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  1. We have some control in our lives, and also need to mange it well so we have time for everything like eating, sleeping work or school and family and friends and also personal time as well which needs a balance or we will be too stressed out and need to rest the body also. I, think having complete control would be good so we could go back and change the wrongs we have done that would be a good thing to do and also have a peace of mind as well. I, think as we are imperfect we tend to want things sometimes which we don't need and the eyes may see things and may desire these things and need to think working extra for that item maynot be worth it and need to manage time and also cut out the things we don't need in our life.
  2. In Animorphs book The reaction when the 6 animorphs crash into the bug fighter, they end up in a future or past, and apparently Jake is the real one the others are memories and confusing to understand as there are now two of each of the teenagers in different time zones. The only way to get back is when Jake dies in the forest world and than he comes back to the real world and it was more confusing as my mind was wandering what in the world was going on and could not believe that time travel occured it semed more like a mind one which was hard to grasp. I reckon that, seeing the other you would be surprising to both of you as he could think I am trying to be the real one and taking over and would be jealous of me or I could end up envying him and that may not be good for us as a rip could occur.
  3. I would think, their problems are bigger than mine and also sad they live that why and wish I could help them out and change their life if possible and getting too involved could cause other things to occur which would not be good. I, reckon the other me maybe shocked to see me and may not trust me and try and hide from me or attack me if they see me and may have to be careful when approaching them as anything can happen. It would, be hard to say what can happen, as anything can happen and also a time change could occur and maybe nothing changes if we see each other which would be interesting and also the others may try to see how my life is and learn from it.
  4. Those phones appear to be a walkie talkie one or, something else that looks like it and in those days mobile did not exist so would of used something else the first clip appears to be made up if it has been on the web for a long time. The object looks like a mobile, but is not as the technology was not advanced like today and the eyes can be deceived by this video very easily when looking at it at first glance. I, reckon it can look like a cellphone but it is not one as the other people don't seemed surprised or bothered by the phone which is interesting and would think the people would be more interested in the phone if it was one.
  5. Well I think it could be due to, people in our time are very skeptic and will question things and also not believe what they hear or see and think it is not possible as well and kind of like in the eye film where Jessica alba where she get's eyes and sees things warning others of what will happen. Some believe and some don't, and does save the lives of the ones who would of died and I remember watching a indian series and one episode had a guy who sleep or day dreams and sees bad things like for instance he sees a groom robbed by the robbers and when he tells them not to go he is rebuked but when it happens than yelled at and also when he sees fire burning than he is thrown out of the village as it burns a house down. He does save a kings life, when he tells him everyone will die in the town and they do by earthquake and is rewarded but fired as he is a guard and sees these visions when sleeping while on duty.
  6. Magonia is a good one about a girl, caught in two races and two worlds and at times you think who is real or what is and enjoyable to read and will imagine yourself as a character and good to read at night. Prudence is about a women, who is given a airship or dirigeble and travels to India from USA to look for the perfect tea but get's involved with ancient history and kidnapping and robbers a nice book but may appeal to women a bit more. Another book is Long live the queen , The immortal empire about a universe with werewolfs, humans, vampires and other creatures and want the goblins as whoever has them wins and a women who does not want to be queen but accepts and fights for justice and will be absorbed with what you read a exciting book as well.
  7. I would not think my younger self would know me or believe me, and would try and give guidance so he does not make bad choices or mistakes which could cause him to have problems in life. I would try and, see if the other me trusts me or wants to talk to me and would be friendly and hang out with him for the time I am there and try and change his course if it is heading in the wrong side. I, reckon that going back in time can have changes or cause things to happen which can be good or bad and would need to be careful as well
  8. Well, I would look for a store or a bar for a hot meal and cold drink and see how the prices are and also, see what it is like to get a job over there and wages would be lower than now and cars would not be like the ones we have. I think that, I would meet with the Titanic survivours and hear about how they survived and what it was like and would be interesting to hear their stories. It would, be interesting to see the inventions made during that time and also would be nice to see Thomas Edison and see him work and get ideas from him.
  9. I reckon that, we could see how they travelled and see if they have a time machine or something that takes them around back and forth, and may help us to try and believe them and also will be good if they can tell the future or go back in the past and do something. It is very easy to fall, for lies and people who just want to make money and need to keep our minds alert so we don't fall for any scam which would cause us to be betrayed. Most people would want to see evidence, and predicting the future has happened in movies I remember a indian movie called Krissh where a scientist makes a machine and shows a gun pointed at him he survives and destroys his work when the other one wants to use it for evil purposes. In the climax the bad guy sees, a gun shoots him and that happens and he did try to get rid of guns but still dies from it so we would not be able to change something if it occurs.
  10. In india you have hermits or sadhus who, avoid society and usually stay in the mountain area mediatating mostly and they do this to get close to god and leave their body as well and eat fruits and vegetables as well. The are pure in the heart and mind, as they are not apart of society and quite interesting to hear their stories and even when they do come to the cities they talk very few words and people worship their footsteps. It can be hard to live like them, and since we want to stay ahead in our life it will be hard to stay the life of a hermit and depends on how you do it and what you intend to gain as well.
  11. I think it is going to be hard to understand, as we humans don't understand the basics of time travel yet even though we have advanced in technology and also it is hard for the brain to understand and too many possibilities can happen. We do look for the future mostly, and try and change for that time when we will enjoy life more better than what is happening at the moment which is the present time which is sad at times. We need to enjoy what we have now, and also we need to see what can we do to make our life better now than thinking about the future too much which can be a good thing sometimes.
