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  1. I'm thinking hard about this. It depends on the android child's personality (if ever he or she does have a personality). But come to think of it, if we're able to love our pets and cartoon characters, I think it wouldn't be hard to love an android child as if it were your own. I have a maternal instinct so I'd be more welcoming than most people.
  2. Are you supposed to be alien ants or something? The drawing isn't really clear but I can make out ant-like bodies plus antennae. The one on the right side is sporting an exposed belly.
  3. That could very well be possible but it may not have worked to their advantage yet. Have you ever watched Steins;Gate? In the anime, an organization called SERN (a pun on CERN) was apparently looking into time travel but hadn't succeeded in transporting a person from one dimension to another. They usually ended up dead, coated in jelly, in another timeline. So the government hasn't had much luck in their experimentation. Thus, the secrecy.
  4. So does that mean our soul or consciousness - not necessarily our physical vessel - can travel through time? If that's the case, then it's possible to travel through time mentally rather than physically, right?
  5. This is a super gray area I'd rather not touch on. I have my own faith and others can have theirs. So long as we don't impose our belief or non-belief on others, I think it's pointless to debate about the existence of God. People will always have clashing views. The reason why I believe in Him is that I have felt His presence many times in my life. Even if my knowledge about science and philosophy tries to contradict me all the time, I choose to believe in Him simply because doing so has made me a better and happier person.
  6. I personally won't change anything about me or my current circumstance if given the change to go back in time, but out of forgetfulness (I obviously can't relive everything as they happened then), I might accidentally change things a bit. I want to believe that this present is worth fighting for. Perhaps if I could change something, maybe it would be better to go back way before I was born. I'd like to meet my alcoholic maternal grandfather - heaven rest his soul - who was already dead when I came to this earth, give him a proper scolding and perhaps have him sent to rehab so that when I return to the present, my parents, siblings and I might have good memories of him. Other than minor fancies, I really don't have a pressing need to revamp my past to have a different present.
  7. In reality, I was born two years after 1985, so that would mean I did not exist back then. However, had I been born before the said year then I'd rather I was a newly born baby. That way, I could start my life all over again. I did well in primary school so I'd leave it as-is. When I reach high school, I could maybe skip the rebellious phase and just be a good daughter to my parents. Since I didn't do well during the first three years corollary to my rebellion, perhaps I could change that part and just be the straight A student I would have been had I not been caught up with teenage angst. College was good so I'd keep it as-is, friends and academics-wise, but maybe I could add a part-time job or two since I never bothered to contribute to the family's income until I graduated from college. Also, I'd have to get a scholarship before graduating. This would enable me to work abroad - maybe Japan or the UK - just as I relive my early 20s again. Fast forward 7 years later, I'd be where I am today but thanks to the time reboot, I'd now be a novelist receiving a steady stream of royalties and living a carefree life instead of a copywriter working for the offshore branch of an Aussie company. Not that I'm complaining about my present but it wouldn't hurt to change a bit of your past to do things a little differently and much earlier (so that I'd be doing something else today).
  8. Hi folks! The name is Tin and I'm glad to be in this forum. My real interest in time travel started a long time ago, when I read the third Harry Potter book, The Prisoner of Azkaban. Before that, the cartoon and movie version of Back to the Future laid the foundation for my interest. JK Rowling heavily exhausted the concept of time travel in her third HP book without sounding cheesy and overrated. I then came across a documentary in Nat Geo that chronicled Stephen Hawking's theory on time travel (moving at a speed faster than light will zap one into the future) and ended up talking about it with my siblings and friends at various instances over the last few years. What really made a huge intellectual impact on me (and got me so excited at the possibility) was the anime Steins;Gate. Never was I impressed with the time travel concept as I was when I watched the anime. I have never met or heard the name John Titor until Steins;Gate. The plot fused John Titor's theories with SERN's alleged time travel experiments. Watching it basically sealed the deal for me. Of course, contrary to Professor Hawking's proposition - that we can only travel forward in time and not backward - the anime made an attempt to prove that backward time travel is indeed possible albeit with dire consequences. Anyway, lest I become even more impassioned, let me just say nice to meet you all! See you around the forum, guys!
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