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  1. Most likely they would only allow military or science personnel travel. Allowing civilians to travel would be too big of a risk. They may allow for Historians to go as a means of correcting our historical text to more accurate information, but they would have to be higher level historians.
  2. That one I do not believe. There is a historical past to Hitler that was to easily verified. Plus, during the war there were many advancements in military technology all the way around. If he did come from the future, I think he would have brought better weapons then he did to the war and he would have had a better advantage over the Ally countries then he did.
  3. LOL I think I read that somewhere too. They also believed that the speed that many race car drivers drive at would do the same thing. Then again many believed that the world was flat and that we were the center of the universe also. Just because it is not a possibility now does not mean that it would never be possible.
  4. This video shows clips of old films showing someone walking around with what looks like a cell phone. They show each clip several times so you can view them closely yourselves. I don't think they are cellphones like people think. One of the films they show shows a older women walking behind a stuffed zebra and they showed this in another video I posted that debunked it. They stated that the lady was using a hearing device and even showed that it would look like someone holding a cellphone. Here is my questions on this, one... there was no one with the lady and it did appear for a moment like she was speak to someone. Why would she have been holding a hearing device to her ear and why would she speak when there was no one with her. The other images suggest the same, they appear to speak into something that they are holding to their faces. However, unless there is a way to talk to someone on a cellphone with no cell towers... a cellphone would be useless to a time traveler. Now lets theorize that they are time travelers and they are talking on cellphones... who are they talking to? Other time travelers that are in the same time line as them at that moment or are they talking to someone in the future of the time line they are in? Anyway, you guys watch the video and decide for yourselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpXLD9TrOgo
  5. Jonathan Tallant, time philosophy expert of the University of Nottingham explains the philosophy of time. One he discusses in the video that is very interesting is the A and B theories of time. The A theory being a series of events from future to present to past and the B theory being that events in time are either earlier or later then one another. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw6hS_gy9MY
  6. This is an awesome show to watch. This show is on NOVA and it is called the Fabric of the Cosmos. They did a skit on The Illusion of Time where they talk about time travel, parallel time lines, etc... I had fun watching this show and it really gives you something to think about, even for those that are skeptical about the idea of time travel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMBEprP6xps
  7. This is a fun video to watch about three time travel paradoxes. It has a guest appearance from Bill Nye the science guy. The paradoxes he covers in the video are the Bootstrap, Butterfly, and Grandfather paradoxes. He breaks it down to be easily understood and shows it in an entertaining way. Thought you guys might enjoy the video. Do you know of any other types of time travel paradoxes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOwRb584r1c
  8. Astronomy theories and such that I have read over the years. Though they have not concrete evidence, they do have strong theories due to observations and calculations that as matter approaches its "event horizon" time appears to slow down. Of course we have no ability to test it for ourselves because anything we throw in there would crush within seconds of entering, they use the same methods they use to determine where stars and planets are to make the calculations of what will occur. I wish there was a way that we could find out for certain what happens, but it they are correct in their theory.... there are so many possibilities behind it.
  9. I like the ghost theory. You are there but unable to effect anything all you can do is observe. You can't even communicate. That erases all probability of accidentally (or purposely) causing a change.
  10. I have a strong interest in black holes and have heard the theory that a black hole may be a gateway to time travel. If it were a gateway to time travel then gravitational pull may be the answer. However, time slows with gravitational pull so it would be a method of time traveling to the past and speeding up would be the answer to time travel to the future. Unfortunately, trying to find a way for anything to withstand the intensity of the gravitational pull at that magnitude would be improbable. You or the device used would be crushed to death or torn apart before any analysis could be reached.
