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  1. Interesting conversation I just had on reincarnation that I thought you guys might find a bit interesting. The conversation ran along the lines of religious but their theory was interesting enough for me to mention it. When God (or what ever higher being you have faith in) created mankind, there was x amount of souls that were created in the first initial beings. As each one dies, their soul returns into the world in a different body. The reason being is there are certain levels of understanding and knowledge that must be learned before they can final get into heaven (or what ever after life you believe in). This is why some people have 'talent'. The talent is something they did in another life that carried over into the new life or certain types of knowledge (never could figure out how it is I know how to build a boat when I never learned to do so). My question then was how could that be possible when there were only so many men and women in the world in the beginning and there are over that many in the world now.... the response, look into the eyes of those who do evil, not everyone has a soul. So what is your response about that?
  2. I talked at a early age and had a higher vocabulary then most kids my age. I also began to read before 1st grade, but that could be from my parents teaching me and not so much my mental capacity. I can tell you this.... my long term memory is very acute but my short term memory is pretty bad. Someone once suggested I may have the beginnings of Alzheimers. I think that it is just the way my brain works. I do have a slight speech impediment also because my brain works faster then my mouth. LOL The doctor told my mom when I was a kid I had to learn to remember what I was thinking before I speak so that I could complete my sentences and words but my brain can not slow down. Still have a problem to this day with it, but I learned to work with it. I think that might be why my short term memory is so bad.
  3. I'm a bit at a loss as to how weather changes could be related to this. Weather changes are constant throughout time. Call it growing pains if you will. The weather can never be the same year after year because there are so many other variables involved.
  4. OK an example, lets see.... what would have become of the Americas and their indigenous peoples if the settlers had never came? They were less technologically advanced (though there is no denying they did have technological advancements of their own) as we are today, or would there have been a completely different advancement from those of the Europeans that brought guns and horses here? Is that a good enough example or direction to go?
  5. If reincarnation was real (which I am undecided if I believe or not yet) then the mental time travel conversation in another thread is possible. There have been reports on reincarnation with proof attached, but I am still looking into its possibility.
  6. I can't wait to see the film. I honestly did not know about it. Going to go find it now. Thanks for the alert about it. I must have missed that one. LOL
  7. I've heard kicking around the idea that animals are able to see time distortions which accounts for some of their odd behavior at times. Such as barking at blank spots or something. What do you guys think on this idea?
  8. I don't know much about the fetus portion of it, but a child would not recognize its mother or learn speech or any other functions if they did not retain memory. It is the recall memory that fades, but you always have it and it can be brought back out. I remember things from when I was and infant. I don't remember my birth or anything that God, but I do have early memories back as an infant that I confirmed with my parents.
  9. Mine were from a memory that I confirmed from my mother.
  10. @Darby, there are times when a parallel line can be 'knocked' to the side and cross the line it is parallel to. This momentary connection is what I am referring to. Even in the beginning of an event can be the cross parallel (such as the moment of birth in a alternative dimension), they were one line then split into multiple lines that run along side one another parallel, but there was a moment when they were interconnected whether 'bumping' into one another or being one and the same line at one moment in time.
  11. LMAO when I read your post Darby I was very confused because I did not remember saying all of that. Then I realized that they were quotes from other members just their names were not on it. Man, for a second there I thought I was saying things and not knowing I was saying them.
  12. Wrong, you store memories from the moment of birth. That is how you learn speech, facial recognition, vocal recognition, scent recognition, etc... You are only able (for most) to RECALL memories from age 5. I remember stuff from when I was 2. And I have reoccurring nightmares from when I was in a crib.
  13. Media? You kidding? It would be a miracle if those yahoos get anything right let alone actually report some real news. LOL
  14. Found an article that was written where someone tried to answer this question. What do you think of their answer? They mentions Albert Einstein's theory of relativity in the article, but I don't think they truly have a grasp of the concept of time travel. I'll let you decide. Is Time Travel Possible?
  15. Very informative but hoke. Thought you guys might like it. This guy talks about using the mind as a time machine using the theories of relativity and physics. Makes a lot of sense in a way because our minds are in a lot of ways a time capsule... storing information about the world around us from the day we are born to the day we die.
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