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  1. I haven't really thought about it this way and in general I am very much against all conspiracy theories. Though what you guys are saying does make sense, it really is an easy way to cencor what certain people are saying. Overall, conspiracy or not, I think political correctness has been taken way out of proportion a long time ago and the current situation is idiotic beyond belief.
  2. The ants notice us around them, they are aware of our existence. We do not think much of them, but they certainly think something about us. A lot of them even use our buildings as housing and our waste as food. They may not understand much about us but you can't deny that there is interaction between humans and ants. It could be similar with other intelligent lifeforms if they are much more developed than us. But of course there would be some form of interaction.
  3. I think it would most likely start peacefully. Afterall, human beings are pretty much the only species on our planet that attacks without having a good reason to. So chances are that most species on other planets would be the same as most on earth. We, humans, would probably figure out a way to break the peace though.
  4. So, if we found another intelligent (though way less intelligent than us. Along the lines of sheep, cows, etc) species on another planet do you see us just observing them for far away or actually going there to make contact? Simple question isn't it.
  5. Can't help you with the subject at hand, but I would just like to congratulate you on landing a super interesting job. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the next 12 months.
  6. If returning was impossible then I guess I would stay put. The thought is of course interesting but could I leave everything behind? Friends, family, people who need me etc? No. If returning would be possible then yeah, I'd be traveling all the time.
  7. So two votes for Chrono Trigger! Too bad it's not available for the pc, and my SNES is hidden somewhere since I can't even plug it into modern televisions.
  8. Gave it a try when it first came out, like I do with most sci-fi tv series. Think it lasted about 2 episodes before I gave up on it, it just had nothing that I thought could turn it into a good series. So yeah, not impressed.
  9. Yes! I was very young when it came out and remember having a lot of fun with it! Definitely one of the good old classics!
  10. Time shift is one of my all time favourites. It doesn't deal with time travel in the general sense but you can manipulate time in the short term. (slow it down, rewind, stop etc) Also noticed that there is already a thread about Time Commando (another old but great) so started to wonder what other games are there?
  11. In the 1500's you might just be burned as a witch if you claimed to be a time traveller. So careful what you wish for. :D
  12. Sounds like coincidence or deja vu to me. Though I find it interesting that it's also happening in other situations too. But hey, keep at it and maybe after some time you can figure out what it is.
  13. But it is NOT the UN who taxes citizens, it's the governments. So why would the UN be behind this "conspiracy theory" and not the governments themselves? There is a lot of evidence to support climate change... in fact climate change IS A FACT. Now if it's caused by human behaviour is still something that cannot be confirmed or denied with 100% proof.
  14. Well I feel like I need to throw in my 2 cents. Not a horrible series, which is what I was expecting. However.. still... think I watched 5-6 episodes and then stopped.. it just didn't manage to grab my attention. So overall can't say that I was too disappointed, I thought it would be much much worse. But still it can't fill the boots that come when you name it "12 monkies"
  15. I feel the same way. With all the planets out there, I think it's almost impossible that not a single one of them has life. Billions of planets.. and we are just beginning to grasp what is a habitable planet and what is not. Remember, there are creatures on our own planet that live without daylight, that survive radiation, that live in both extreme heat and cold. So why couldn't a life form that evovled in another planet adapt to an environment that we cannot even imagine? Hopefully we one day find REAL evidence to support this. Maybe that evidence is even in our own solar system.
  16. Never understood the point of this being a surprise to anyone. The WHOLE POINT of intelligence agencies is to gather information... back in the day it was tapping into phone lines and sneaking into buildings, nowadays it's mostly electronic since a large part of communication is electronic too. There is nothing surprising about this, and most countries do this to some extent. Also keep in mind that it's not actually someone listening to your calls etc. It's just a computer going through and flagging suspicious activity, so you don't really need to worry about someone knowing all your phone conversations. (no one cares about that anyway)
  17. Interesting to see the different ways: technology vs human behaviour etc. But I think the technology part would be far more surprising to them... after all as worldmachine said the human race really hasn't gone anywhere from back then. Well maybe a bit backwards. Technology wise, yes 1915 is not THAT far but when it comes to modern convenience.. it really is. Every house having electricity, fridges, central heating.. people sending messages to each other with computers and smartphones. Especially the internet could be something completely.. well.. unreal for them. Just imagine giving them wikipedia and saying "there you go, the biggest encyclopedia in the world"
  18. Invest in the stock market. Microsoft, yahoo, some of the bigger industry stuff like General Electric etc. Also throw some money in real estate. And probably get far away from where I am right now in order to not cause any strange things happening with running into myself.
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