  12. It is quite interesting and also, good video and is right about how humans do not know what can happen and also what they do is only things that have happened in the movies or books and in the real world may not work like that. The time paradox is kind of confusing and also, hard to know what theory will work and also it is interesting what can or cannot happen when doing the time travel. I think, understanding the basics is hard and even testing it would most likely not be approved and some people will tempt it anyway which is amazing to see them do it.
  13. It is a interesting article and also, explains why time travel is confusing and the equations can be hard to understand as well and would take quite some time to find out how it works and what can happen and what can't. I reckon that, it would be interesting if quantam could be cloned in the past and also would you be able to bring it back also is interesting as well. I think more research is needed, and also would be interesting to see what researchers are finding out and also what results will show up as well.
  14. It could be possible, as travelling can cause the brain to be altered and also it can be worse if you have another you who takes your place and leaves you in his time than you are stuck there forever. We could think if it even happened and also, we could go back in time or further and depends on who we meet and also would be interesting to see what happens also. I think that, we could change some things but also cause other things to happen which could effect the timeline as well.
  15. Well if that did occur, it would be interesting and also going out of the body and also it would be good to see what it would be like if you could go out of your body. You would have to be aware, of others who may want to take your body or the other you who wants to rule over everyone which could be a bad thing. I reckon that, it would be nice to move to another time place sometimes and see how life is there and I think that a spirit could try to fight us while we are roaming around and would have to avoid it as well.
  16. There are a lot of things that can go wrong like someone else trying to take your body, and also would have to make sure any evil force is not near you as well when doing it at the time. I don't know about another timeline, as time travel has not been proved or dismissed and would be interesting if that ever happened in the coming weeks or years. I think there have been cases of people having a outer body experience, and were outside their body and managed to get back before something happened which could of been worse.
  17. I liked the first video and gives a good explanation of things that are explored, and also what could happen if there was a multiverse and a universe where different things happen and also not yet tested. I think Physics can be hard to understand as there is a lot to learn and also, interesting to see the explanations given and what could happen in another universe while we are in another one. I think it will be a challenge to prove this as real or not and also, depending on technology that could help us to find it as well.
  18. It is possible, in India there are some places where people use evil spirits to harm ones who they believe did them wrong and also it can take lives and would be wise not to mess with objects even if you don't believe. In my country Fiji people use voodoo and do these evil things in the villages which are far away and instead of being good people use spirits who would want something in return for doing the work for them. I reckon that, it can be hard to know at time when something is cursed and also quite bad as well if someone touches it.
  19. Wormholes is a interesting idea kind of like in the Black night movie where Martin lawrence falls in a moat and gets transported to the Medievil era and kind of strange how he does it and a wormhole can send you anywhere. These are interesting ideas and the speed of light is quite interesting and also you could end up anywhere kind of like in the fly where the doctor was dealing with teleporting from one place to another but the fly enters and he starts turning into one. So, there are risks as well and it could happen one day but would be hard to explain to people who don't believe and also would take time to make as well.
  20. It could result in you winning in that time, maybe some money but not enough to make you rich since in this time you don't know if you will win and if you meet the other you he could want the money for himself and try and cheat you after the hard work is done or just give some money to you. If you set the correct date and time, than you will go to the right period otherwise you will go somewhere else and also will be hard to get back if the machine breaks down or a glitch happens. It would be good to go back in time, and get the lottery numbers and come back and use them and enjoy the benefits and know you have the money there for your use.
  21. I think it would be hard to ban, since it is not proven as yet or seen so would be no need to do it in a book I read goosebumps Don't go to sleep it does deal with the time police and change of realities and each time Greg in the book goes to sleep in the bed he turns into someone different. One time he is a 16 year boy, and in one he is 12 and a old man in one time and, this is causing changes in the universe each time he does it. It is explained the time police make sure there is balance and when he started changing bodies, they had to chase after him and stop him. So a ban would work if, it is used for crime or something bad and would be interesting to see what happens if a ban would happen.
  22. Sometimes when I am sleeping I see a place or people I know there and seems real, but when you wake up you don't have that in the mind anymore and I do at times think what if it is near me and what it means as well. My mum does have dreams of people who have died in our family, and they are in younger form and in our house in my country of origin which is Fiji and shocking they are there. Dreams can be hard to explain and sometimes, you want to stay in bed and see what happens further on but awake in the morning.
  23. I the video looks amazing and also, in a lego version looks nice and also looks like Back to the future in lego style and everything is similar to Doc and Marty travelling in time in in the movies. It would of taken practice and also, a lot of planning and making it just right so it works and all the characters do what they are meant to do in the video. I, reckon it is amazing with the modern technology what can be done and also more can be done now and also used the right way a lot can be done shown by this.
  24. Well it is good they found out that these 4 were just made up by some people who were trying to make it seem as they travelled or are not from here and at first glance it looks real but soon you see it is not. I reckon that awareness is needed since many people can believe things easily and some can think something is true when it is not. I think the guys were funny and also enjoyble to watch as well and nice to hear them talk and it is worth the time to watch the video as well.
  25. I think the government maybe does not want to admit it yet and may not want the people who have conspiracies to try and get in and see what they know and will maybe one day tell us about the aliens. I reckon that, the people should know one day and see what can be done if aliens approach you and some people maybe scared to face the aliens and also won't believe it could be a reason why the government is not telling the people. I reckon that, the government should have people who are honest and care about the people and not about themselves and should make some changes to the things that occur.
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