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  1. I think it would be a massive struggle to survive in 1915 because we are just not conditioned to that world. We would have to adapt extremely quickly and on a massive scale, it would all be too much to overcome successfully in my opinion. We are adapted for life in the 21st century and i don't think we would cope too well with the massive culture shock. There would be an overbearing sense of isolation and loneliness in trying to exist in a world where we did not belong that would affect our mental health. I don't know what the first thing i would do would be as i would probably be too disorientated to achieve anything. I wonder if such a change would affect our physical health in some way also like it does if we visit a certain foreign land. I think the only way i would want to travel back in time would be if i was forewarned and had plenty of time to prepare for it mentally and physically.
  2. I have always stated on these forums that time travel will most likely be achieved through the mind. It is a question of learning how to tap in to the vast unused resources of our minds. The way this could be accomplished is by the use of meditation which takes us beyond normal perceptions in to another dimension. Meditation would assist us in conjunction with our memories in time travelling in to the past in every real sense except physically. I believe we would sense, hear, see and feel the past with no need to actually be there in body. We would not be able to influence or change anything but that is for the best as the concept of changing past events has too many unanswered questions for us to comprehend.
  3. I wonder how easy it would be for someone from 2115 to explain the future to us, would we be amazed at the technological advancement? Equally we would we be disappointed and shocked in a further deterioration of treatment of the human race? Whatever the situation would be 100 years in to the future i don't think the information would be hard to grasp as we are a generation used to massive change and shocking events in the world. I hope the dream of world peace can be realised within the next 100 years, but sadly i doubt that will be a reality, every generation will have it's warmongers. My other hopes would be for an end to hunger and poverty and a solution to climate change, however in order to achieve any of these dreams we need to eradicate greed and selfishness as much as possible from the human race. I think this will take longer than 100 years unfortunately. I think we will reach a peak of technological advancement in the next 20 years so i don't feel there will be much to amaze us in those terms in 2115.
  4. The answers are all there in the first couple of sentences in the video. Stephen Hawking says that although he cannot move his body his mind is free to explore. We are all free to explore the past and the future in our minds, we just need to work out how to do it so we don't just imagine it, we actually experience it mentally without the need to be there physically. The concept of physical time travel is much harder to achieve realistically, but may be possible if we can manage to tap in to the fourth dimension. The fact that Hawking raises these points so early in the video makes me realise that we are so close in theory to achieving the goal of time travel even though the reality is still a distant dream.
  5. I am looking at this from a different angle, i would put technology aside and talk about how the world has changed for the human race. I would focus on love, understanding, friendship, respect and compassion. If we look at the world based on those points i think a person from 1915 would be very disappointed in how little progress we have actually made in 100 years. In 1915 the world was in the grip of an horrific war, 100 years later we are still fighting pointless, horrific wars, we don't seem to have learned much do we? In fact we have gone backwards in many respects, there is less understanding and compassion in the world these days, the world is probably an even more brutal place. For all the amazing advances in technology i think a person from 100 years ago would probably consider us more primitive than them, i think they would argue that they achieved more in their life times than we have in ours.
  6. How far in to the future or past can we envisage going? It is impossible to contemplate travelling say a million years in to the future. We have no knowledge whatsoever of existence that far ahead in time. We would be going in ''blindfolded'' as it were to somewhere or something we cannot prepare for as the uncertainty is so great. It would be the same scenario travelling a million miles in to the past. The concept of time travel would heavily involve coordination, we would need to set a complex set of coordinates to time travel so that we arrive in exactly the right time and place we have planned. Surely the mathematics would be less complex to work out if you were travelling to a date nearer the present, trying to coordinate a vast journey of a million years ahead would be so open to miscalculation that a time traveller could possibly end up in limbo, lost in an unknown time or place and unable to return to the present. I think that if the secret of time travel is unlocked it will involve very small steps, a few seconds in to the past or future, then as knowledge and skills are gained by experts the distance in time will gradually increase.
  7. The third scenario you mention is a possibility, if there were say two universes, you could visit the one in which you did not previously live, this idea adds to my theory that time travel would be achieved via the mind. A person would be able to visit a time and place on a mental level but would not be able to alter anything, influence anything, be seen or be heard. They would however be able to feel and sense the experience and hear and see everything in a very real sense. There would be no physical transportation through time, there would really be no need for it. You would be visiting a duplicate universe where the object of your visit would be to observe, learn and experience. I'm not sure i would agree with Michio Kaku on the second scenario, i believe it would be very arrogant of us to assume that we would be capable of changing major past events by making a series of decisions. That would be like playing God and we don't have the right or the power to do that. We would merely be humble observers.
