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  1. :whistle: I believe in God. I'm firm in that conviction. That's why I don't spend my time trying to convince everyone he/she/it exists. When an atheist tells me I'm wrong, I just shrug. Make of that what you will.
  2. ...but why would someone "travel" from another time just so they could join an internet forum and manically declare they are real time travelers? And is time travel, like, sexist? Looking back over the claims section, I'm not seeing any women (that I know of). Just what appears to be young guys with something to brag about. Sorry if I'm not making sense here. I just think Logic™ and Reason™ in and of themselves discredit most so-called time travelers. That and the fact that most of them run for the hills the minute anyone asks them a question. And this "I'm from 6000 years in the future and I've come to warn you" crap. Seriously? Anybody here want to travel 6000 years back in time and warn people about the future? No? Good luck if you do. What ever your native tongue is, it's a pretty good guess the people of 6000 years ago aren't going to understand your warnings. I said this in another post. What the hell is with the lone wolf time traveler fetish? Do police work alone? Do firefighters work alone? Do soldiers work alone? Voluntarily going from Time A to Time B, for a mission, be it observation or whatever, would be impractical (bordering on idiocy) as a solo venture, or without some support system in place at site B. IMO, time slips and other cases of distortion, unwilling travel, are waaay more interesting, just by virtue of not setting up that story-like narrative of the professional time traveler. tl:dr :poop:
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Fi3TK5s0pY
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXwwvDlpQsc
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmzJigxp8Uk
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zKNY5He5jA
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTYcOQnJaSI
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXN6tgE4g_4
  9. I had a link to 10 songs, but the links were all dead. So I'm going to make my own list of "time travel songs" with yt links for listening ease. Hopefully others will add some of their own favs. ;-)
  10. Considering the lifestyle you portray in your present, why no mention of the Amish? Have you incorporated the Amish into your society, or do they live in isolation? Do these new small communities trade with them for goods and services? And how is it that America operates as it does with no incursions from hostile foreign nations? No mention of the moon? If you ever come back (and read this) answer one simple question: if your mission was so vital, why send one guy? Why not an entire platoon? Why not multiple platoons to different years/world lines? Why would your CO opt to send you in to the field at such a disadvantage? What if you had been killed or paralyzed or brain damaged while on assignment? What then? Is there no buddy system in time travel?
  11. I've wondered if who we truly are is energy (the soul), and that our memories and personally are heavily influenced by a symbiosis with a human brain. If you could take a "friendly" soul and transplant it into the mind of a serial killer, would the new being kill while feeling incredible sorrow and regret? Take a malicious soul and trap it in the same mind, would the person revel in the murderous lifestyle? Yeah, the problem with -soul- is that the idea was wrapped up in a blanket called religion, and put in a position where science is afraid to touch it. Science is based on what we know and expanding knowledge into realms of what we don't, but if something's branded as taboo right off then the human race is doing itself a huge disservice.
  12. [ATTACH=full]406[/ATTACH]It's not exactly "breaking news". I'm sure in about 65 years people will be pretty excited over this.
  13. So, if the Earth's rotation speed was altered to any degree, is it implied that the slightest change in speed would affect time? Obviously the measured length of a day changes with relation to the Sun. I'm asking if the actual value of a second is distorted by a sudden shift in rotation speed.
  14. I want to get mad and call them out for trolling and being attention whores, but let's face it. When you talk about anything that fascinates Fox Mulder it's going to attract that element of the world's population that uses hair spray as a nebulizer.
  15. If we're talking about the same man: David Lewis Anderson, father of time manipulation, dazzler of Art Bell, etc.? Yeah, he's missing from the list of famous David Andersons on Wikipedia. I guess he isn't famous enough. :'(
  16. Of course someday an alien equivalent of the Mars Rover will come face to face with the Earth counterpart. Awkward moment. Exploratory machines don't need to breath or worry about temperatures, so it's not beyond possibility to have other robots from other worlds doing exactly what we're doing.
  17. I wouldn't waste time on drive by lunacy. Better to find the ones who want to sit down and be filmed in interviews, anonymous or not. At the end of the day you'd have a full documentary. If nothing came of it you could at least research the phenomena of mental illness and the allure of time travel. If all you have are people dropping by, doing "creepy" stuff and disappearing that'll hurt your credibility. And, just curious, why did you need a spacious building? It just seems slightly counterproductive to an organization that produces nothing for profit to operate out of a large structure that needs heating, cooling, water, electricity, daily maintenance, etc. Yeah, if you're seeing an alarming number of "crazies" (mentally ill being the correct and humane term) responsibly falls on you to post information for the nearest mental health clinic along with a contact number. Just a thought.
  18. Lol. I imagined them singing the exact words against a synth beat with some tubular bells.
  19. African Americans have a very different version of the glory days. I'm always impressed how history is tainted by perceptions. Like the Vietnam War. In Vietnam they call it The American War and recall terrible battles to expel an invasion. Just like a theoretical world line, history is always in flux.
  20. When I see someone ranting about time travel, and guitars, God, women.... I'm thinking someone watched Bill and Ted and did a lot of hard drugs. And it all got mixed up into a pot of juicy goodness. - Or maybe he's a real time traveler doing whatever time travelers do. - Or maybe it's a ghost in the machine. An experimental A.I. that's run amok and may or may not be from the future, posting here in a frantic attempt to communicate with beings it doesn't understand. But seriously, that was weird stuff.
  21. Welcome to the TTI :thumbsup: I imagine in the future there'll be a physical TTI not nearly as colorful as this site.
  22. This looks like the lyrics to a Depeche Mode song.
  23. McDonald's are closing across the planet... I'm lovin' it.
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