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  1. I don't really remember the 80's I was really young for them. First, I would earn money to invest in items/products that I knew were big while also trying to explore and really experience the 80's because I didn't get to before. Then I'd kick back and write some sci-fi novels and speculative fiction. They may not get much of a following at first but later, I would be hailed as a genius. In the 90's, I would stock up on ReFuelin energy drink (which I can no longer find anywhere and used to love). I would seriously stock it like I was planning for it to be gone because I know it soon ill be. By then, at least some of my investments should be mature and earning really well so I would pick a piece of land, find some like-minded back-to-the-land hippie types and start a small commune.
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    I think it could be any or all three and there's no way for us to be sure. Some of them were VERY ahead of their time but if they did influence the path of history. If they were time travelers, was the influence intentional to avoid specific things? Sounds like a dangerous game to go back with the intent of being noticed and changing things. On the other hand, if there were a time traveler who got 'stuck' in a backwards part of history and in an unfamiliar culture, I can see how that might make someone actually crazy.
  3. I saw the sourcebook at our local game store and paged through it. Some of the backstory and information sounded really interesting but the system seemed complicated. I admit, I'm a novice at RPGs though and have only used a few systems so it might not be too bad for hard-core gamers who are used to learning new systems quickly. .
  4. Has anyone watched the TV series Continuum? I believe it first aired in 2012 but I just found it on netflix recently. In it, a peace officer from 2077, Kiara, accidentally gets sent back to the past. A criminal organization determined to change the past to alter the present of 2077 intended to go back and they're in the past time period with her. The criminals are trying to change the timeline. Kiara just wants to get back to her child and family so she has to try to keep things the same. I'm only part of the way through the first season but so far I'm enjoying the show. It's set in Toronto.
  5. I find history, especially pre-christian religions to be absolutely fascinating. I would love to visit those times for myself to observe their practices and lives. It would be the ultimate learning experience to actually be there instead of reading books written about that time period that are full of modern prejudices.
  6. If I could only go back and could only make one trip, I'd want to explore something that's far outside of my experience like ancient Rome at it's peak, well before Christianity got a hold on the world. If that was too far back, I'd love to visit america before the Europeans came over.
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