  8. Tomorrow does come, it just evolves from a future event in to a current event, i agree that the future is uncertain because it is not a physical entity or place on any level that we can comprehend. I see the future as a space waiting to be filled, it is like a blank page waiting to be written on by life. In the realms of time travel however, the future must exist in some sort of tangible way if there are people from the future living in the future and if we wish to visit them. I think if and when we make time travel a reality the past and the future will take us to a completely new level or vibration of existence. We will not experience life or any sort of reality in the same way we do in the present, so we at the moment do not need to look at the future as anything solid or predictable, it is way beyond that.
  9. I have never considered time travel to involve being in two places at once, either a time machine would take us away from the present to visit a specified time and place so we would temporarily cease to exist in the present, more likely though we will time travel via the mind and not physically. The theory of being in two places at once would not arise. It is not a question of the future not being made yet, the future is waiting for us to get there. If the future did not exist none of us would make it through to tomorrow. The secret we must discover is how can we get there faster? How can we reach tomorrow today? We will then have the secret to unlock the mystery of time travel.
  10. I mainly see time as a unit of measurement created by man, but it must exist because things pass, things grow, things get old and deteriorate, living creatures are born and then die, memories get more and more distant and then fade. Time is the concept we use to measure all that occurs and the distance between every occurrence, so the phenomenon must exist. I also compare time to a flowing river, moving all the time, what if we could speed up that flow or slow it down, or reverse the flow completely. If we could do that and apply it to time, what would we have - time travel.
  11. I seriously don't think i would have the guts to visit the future, i would be too afraid of what i may find there. I hope one day we achieve the capability to do so but the task would be for a better man than me. Sometimes too much information is a bad thing and i'm not entirely convinced a visit to the future would be for the greater good, The only way i would consider such a trip would be if we could set certain parameters for the visit, such as it just being an observational visit, we would not be involved in influencing anything in the future and we would not find out any information that would be harmful to ourselves or others. Under those conditions i may consider it, otherwise i feel it would be just too frightening. Such an idea throws up all kinds of moral and ethical dilemmas and i question whether i would like to be a part of it.
  12. The brain without doubt is capable of much more than is used by the human race presently, so what would it take in order to tap in to that unused power? Is there some form of brain training that would go towards achieving this, probably not or we would have discovered it. The brain will also require a lot of extra energy to increase it's power so where will that come from? Maybe a computer chip implanted in the brain to give it an extra boost could be the answer. If i use the example of a heart pacemaker to define what i mean, the theory will seem plausible. A pacemaker contains a programmable chip that when placed inside the body and wired to the heart helps to regulate the heartbeat and improve heart function. If the same principle was applied to the brain the possibilities could be endless. We can't know the full potential of what this could bring if it were reality but time travel via the mind sounds even more plausible if you add the power of computers to the equation.
  13. There is a way to prove it but you would not get the answer immediately, if you were to meet a time traveller from the future you could ask them to describe in intricate detail a world event that will take place later this year. There is always something major happening somewhere in the world so you wouldn't have to wait long. You would then wait for the date of the event and see if the time traveller has given you a detailed and correct account of the event. Of course that plan would not work for those that believe in psychic ability, they would claim the time traveller is really just a psychic but it would be enough to satisfy me. Obtaining proof from a time traveller that claims they are from the past would be a little more difficult but would follow a similar theory. I would ask them all kind of random questions from the time period they say they are from and gauge the answers. Everyone carries forward a certain amount of knowledge and information but they can't know everything, therefore i think my theory would be a good indicator but not foolproof. As some of the other posters have said actually seeing and riding in the time machine would be the only conclusive proof that would satisfy everyone.
  14. I think that time travel will be achieved via the mind, it is a much more plausible possibility than physically shifting our bodies through the lanes of time. The human brain's potential and capability has not been fully tapped in to and it is not beyond reason that the power to use it as a vehicle to perceive the past or future could be developed. I believe that one day we will be able think ourselves to different points in time, either past or future and actually live out the experience in a real sense without the need for our physical bodies. We will not be able to influence anything but we will be able to sense, feel, see and hear the place and time we arrive at in our minds.
  15. We may one day be able to visit the past but i don't believe we will ever be given the key to unlock the past. What i mean by this is that whenever an event occurs it leaves an unremovable imprint on time and the universe, it gets locked in to history. As i mentioned in another post i believe any time travel will be done more through the mind rather than in a physical sense so we will only be able to observe past or future events, not alter them. It would be sheer arrogance in my opinion to assume that a single human being would have the power to change a huge event in history. The universe is a power far greater than anyone can ever imagine, it would take far more than one single time traveller to change even the minutest detail in history surely. We could never be a match for a power so great and a concept so complex and immense.
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