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  1. I just zoomed the photo and the photo seems not legit. Seems like the UFO thing is edited. I dont know where your source is . :D hehe do i believe that the limit of knowledge is what keeps us think that this UFOS might be time machines
  2. i did not know it is based on a comic show, though i have read an article that it would be renewed for a new season
  3. it is because human thinking is so tiny, some are not open minded to accept that there might be a life out there
  4. Simple, if it cant be explain beyond human comprehension then there is Someone out there beyond having a brighter and perfect thinking who understands it - a God ..
  5. My internet connection is having problem playing the video. I can watch it later. Though i do believe that here is a multiverse out there and not just universe. watch THE ONE by Jet Li. Multiverse is extremely shown :D
  6. I guess alternate timelines are just guesses , indeed it is though i dont think there is a valid evidence for it to exist. I just thing that it was just made out of curiosity
  7. Exactly but there are still LOTS of mysteries unsolved. There are lots of things science cant explain until now. I do believe there is Someone out there who created us limiting our knowledge about all the creations, because if we know .. we might overlap the power of that creator :D
  8. its just the TV series keep and make us full of surprises. the director is talented to make those thrills. I guess they would renew for a new season so dont you worry, season 6 would soon be in :D
  9. When you believe fully in science, you cant seem to understand that there is a God but if you relate science to it then we can see that there is a God out there who created lots of mysteries on this outside world. There are lot of things that science cant explain and only God can. Not all science things are exact, its always good to keep an open mind
  10. I really have a theory that the Bermuda is some sort of earth based wormhole or something though i guess it rarely shows its true nature knowing that there is an irregular current and magnetic field on the area. There must be something in it
  11. i am so excited every episode that is being created on the series. i love the way they film and the way the make up those zombie things. Full of thrills
  12. i guess we can travel back to the past. Black holes are mysteries and i guess those mysteries hold a way and a door to change back or move to the past. Time can be altered through speed also, if we can create a fast speed that can go beyond the imagination of Physics
  13. i do agree with GPA , with this belief and the type of imagination we have, i guess the only thing we can do is just to imagine knowing the fact that its really hard to travel and switch to timelines .
  14. Well this reminds me of the movie "The One" - Jet Li when there is said to be a Multiverse and not just a universe, On other universe, he has his own version so some live in a happy life, they may have other careers and i believe if multiverse is real, there maybe
  15. Altering time is very bad. Knowing the future can also lead to a worse thing for the future. Knowing what would happen and altering the things that must have happen can lead to a serious disease in the time continuum. Watch the latest episode of The Flash, there is the time when Barry went back to the past and he altered something.
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