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  1. No. Those were there before we even knew they were there. They are only produced by gravity and space. If we tried to make G.Waves, we would simply make a blackhole. But nature has never showed us something travelling time backwards for being near a massive object.
  2. KISAMA. HOW DO YOU DARE, ROBBAH! That name, did you steal it from me, didn't you?
  3. I don't know enlgish 100% so i was being very vague reading because it's a bit difficult to me. So i'm very lazy to read and realise what is going on. But i can tell you I can understand any theory (if its translated). I've spent enough time on wikipedia. What do you think about time travel? @Darby
  4. No, no, by the same result i was referring to find a webpage about time travel that gathers all those theories. Simple xD
  5. @Darby, who is David Anderson? I realised there was a website called Anderson Institute that is about time travel, and there you can find the theories of time travel. I don't care if he is real or not, the consequences are the same, aren't they?
  6. Demi! Great Post. About quantum tunneling, I just realised the existence of that theory some days ago. I read that the information you send arrives before you send it. But what I was reading also said it was not possible to send information by there. I have a question for this theory. Why does the laser go faster than light in cesium vapor? it doesn't make sense. When photons travel trough atoms, they travel always under the c constant. Please, source. Circulating Beams. It's difficult to understand because english isn't my mother language. I don't have enough time right now.. Do you know if i can find it in spanish? Casimir Effect.- Ohh! This is other of the theories some days ago i was reading about. But i arrived to the conclusion of that the theory is not possible. Why? I can't remember. i wrote it somewhere. But in spanish :v But, something i can assecure (bad english or good english?), is that, EM forces used in this way can't be used to time travel. Einstein theorized something like that. It is in the relativity. TIme travelling to the past is not that simple. K. Lets read wikipedia, i forgot the real reason why casimir effect is a theory to travel back in time. Ok, i found nothing there but now i remember. I forgot waht i was going to say.. oh, god.
  7. There are lots of people that can predict things like this. I've even thought the possibility of what we think we predict when we see it reemplaces the dream in our memory. Example: You dreamed with that location. But you did not really dream with that location. You dreamed with "a location", but not a specific one. Later, you see that location, and you believe to know that you dreamed with that location but you didn't. This would be a very strong effect in the brain, analog/analogue/analogous to allucinations with the people that think what they see is real. But i think is more probable of mankind not realising this ability is posible. Why...? I've wondered why some people can predict the future for a long time.. I gave up because i had no tools for experimenting and internet is full of inventions about paranormal.
  8. Haha! Interesting! Money? Time travel? Lol, i'd love to be you. I'm not physicist. (Sorry if my english is not good, it is not my mother language) But i've studied (almost) all the wikipedia articles about the physics ignoring maths and thought out about theories. About titor's time travel, this is the most valid theory i've seen. Really. I don't think you'll find something better. But.. Inclusive with that marvelous theory, Titor is very probable to be a fraud. Also, it's very interesting that rumor about he travelling to october 2014 (sorry if wrong). Lots of mysteries with especific dates have already happened, but we don't find anything strange and forget it. Like the end of the world at 2012, for example. Find a clue about if it is real or if it is fake to time traveru (this is poetry), can be even impossible. I'd be glad if you could keep me abreast with the information you discover, maybe i will be helpful. Do you know where to start to find information?
  9. Oh, i didn't want to offend. Just like pinterest puts conspiracies everywhere and it's confusing to understand what he is exactly saying, specially because english isn't my mother language.
  10. haha! Sorry for replying so late. Zero and inifnite are not the same thing. BUT THEY ALMOST ARE! They are separated by an infinity small number. That's all. I don't remember why, i just passed one day hours solving that and that's the answer i concluded thanks to the potentiation (^). They're almost the same but not the same. As maths are made by humans, our expresions are not perfect. No, the thing is that infinity is imaginary. As 0 is too. Maths is our invention to predict anything. And, we can't count them. NUMBERS ARE UNCOUNTABLE. Unless, it was a multiplication with a countable thing. So, all numbers are imaginary, but when they're expressed correctly, they're still imaginary but now they're correct. Numbers are imaginary because you can't have a 4 or a 5. You can have 4 apples or 5 pears. So, you can have infinite apples and 0 pears, but not infinity numbers or 0 numbers. Imagine it. 0 nothing? You can think of having 0 nothing! You can think to have infinite nothing and they're still cero. And, you can have infinite a thing and it's the same as double infinite that thing. Infinite always depends of the thing you're multiplying, and 0 is always cero. That's the difference. In practically, there's a big difference, so they're different. But in maths, they're very close each other! That's because in maths, you don't study what is practically and what is real. You study maths logic. And, in maths logic, made by humans, can arise confusion. Here's the difference: Is the same thing a white background with a black point and a black background with a white point? Well, it is the same, only if these were two separate universes. If you multiplyed the white bg to pears and the black point to apples, it would look the same if you did the same, exchanging white and black. So, we can say infinite and cero are THE ABSOLUTE CONTRARY. If we were talking about a negative inifinite, there would be no difference, in my language they say it "law of symbols", but idk how to say it in english. I'm talking about this: -*-=+; +*+=+; -*+=-. Negative infinite and cero would also be the absolute contrary because cero is always - and +.
  11. I never read pinterest's posts because i never understand them. And when i do, he just says things that has nothing to do or very stupid. So i ignore him c:
  12. Man, this looks so odd. English isn't my mother language but i think that you're saying really rare things. I can't understand why people act so carefree. Maybe no one believes you but no one seems to want to show that don't believe it. Idk.. But this info is so poor. Please, i'd be great if you show the box info and the details.
  13. @PaulaJedi Even if that didn't happen and won't happen, I'd like to get more information. The lawyer of Titor's family lying? No, it's impossible, without a purpose.
  14. Im too lazy like to read all 7 pages. @PaulaJedi PLEASE! TELL ME MORE ABOUT IT! @Ninja bear I think it's most probable that he won't be back or he is a fake. I was struck by your profile pic of Cristina. And, no, Titor wouldn't go back to his first appearance. This would be very dangerous because world divergence. Not for us. It would be dangerous for him. Welcome to TTI
  15. Boring. I only read the "short explanation", the answer to Mylo.X. Well, Tonydw, welcome to madness. You didn't say something new.
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