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  1. Our TV shows and movies have done nothing but to brain wash us and there for that is why most think that Aliens are bad and that they would not want piece and only war. Well here is my answer to that I believe that we have and still are being visited by other beings all of the time and from the beginning of time and to go farther God is an alien as well and he was not here to start war and yes God is an alien because he was not from earth. Now here is the other part of my answer.... We are the ones that thinks of nothing but war and we are the ones that would start a war with them and who's to say that we have not already started one with them because the Gov and all those in high power keeps every thing a secret from us. The reason that we would start a war with them is because humans are the kind that if they do not understand it then they must destroy it because it is bad. So my answer is not Aliens are not all bad not saying that there would not be some that might want to kill us off and take over our planet but that they are the same as us and wants to know what other beings are out there and to study them as we want too and they would not want to kill us at least not right off until they see how stupid we are and that we are violet beyond all else if we were to go off on them then yes it would start a war beyond all other wars.
  2. Why? Well because I would soon die then to live my child hood all over again and where? Well I would present my self to others and get known would be the smartest 5 year old in the world then go to collage and at a young age and then go find the person that sent me back in time and kick their butts and then who knows what I would do but I sure would hope I would end up where I am today because I could not be happier
  3. I have a few very simple questions number 1 if you can not tell us any thing then why tell us that you are a Time Traveler? 2 If TT is in prison for breaking the rules then why are you not in prison because you are doing and posting the same kind of things he posted? 3 Also if you are not allowed to tell us any thing then why show us a diagram of your machine? Last but not least we can not have any thing injected into our brains so we can sustain such things as which you have mentioned and you DO NOT GET YOUNGER WHEN GOING BACK IN TIME NOR FORWARD IN TIME. I bunch of hog wash in my thoughts but please humor us some more you would make a great sconce fiction writer i meant a science fiction writer Ok so here you state that you do not know about wwIV (4) but yet in this post http://timetravelinstitute.com/threads/i-cant-believe-i-am-about-to-do-this.8764/page-2#post-91207 you state "There's been six World Wars in the liftime of Earth, World War III scared so many then politics and islamic rulers started the fourth, the fifth was created by nuclear weapons found 40,000ft under the world and activated upon the United States of America. The sixth was started over a debate through world leaders that all weapons be abolished which turned ugly and that was it. A treaty was signed and no weapons are permitted in the atmosphere. Nothing. No nuclear, hand or satallite weapons are permitted. The only dangerous satallite are the Omega 100, they protect earth from asteroids and aliens from attacking Earth." and the spelling is horrible by the way but I think that I just proved that you are lying and you also stating that you are far advanced in your writings for a 17 year old is so not true. Heck I was writing better then you are when I was in the sixth grade. Also you joined here in the end of July 25 and your last activity was July 30. You wont answer any questions you got scared because people were calling you out and you don't know what to say any more. Ok I am done now
  4. This person could make a great book or maybe rewriting one he has already read or some show maybe to many twighlight zones they claimed to be from the United Kingdom but in no way did he speak or type as a Brit to many back slides here and them just keep repeating over and over that they know nothing Of John Titor is a bit strang but yet they both claim to use the same time machine hummmmmmmmm
  5. As of right now we have well over 10 billion people on earth so are there not that many people in that future? According to this there must not many many people around only 20 was taken so only 20 was between your given age groups I am not calling any one a lair here but please do explain
  6. I told my husband yesterday when I found this site that are real things out there about tt but so many are fake and just people trying to make themselves known and that the ones that are will will discarded as fake as well people like this one is what makes the real ones look bad just like there are so many bad people out there in this and it makes the good ones looks bad as well
  7. Hello to every one, I happen upon this forum by an accident when some thing popped up on my news feed on facebook about john titor, so I started reading an article about him, and I remember when he became all famous as so to speak and due to the fact that time traveling has always fascinated me I started reading more about him which led me here and so reading through the forums thought i may just fit in and enjoy reading what others post, so Hello World this is me Queenicess
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