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  1. Yes, my understanding is that the Japanese have or are working on such robots. You know a large population of men love their cars, so what is the difference?
  2. I enjoy sharing the ideas here with my husband. He laughed at the posed question and then replied: "the best thing for the future is to get rid of all lawyers.". What concept.
  3. Agreed on both accounts. Computers by human again. Cats are spiteful. We had a cat that vomited often. It seemed like every time we did not feed her at her regular time of day she would throw up. My husband fed her ice cream on occasion. One time when I was eating some I refused to share. She was like stalking around me. Then she started to make her vomiting noises and hunching over. When I lowered the ice cream down, she stopped and was just fine. In a sense she was lying. I can't recall if i gave her any ice cream.
  4. After reading several of the posts. I too like the idea if chivalry. The use resources and feeding all are good too. The turn signal is funny. One thought I had was based on my two year old. In his world everyone are friends. T-red eats trees. Ducks play at his feet. Whale eat bubbles. No one eats anyone and all is provided. Really though I would like for everyone to be highly educated and to simply have a charitable heart. In addition, I think it would be great if people had healthy habits or hobbies like art, exercise, etc..
  5. Interesting. I can not think of another creature that would do such a thing. The human mind precieves and translates things in such detail. Many of the old master artists are incredible at their depictions of form and space on a two dimensional canvas. It boggles my artist mind at the details they can product. Computers and other such devices like robots could/are possibly able to produce realism on a flat surface. I did think of the circus elephant who paints with trunk or the monkey/chimpanzee that could mess around with art media, but they are not going to render the illusion of three dimensions. I wonder if we, humans, could even train animal to see and make art like that?
  6. If I had no other children, just maybe I would bond with it, especially if it were like Data from Star Trek. However, as someone mentioned, if I had a real flesh and blood child, I would favor that child. I would truly love that child, because that child came from me, they are a part of me. In the end I would still have in back of my mind this is a computer, a machine. I would think of it like loving my laptop or cell phone, which is just not going to happen. Mixed ideas about the posed question. Kind of an eerie topic.
  7. It has been awhile since I saw this movie, but when I did see it I know I fell in love with Hugh Jackman. If I recall in the movie, Jackman's character was somehow transported to the future. He was the inventor of the elevator. As a result, the elevators in the current day shut down. My first question is wouldn't all the buildings have no elevators if the maker did not live in the past to actually invent them or would someone else had invented them in his place? My second question is could the female character actually go back in time and live with him, if it is before the time she was born? I may remember the movie incorrectly. Any insight is welcome.
  8. In regard to a person from the past. I would ask them to use certain devices around the house. Observe them for a few days with the things of the house. If they truly show an misunderstanding of how to use a computer, microwave, bathtub, etc. then just maybe they had proved that they are form the past.
  9. If I were to go to the future, I would want to go to a time in which my life is still not alive. I fear that I would be tempted to see what would have come of me. Therefore, I would visit a time that would be taking place while my children are adults, but yet again I would not want to see them. So in the end, I do not see any point for me to visit the future. I do not see how it would benefit myself or my family. I would not want to spoil my current life by knowing what is to come.
  10. You are correct at the beginning of understanding what I was asking. If we are currently living in the present, then how can there be a future be before us, if we are here in the present. We can not be in two places at the same time. Correct? However to follow up with your example. You should exist, because the seventeen years before hand had all taken place and traveled with you to the present. Your present self has to continue the journey into the future that is not made yet.
  11. I enjoy the concept of Time Travel and the possibility. However, I am confused about how one could travel to the past when the individuals ate no longer there. How can one travel to the future if the future has not been made yet. I am sure it has something to do with theories of time. Interested in any insights.
  12. No I do not think that the pyramids were made by Aliens. I had visited the pyramids myself. They were amazing to see. I strongly believe that we, mankind, sell ourselves short, when we give credit to unseen forces. I believe man can made precise statures and structures. They just have to be disciplined and hardworking. Our minds and bodies are very amazing machines in their own right.
  13. I am not to sure what exactly are the ancient Astronauts. I am thinking this is the theory that people from the future traveled back in ancient time to give inventions or knowledge so that current day civilization would have been formulated from the very ancient information. If I am correct in my understanding, then I would say that I do not believe it possible. What I think is that some man and woman are born with difference and in those differences we can have individuals who develop methods to improve our way of living. These individuals could be seen as time travelers because they have ideas that are beyond what others may think up.
  14. I would not want to travel to the future. I fear the unknown. Yet having an opportunity to see it will only make me worry until it arrives. I have a strong feeling that the future holds a lot of sadness.
  15. I would want to visit the late 1880's. I have enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables stories all my life. I like the clothing and how people behaved with manners. I think this is a similar time as Little House on the Prairie. New inventions and medicine were being developed too. I think I would want to have a mini romance during my stay in that time period. Some young man who was strong, intelligent, and courteous to enter my life.
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