum Leap it was Sam's Beckett's assignment to go back and change things for the better.
  10. Sort of like the movie Total Rcall, and I don't know if that's a good thing. I think there are certain things we shouldn't mess with. I think that human memories are one of them. Maybe this sort of thing could be of help to someone who has suffered a total memory loss wiht no luck of getting their memories back and being able to give the memories back to them, but is this really what it will be used for. Somehow I doubt it especially if it gets into the wrong hands. I could easily be used to brainswash someone and make them believe they are someone else. Make them beleive that someone they love they hate. I don't think I like the idea of this sort of technology myself. It just seems too much like playing with fire.
  11. Your right, having recently seen the first Doctor he could be a bit disconnected with humans. There were times when he seem down right indifferent and not caring to his companions. I tihnk the only thing that saved him from me not liking this version was William Hartnel's performance he knew how the give the character the amount of depth he needed not to make him look too cruel. Maybe the 12th doctor being more like him is trying to tell us something story wise. In the earlier episodes Dr. Who it was mentioned that the doctor had the ability to regnerate 12 times. If this is still the case then his life span will be coming to an end soon. Maybe the writers have come up with a way to make its seem as if instead of having his life come to an end its repeating itself, so that he is now going through a second regeneration cycle. Maybe I am pushing here, because the fact that he could only regenrate 12 times was only mentioned once. But its amazing how people remembered this even those who haven't seen the early episodes it quite sometime.
  12. Well, I am of the belief that Oswald didn't act alone. I know some say he did. But come on the guy shoots down the President of the United States. Does he stand trial for it, no he is shot down himself by someone who just happens to get close enough to him whle he is in custody. Come on, something went on here and it was indeed a cover up. Interesting information about this Eugene Brading, he just happens to be in the vacinty of two notable assasinations at that time, coincidence, maybe not.
  13. I tend to believe that the Navy Seals did indeed kill Osama Bin Laden in 2011, but I can understand why this was debated by some. We didn't acutally see the body, not that I would want to. But there have been interviews some of which have been pretty graphic as to what went down. Also, if Bin Laden died back in December of 2001 I think I remember hearing something about ths as well, but it turned out to not be true. In other words the reports that he died in Egypt had been false or that what was said here in the United States. Yes, some wondered if he relaly was dead and Al Qaeda was lying that he was alive and using old videoes of him but this was never actually confirmed.
  14. I realize this has been debated for awhile. Whether the planes were to blame for the towers going down or was it bombs that did it. For me I feel as if it really doesn't matter. Why because at the end of the day it changes nothing. The twin towers would sitll have gone down on that fateful day, the Pentagon would still have taken a huge hit to its structure and sadly almost 3000 people would still have lost their lives. I know that some believe there was a govenment cover up for whatever reason. Yes, I know there have been documentaries and conspiracy theories about these reasons as well. But for me as said before it changes nothing, and trying to understand it more or point blame at others for cover ups doesn't change it or make what happened that day go away.
  15. Good point I am of the belief that God would create life on other planets. What made the earth so special that it was the only planet to get life from a higher power? Also, I tend to believe in both God and evolution. For me I don't see why it has to be a choice of one or the other. I think evolution happened because God brought it about. But then this is just my opinion on that over all subject of the creation of life.
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