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  1. Outer space is so vast that we are yet to discover more things about it. We are only capable of studying the parts we can reach and there are still many more undiscovered ones. Who knows, maybe some other human-like or maybe even beast-like creatures out there are also wondering if other forms of life exist outside their planet. Maybe one day human and other beings from other planets or from other solar systems would finally discover each other.
  2. If I would suddenly be teleported 100 years back, my fear of being in an unfamiliar territory would limit my actions at first but once I finally gain my courage I'd look for the place where I grew up in. It would be interesting for me to know what the place looked like and what it used to be for the past 100 years. Then I'd go looking for family members who lived during that period. I would luke to know how they lived during their time. I wouldn't introduce myself though as their relative from the future. It would be too unbelievable and confusing for them.
  3. Wow! What a mind twisting idea. I had to slowly and repeatedly read your reply to be able to effectively process it in my mind. It actually makes a lot of sense. Come to think of it, we shift from the present to becoming the past and from the future to becoming the present in such a short span of time even faster than the blink of an eye. You gave me something to ponder upon again for a period of time. :-)
  4. I was just thinking, if time travel was indeed possible and the lady was really using a cellphone on that video there shouldn't be a question as to the impossibility of it because of the absence of a signal. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe there is a possibility of getting a signal from the present time to the past because if indeed a person has travelled through time, then we are mainly talking about 'time' in its true essence. The person travelled through time only, not from one place to another. He/she didn't travel milky ways away through space into another galaxy. So the possibility of being able to find a way of using a cellphone through different time lines could be possible. Who knows, when that person travelled in the far future, there was some kind of a technological invention that could allow the use of certain gadgets through different time lines. Come to think of it, it could be possible.
  5. I've been pondering about this thought for a long time now. I was thinking, what if there's really no such thing as the present time? What if we are just merely the past or the future? If there is indeed a present time, what if this is not the real present time? Well, if you jumble it all we actually end up in all 3 timelines. We are indeed the past of the future and the future of the past. So where is the real present time? This may seem confusing which only logic could seem to answer but I would like to know your thoughts on this.
  6. At first I was really amazed by how his prophecies seemed to match certain events. I tell you, I was one of those people who was a bit afraid of the Y2K end of the world prophecy. Good thing it was all just a plain prophecy at all. That was the time I finally began to doubt Nostradamus' visions.
  7. He has predicted a lot of important events already and most, if not all of them came true. One of the most significant predictions he made was the death of Princess Diana. The events that took place seemed to match his then predictions. His prediction about the end of the world supposed to be in the year 2000 didn't happen though. But what if he just miscalculated the date? There have been many talks about Nostradamus being a time traveller. Do you think he is indeed one?
  8. I remember dreaming of someone several times when I was still a teenager. I would dream of him often and in my dreams we have this certain connection. The thing is that his face was never clear to me. I even dreamed once if me and that person in a house with a little boy who seemed like our son. I don't know if I dreamed about my future then because things seem to match up now, I am now married and we have a sweet little boy as our child.
  9. It's quite difficult for me to be able to prove if someone is indeed a time traveller or a fake just by asking questions. Sure it can be one proof but maybe I would need a physical proof for me to be convinced. I would have to go with being able to physically travel through time with that person.
  10. Time travel has long been an on and off discussion among us. Although no one has been physically proven to have travelled in time, the myths and theories still remain as a topic of interest to many. I was just wondering, what if you were given the chance to travel in time for free? Would you take the offer even if there's no assurance that you could come back to where you left off? If you are willing to time travel, where would you go - to the past or to the future? In my case I'm not willing to take the risk as of this moment but who knows maybe my mind would change in the future. For now, I'm already contented with my life so I don't see any reason for me to time travel.
  11. I agree with you OP. I believe things happen for a reason and they are meant to happen to shape our history and our lives. Going back to the past and changing anything could mean more harm than good to us because we are disrupting our history. Who knows, if we go and change the past maybe we won't even be part of the present anymore.
  12. The mind is one big mystery for me because it has the ability to store boundless information and memories. If time travel can occur with the mind , maybe it can be through a great sense of imagination or hypnosis. I know pyschologists have used that to go back to certain events in a patient's life. But time travel in terms of going way back to a time where the person hasn't existed yet is still a big question for me.
  13. It could be possible for scientists to invent something that could change our past or future. Almost anything is possible these days due to technological advances. But for me, maybe changing something out of our past would greatly affect our history both in a good and bad way. I'm hoping for the more positive effect though.
  14. Hi everyone! :-) I'm a new member hoping to learn a lot from this forum. This seems to be an interesting community basing from the forum title. I'll see you guys around! :-)
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