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  1. I usually do not like eating when I am drinking. It interfers with me getting drunk. I don't drink that much anymore, I think I had a beer around 3 months ago. Loud noises and crowds seem to bother me in my old age, which is comical since when I was younger I used to like to party a lot. I do like a good steak and fries at a quiet bar/grill where I can relax and enjoy things and I might have a couple of beers while eating the steak. But that doesn't count as drunk.
  2. The dark ages where a place of extreme contrasts. So priests and most royalty could read and write. They had access to luxuaries and they even had access to books and libraries. By contrast the peasants lived in hovels, for their entire life rarely travelled more then 10 miles from where they where born, and all they know was toiling in the fields and going to church. A conspiracy means something intentional. Did the priests and royalty intentionally keep the peasants ignorant to prevent uprisings ? Probably not. By contrast in Southern USA it was illegal for blacks to be literate, and it was illegal for whites to teach blacks how to read and write. This implies a direct conspiracy.
  3. Interesting. If I observe something right this moment, there is a delay between the even actually happening, the speed of light when I see it, and then the delay as my brain processes the information. So by the time I already know about the present it already is in the past. So that means I can not follow my own advice and live in the present, because I will always be living in the past. I didn't really get the idea till it was explained like this.
  4. The bandwagon effect has long been known. So if the majority of people have an opinion, you will have a tendency to accept the opinion. Also to distract from real issues, a person can throw in there red herrings as a way to deflect. Israel was the first to pioneer creating sock puppet accounts to go onto social media to influence public opinion, but it appears as in US intelligence agencies are also doing the same thing now. Your tax payer money hard at work. Ofcourse if you mention sock puppets you are a conspiracy theorist. Wiki entry about the software some US agencies use. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Earnest_Voice
  5. The odds of war between USA and China is pretty slim. There is no territory dispute between China and USA, it is between China and the Philippines. The Philippines is attempting to get popular sympathy by claiming that the Spratly islands have tactical importance. Despite Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries building improvements on the disputed islands, the news only tells you about China. If China is going to use the islands to block shipping, that is illogical. These ships are full of products they are exporting to USA, and full of raw materials on the way back to keep Chinese factories going. Uncle Sam also owes China a bunch of money, if they go to war Uncle Sam can not pay back.
  6. That is the brilliance of the method. If you want to keep a secret, make it public. It even works for simpler things, proving it is done right. So lets say you are at work and there is a box of donuts. You decide to eat the last one. Everyone then asks who ate the last donut. In a sarcastic/joking tone you state that you did. And the reason why you did it was to prevent everyone from gaining weight. If you do it properly, no one will believe you ate the last donut.
  7. As the saying goes, if you have enough monkeys banging away on a typewriter, eventually on of them will type the works of Shakespere. So it is a simple matter of probability, the size of the universe is almost infinite. We now know that other stars have planets. The age of the universe is 6 billion years. So the odds that life did not occur on some other planet in the universe at some time is almost a certainty.
  8. Probably I would feel pretty upset, the closer someone is to you, the more difficult it is to see them suffer. So in the case of it being yourself that is suffering, there is the possibility one might have a nervous breakdown or emotional collapse of some sort. At the end of the day, I would just have to accept the situation, unless there is some way to change outcomes on alternative timelines.
  9. 30+ years ago there was the saying, sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. What is defined as offensive depends on the individual. If you just go by the majority definition then it is mob rule. The majority of the population thinks that aliens do not exist, you hang out on a forum that discusses these issues. I could argue that believing in aliens is a mental illness. Discussing it can harm other parts of society since it might cause these beliefs to spread. Therefore companies should have pressure applied to them not to hire people who believe in UFOs.
  10. I will take your argument one step further. Certain types of Atheism are a religion, except they believe in "nothing", but "nothing" is actually something. Why I state this, is there are now many atheist groups which are promising if you become an atheist you will be happier, has a study been done on this ? How do you measure happiness ? People state that atheist groups are non violent, Maoism is an extreme from of atheism coupled with out beliefs. It appears to be pretty violent when it comes to conversion. Belief and science are two different things. Darwin was most likely a Christian, from his writings he appeared to be Christian. A belief is something which can not be proven or disproven.
  11. Zero is a relatively modern invention. Go research about the history of the digit or number zero. It is a simple invention like the concept of zero that changes mathematics. Numbers themselves are artificial constructs. I make the statement I have 5 apples. This made the assumption that all 5 apples are identical and have the same characteristics. Obviously no two apples are identical. Therefore the statement is false. Infinity is a paradox. Mathematically it is number divided by zero. A paradox indicates lack of understand or knowledge. Therefore is zero infinity ? Possibly :)
  12. I am saying it is a possibility. What is the saying ? Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity. So was it actually planned ? Or was it just a case of someone taking advantage of an opportunity. There is a good chance it might be the second. I like to think of myself as an armchair scientist, a scientist should look at all possibilities. The should then attempt to disprove the possibility. So for my theory, there is a motive. But there is no smoking gun, so a smoking gun would be something like a wikileaks document, proof that some cabal actually planned it.
  13. Simplest explanation is that it is a practical joke of some sort. So someone recorded your voice, and then they played a joke on you. I did a similar thing to a friend of mine, he asked if he could borrow my computer, but he did not know I could control the computer remotely. This is before remote PC software was well known. Anyway when he was using the computer, I started to control his mouse and stuff at random times. Then while he was writing on a MS word document I started to change some of the words. He thought the computer was haunted.
  14. Maybe the aliens will feel sorry for us, and then help us out. They will be baffled how can these irrational humans manage to accomplish anything, and then maybe they will help us. On the other hand, the aliens might think these humans are extremely irrational, we don't want them to get any form of intersellar travel, we better knock these humans to the stone age. We have already screwed up our own planet pretty bad, so the aliens will probably be worried we will go to their planet and screw it up also.
  15. McCarthyism is in a nice warm fuzzy wrapper versus McCarthy was a pretty nasty individual. Also McCarthy attempted to use the legal system to achieve his goals, versus the PC attempt to use mob justice. A recent example was an article on a man who called a female news reporter something rude and sexist. Should then man have done this ? No. The reporter then reacted by getting the guy fired from his job by saying it gave the company he worked for a bad name. When the man commited the offense he was not working at the time, and him calling people rude things does not affect his job performance. So probably you could argue that he was fired illegally. If you have certain views about things that do not follow the PC view of things, your livelihood and income are at risk. Worse yet unlike under McCarthy you do not even get a trial.
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