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  1. Seriously Epic.The only answer that i was really able to understand cause the only one that was relevant :D .Well then let us just continue over to our paths and hope for.............................
  2. No theories concerning to future please.I only wanna know about the past
  3. If even one of the things that i mentioned is wrong......i'll do anything.....but unfortunately every single thing is true :P
  4. You say time does not exist right. Well then what does......time....maybe you don't know the meaning of time yourself as the common people simply think of time as a measurement. Now can you even come to such an explanation that time doesn't exist. Well you said "The universe exists in the form it does because this is how we perceive it. Imagine if we had completely different senses than what we do, instead of site, sound, smell, touch. There are intities that have completely different senses that exist all around us that we cannot observe and that cannot observe us." Well this again shows that you literally don't know what you are talking about.The actual reason is not due to the senses or stuff like that ......for your explanation let's take gravity.We humans can observer gravity and think of that as the main force that causes attraction...but in the case of particles that ain't true....if you go into the particular world they wouldn't even know about gravity cause they experience so much of electric charge that it's far more then gravity.... Like suppose two particles that are of opposite charges......calculate their attraction due to gravity.....write it down....then calculate thier attraction due to them being opposite charges....write that down...now attraction due to charge would be 10^40 times greater then that of gravity.....and as that much precision cannot be achieved......so they won't know about gravity..... Try to clear your ideas first before initiating anything :D
  5. I even posted this beforehand but most weren't able to understand it. Firstly forget about time and all the concept that you have for it. Lets suppose that every moment that we pass is known as timex. Then what if like there are parallel timex dimensions side by side to each other and we constantly pass from one to other in a moment.......and in the next we are in the next timex......so like at any particular moment we are only in one timex........so at the moment we travel to the next one-the future timex are still there so that we could enter them-does the past timex still remain there or would they be destroyed. This is simply a theory and you can for sure go against it......but if you could get to the point that i'm trying to explain.....that would be great + or you could simply explain that what is this moment.....like where does the past go! P.S:If you still can't understand what i'm trying to say.........do tell me,i'll simply attach some diagrams.
  6. Like i'm not asking about the measuring time.......like let's say that each moment we pass is x.......then like what happens to it afterwards.....and do we pass on form an x to other x that leads us to future !
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