  11. This guy claims he has had abduction experiences for over 20 years and remembers clearly the abductions. He claims also that during his abductions he has discovered that time travel is fact and possible. This is a speech he gave at the MUFON 2011 Symposium. He talks about his theory, time travel, and his abductions. What do you guys think... is he on to something? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar3fUr0B0Fw
  12. I found this video that list 10 time travel theories. I know there are thousands of theories, but most of the ones listed here are the most commonly known ones. Do you know of any that are not listed? Can you expand on the ones that are mentioned in the video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FGlu0CHFLA
  13. Here is a recording of Professor Jim Al-Khalili of Theoretical Physics and Chair in the Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey giving a lecture on time travel separating the facts from fiction. Its a bit long but it is a great lecture and he really breaks it down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoJU3GxkuYw
  14. These guys are a bit on the hokie side but they take 4 time travel urban legends and analyze them to debunk them. It is not a through analysis or anything, but it is fun to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4fBR4p_UtE
  15. This is a documentary made by National Geographic on time travel. They include some of the greats in this documentary such as Stephen Hawking and Dr Michio Kaku as they talk about their views on time travel. I am not a big one for documentaries but this is a awesome one. They are even talking about making a time travel machine in the documentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au5i1Bw725o
  16. :p guess that is why I can't accept that because I don't believe that theory. I believe them to be two separate concepts.
  17. But, multiverses is still different from time travel. Multiverses would be (in a simplified explanation) a bunch of me's living in different lives and different possibilities but within the same time line. Their past, present, and future would be different except where they would cross over becoming the same from time to time. Time travel the same me living in different periods of time (if I were to only hop around in my own time line) but in the same universe. The only different possibilities would be from the point where I make a change forward but all past events would remain the same before the change.
  18. Here is what I think. Lets say there is a terrorist attack on a train car. There are 12 people on that train car and they all die. Lets say that someone goes back in time and stops that from happening... now there are a infinite number of possibilities that can occur, but here is one that I am going to give as an example. One of the passengers that are now alive because they prevented the terrorist attack, we will call him Joe, meets a young woman, we will call her Jill. Joe and Jill fall in love and get married. They have 6 children... Great everything went well, then comes along Sarah, James, Adam, and Rebecca from this line and they meet people and fall in love and get married. Then Hitler, Manson, Bundy, and Gangus Kung are all reborn and they cause the apocolypse. Now if Joe had died in the terrorist attack like he was suppose to have, then the new Hitler would not have ever been born. I know it is all a bit far fetched, but you get the jest of what I am trying to say. When you start messing with time, there are so many bad things that can come with the good. You may stop one bad thing but there are a number of horrible things that can come as a result of it.
  19. For me, time travel is not impossible... just improbable... but only because of mans own limited thinking not because of the inability to. There are too many documentations of time slips for me to believe other wise. As for the other self ceasing to exist, once something exist.... only by removing what made that something exist in the first place can the something cease to exist, ie a persons parents both die before they are created. If say, one parent dies but the other still lives... the probability of the person still being born is still there, they would be just different then they were if both parents were to have lived.
  20. I've actually had the same thought when it comes to paranormal activity. I believe there may be a strong possibility of that. I noticed that they mentioned the Big Bang. Problem with that is they disproved the theory years ago. That may be why the arguing. I don't know much about the idea of multiple universes, but I am trying to figure out what that has to do with time travel. Multiple universes and time travel are not the same thing.
  21. Ok, but your idea suggests (unless I am misunderstanding some where) that IF a person were to travel back in time within their own time line, their past self would cease to be there and only the future self would be there???
  22. I can't remember what the name of the movie was but back in the 80's I watched a movie where this guy was trying to change a single event in history. However, every time he achieved to stop it... it caused something else equally or even worse to happen in its place. Then there is H.G. Wells the Time Machine. No matter how hard he tried to stop his beloveds death, fate always found a way to take her life. So here is the even more profound idea. Maybe we should leave the past as is because one it may not be possible to change it anyway because it is preordained to happen and two, if we try to change it, we may think we are doing right (like preventing the holocaust) but it may cause something even more catastrophic to happen (like the destruction of all of Europe). Sometimes it is just best to let sleeping dogs lye.
  23. I read this three times and I really don't understand. What I am getting out of it is almost like you are saying that each visit through time changes what occurs. That it will change in each instance. Please clarify.
  24. That is an interesting story, but they could be a physic memory more so then a time slip. It is believed that we leave behind residual memories (especially during traumatic events). These residual memories can be picked up by those sensitive enough to sense them. What was described sounded more like a physic memory. The person went to the army surplus store and purchased a used uniform that was worn by a soldier. After the "vision" he found blood stains on the pants that he did not notice before. That shows the person who worn them either died or was injured. That would leave a physic imprint of the event on the pants and the person was obviously sensitive enough to pick up on it.
  25. Not the physical Earth, time. The world moves through time while you are "in time" stationary.
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