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  1. There are just a lot of issues with modern world and religion. The first off is religious Christians who feel that any mistakes or changes to the Bible must be obscured and never admitted. The Bible must be perfect, because if a mistake is found somewhere, it can lead to people questioning other parts. For this reason, a lot of Christians, no matter how much the evidence, will not admit anything in the Bible is not perfect. But another issue is simply in translation of the book of Genesis. The problem is that all the debate about the first few pages of the Bible always end up in english.. when in fact, it is very easy to reconcile evolution with genesis just based on the original texts. Most people don´t know this but when the Bible is talking about the first 7 days.. the word ´day´ is different than anywhere else in the book of Genesis... it is much more accurate to translate it to ´eras´ or ´stages´ Once you do that, it makes a lot more sense when talking about the Big Bang, the formation of the universe, and evolution.
  2. I would love to see the future, like in a movie, or have a wikipedia from the future. But I am not sure I would want to travel to the future because for the most part, we would be idiots there. At best, you are a moron, at worst, you are a side-show freak. Think about someone coming from 200 years in the past. they would be idiots about modern life, idiots about hygiene and health...
  3. Money, without a plan for that money would probably not be useful. The vast, VAST majority of people who win the lottery do not have a happier life afterwards. I would only go back and cheat with sports betting or the lottery if I had a solid plan for what to do with the money... otherwise, history (ha) has shown me enough to know that random large sums of money go unexpected people just is not as good as you think it would be.
  4. Radio? But i think the biggest thing would be the lack of towers..
  5. Oh, the original Superman movie where Superman flew so fast around the planet that he changed the direction it was spinning and allowed him to go a few minutes into the past. Of course, that had no effect on stuff like gravity, tides, satalites.. nope.. Personal opinion, but unless time travel is the focus of the movie or TV show, it shouldn´t be used in the movie or tv show.
  6. If you could travel back in time in order to manipulate your own life, you could easily do it in such a way that you would never have to meet yourself.
  7. I would write a book called ´1983´ and steal all the ideas from 1984. The funny thing is, most of us are largely ignorant to the technology we have, so we would not be able to recreate it. I am not sure I would want to go back in the past unless I have a long time to prepare for it.
  8. So many people are worried about traveling to the past or the future, and most don´t even know how to live in the present - me Hawkins talked about traveling to the past creating a feedback loop, I think this is true. I don´t think time travel to the past is possible and I don´t say that because we don´t have visitors now, I say that because we can´t time travel OURSELVES now. Once backwards time travel is created, at any point in time, it would lead to people going back into the past, and creating time travel even earlier. Earning money in the past would be trivial, stock market, sports gambling, patents.. whatever.. So if you could time travel into the past, you would basically have unlimited funds to create time travel at that point in time. If time travel to the past occurs at any point in time, it would occur at all points in time.
  9. The biggest part of it would be if they had precise control of what point in the past they go to. If I knew I was returning to June 5th, 1987, it would be trivial for me to memorize the major stories on the cover of major newspapers for the next few days. Anyone who is time traveling to the past would realize that there would be some burden of proof on them and they would be prepared for it.
  10. I think this is doubtful. Memory is just chemicals and anatomy like the rest of our bodies. If there was a likelihood that we couldn´t remember anything, it would be just as likely that we couldn´t control our body temperature, breathing or involuntary muscles and we would die. Sometimes, very rarely people forget events based on trauma, but I don´t think that would apply.
  11. What happened is that the stupid scientists announced the discovery of time travel on the same day Kim Kardashian was married for the 4th time and it got buried on page 14. I mean, come on, we had to know who Kim´s 4th cousin brought to the wedding and what dress she was wearing. I also read some research about another group trying to prove time travel by created a field in front of an object that would pull the object into it at faster than the speed of light, which would increase the length of the object for outside observers.
  12. Just don´t see it. Let´s do the assassination of Hitler and say that the universe needs things to wobble on a small amount. So I go back and kill HItler when he is 18 and in my opinion, prevent the holocaust. But the universe doesn´t allow that much wobble, so what does it do? Alter someone else´s life to make them Hitler 2.0? In order for the universe to prevent too big of a wobble, it would have to have strategic intelligence to ´right´ the changes I made so the timeline had a similar experience.
  13. I would time travel to the future only if I could return. The problem with traveling to the future and being stuck there is that you would basically be Frye... and idiot who knows nothing. At best, you would be be awed and clueless.. at worst you would be a freak-show. Traveling to the past would be interesting, but frustrating. I am not an idiot.. but 99% of the things in our world, I would not be able to recreate in the past. electricity, nope.. indoor plumbing.. nope.... refrigerator (even if I had electricity).. nope... cars? airplane? computers? I would go to the past, tell them about all these amazing things we have in our time, then end up eating my meals over a fire...
  14. The one that really had me crazy was the Hitchhiker´s guide to the Galaxy. What Douglas Adams described is just a laptop with a wikipedia. Mostly Harmless, but it was at a time when computers were huge and the internet was a DoD secret.
  15. He did not make accurate prophecies, he made vague references to events. The world is huge with billions of people and history is long, just with pure statistics and probability, everything he said will eventually come true. Most of his predictions involved symbolism like animals or plants.. the thing is, if you substitute an animal in one of his prophesies with a different animal, you can just as easily find where that new prophecy was fulfilled. And any prophecy you can´t find a reference to you just say ´oh, that must happen in the future´..
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