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  1. Things nowadays are built to last for about 1-2 years until they become obsolete and people are somewhat forced to buy new ones, and this loop endlessly repeats until we realize we obliviously spend money which could be put at better use. Statistics say that the newest computer is usually replaced within 9 months by a new one, and this is the way this industry can last, and nobody bats an eye unfortunately. This is why I have my 2009 computer still, and can live without those fancy video games. :)
  2. How in any way were those times better? Literacy was very restrained back then, and only privileged categories of people who had access to education were able to possess it. Today, on the contrary, we have too much information available at our hands which could make us 1000x more intelligent than the brightest people in the Middle Ages, but because of this overflow of information illiteracy is more preponderent. I won't even mention the lack of medical resources people had to endure at the time, when bubonic plague killed half of Europe. We're living better today, more than surely.
  3. I don't know if you guys have heard of this place, but it's supposedly the most haunted forest in Romania and in the world. What happens within that place stays there forever, since many individuals who trode there in the past were allegedly not found by local authorities, not even by this day. A brief description of the forest would be abnormally-shaped trees, odd plants and bushes, and the feeling of someone or something gazing upon you. People who were adventurous and wanted to do an escapade there, and also managed to escape, were saying that there were odd creatures and aliens wandering around the place. If you want to read more information, I suggest you visit this website: https://hoiabaciuforest.com/ Leave your opinions below. :) Cheers!
  4. Why would someone, especially a government representant, send a message to only a single person in the country? If they wanted to instaurate panic among humans, they'd do it another way than this. But what would be the fruition of such action though? A numb population of people is the best. Not informing us is the best recourse, in their perception.
  5. Yes, it's definitely possible, and I personally hope I will be able to communicate with one as soon as possible, haha. One thing that sparkles my interest though, is how would they communicate with us? Would they have a mouth to speak, and a device attached to their neck to decipher their language into English? Would it be more likely by touching us? This has been bugging me for a lot of time, to be honest. I don't even know how they would look like, in the first place. Interacting with them is really the least of the things we should ask ourselves, haha.
  6. Great answers, and very good ideas, haha. I can see you guys could perceive this situation as a very hard one to give an assumption for, but I personally don't see things that complicated. In my opinion, given the potential technological advancement they possess, they would use it against our planet to show us humans their supremacy (No, I haven't seen enough alien movies, haha), but an impediment interferes: It's very well known that aliens wander around our planet for quite some time, but they haven't decided to invade it until now. What are they waiting for? It really bugs me.
  7. What would we call it? "Neo"-privacy? Such term doesn't exist, since a huge quantity of information leads to risks. Everything that we say now, and I think that even me typing now are being stored somewhere in this world. We can talk as much as we like about our fundamental risks being trespassed, but we only see the surface of the real things that are being discussed right now about how they could monitor us better. Them listening to our phones is really minuscule compared to what we will see in the future, trust me.
  8. We've all seen these movies at TV, those where everything that's being trodden by aliens is completely destroyed, and usually everything starts in the US, haha. Anyway, if these kind of movies are continuously being made, there's surely a certain degree of concern around humans since these producers must fulfill a demand, so people do ask themselves what would the aliens do if they visited us. So there goes my question, too: Would aliens visit us peacefully, or destroy absolutely everything they sense? I'm personally stuck between a yes and no since we've never seen aliens actually interact with us ( well, at least not me ) and I can't provide a sure answer since I have no background with aliens, haha. What do you guys think?
  9. Come on! There's simply no way a human could firmly affirm that there isn't any life out there. The Universe as we know it is infinite and continously expanding, and given this infinity we're all aware of, the odds of there not being any life beside us is absolutely irrational and unfounded. So, to conclude, I absolutely agree with you. There is life on other planets whether we want to believe it or not. Them being as sentient as us, well, that's another kettle of fish...
  10. Many people believe everything they see in movies and transpose the events from there into potential real life events. If governments frankly admitted that there are indeed aliens who are watching us from a far distance, a general panic would settle among humanity. Not only in a specific country, but the whole world. And given what we see in movies, I think you can imagine what people portray it might happen if they came to us. So, yeah, I think that the governments should keep this a secret since the majority of us humans would panic a lot.
  11. I've seen this forum by accident on Google, and thought I'd give it a try. I hope I will be able to contribute to the site, and that people also help me with any questions I might have. I'm looking forward to chatting with you. Cheers! ;)
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