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  1. Who knew Mountain Dew could be harmful to our health? I think anyone who drinks soft drinks shold know that these aren't the healthiest things to be drinking. Mountain Dew is especially not healthy because this one is on top the caffiene scale when it comes to soft drinks. I don't know what it does to men reproducing, but its still not a good drink to consume at a large quanity. After all, the caffiene can cause issues wiht blood pressure and the heart rate. Sugar can cause issues with our blood sugar and our over all weight in general. So, Mountain Dew along with other soft drinks aren't healthy to drink that's for sure, and should only be drank in moderation.
  2. I just wanted to come over to say hello to all the board members. I have always been fascinated with the subject of time travel. I am also someone who is a science fiction fan. So, I thought I would join this board to take part in discussions about these subjects. I look forward to interacting with all of you here.
  3. Well, I have kind of drifted away from this show. I watched it during the first few seasons, but then characters that I grew to like started to be killed off. I know this is bound to happen on a show like this. But even Andrea who is sitll alive in the comics from what I have heard was killed off the show. Now I heard reports that Beth was killed this past season along with Tyreese. I guess there is really no reason to go back to watching, before long there will be all new characters battling the zombies.
  4. When I heard about this I was stunned at first. But then I thought he lived a good long life. This is a man who had a career doing something that he loved doing, and that is acting as well as directing. I grew up watching the original Star Trek series, and I remember him all too well in the role of Mr. Spock, but he did so many other TV programs and roles as well in his vast career. He also hosted the syndicated series In Search Of for awhile. He also made a career as a director, he directed the fourth Star Trek movie, The Voyage Home along with the clever comedy film Three Men and a Baby. So, Leonard Nimoy had a good rich and fullfilling life, we will miss him but his work lives on after him.
  5. Well, since I am living in the United States and don't get BBC I can't judge the new incarnation of the Doctor. I have however now seen the earlier years of Dr. Who on an over the air antenna network called Retro TV, which is airing the show up to the seventh incarnation. We are now currently on the fourth doctor who was played by Tom Baker. I have learn that with each incarnation of the doctor there is a new personality. Yes, its a recast of the character, but also different attributes that are added to the character over all I guess a way to show that thisi s a new regenrations. So, far as far as the Doctor that I have seen, I did like William Hartnel, hw was the first after all, and our introduction to the character. I liked Jon Pertwee in the role as third doctor, he seem to give more of a compassionate side to the character. I am also liking Tom Baker for his comic wit that he brings. I have no real feeling on Patrick Throughton in the role of the second doctor, why because most of his episodes are lost due to film erasing, from what I saw I wasn't too impressed, sorry to say.
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