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  1. I agree. My laptop officially died, I've had it for 3 years and I didn't even use it often. It's disappointing 'cause it was a good brand and quite expensive. I expected it to last longer since I took extra good care of it. Now I'm forced to look for and buy a new one and with this experience, I'd probably just go for the cheaper ones so it won't hurt much if it gets broken.
  2. Those are very interesting facts and they gave me goosebumps. However, in relation to the topic of this forum, I believe our destiny has already been shaped and no matter what we do or how hard we try to change the past, our future remains the same.
  3. Well, with all your different theories, I'm not sure what to believe in but I'm inclined to the idea that the "phones" are a mistake. I still think there would be no way for signals to find their way back to the 1930s no matter what so there's really no way for mobile phones to work.
  4. Wow this is incredible if it were proven to be true!! I hope someone could clarify this if it's true or just another time travel hoax. It would be really disappointing if it were fake. Although as what Gpa said, that watch doesn't exist during the present time... so it would be waaaay cool if it was from the further future!
  5. If I could control time, I probably wouldn't be very happy. It would be a world without fun and spontaneity. Well, of course the upside is that I could prevent accidents or even death of a loved one. However, these things are bound to happen no matter what you do. Maybe the idea of being able to control time is appealing but once it is given to you, the responsibility is heavy and endless.
  6. Maybe you can also consider Year 3000 by the Jonas Brothers. "i've been to the year 3000. Not much has changed but they lived underwater.." Haha it's a cute song and I've been a JB fan since I was in high school. Not exactly scientific or anything but still about traveling to the future :lol:
  7. Well we never really know if a time traveler is in our midst. They wouldn't really wanna complicate things by telling people of the present that they're from the future. Nobody would believe them unless they have some kind of really convincing and concrete proof.
  8. I would tell her countless advices so she wouldn't make the mistakes I did. I'd tell her tomake the right choices and get her priorities straight. But of course, I'm not regretting anything because I wouldn't be as strong as I am now without those mistakes being done. :)
  9. I always had this idea that aliens are way smarter than us. I believe aliens have already been visiting the Earth and have no intention of harming us or destroying our planet....yet. Haha. Maybe the aliens are still studying how we move about and the way we think.Then they report back to their planet and gather findings and when they feel like they can take over, then maybe they will.
  10. Yes, I absolutely believe the universe will come to an end at some point. Of course, no one could tell when and how it'll happen but I'm guessing the end is a few hundred years away. Our world is advancing into modern technology and nature on the other hand is slowly seeing its end through destruction. There is already an alarming imbalance and when the time comes when it goes completely out of balance, it's gonna be the end.
  11. I think the closest we can get to time travel is through our minds. The mind is a very powerful part of our body because it can make and break us at the same time. Technically, we travel through time everyday using our minds through memories. Although not physically present on that past moment, we never forget the feeling we had at that time and the emotion that moment brought about.
  12. I'd find my relatives. The thing is we have a problem right now in our family, we can't trace my grandfather's ancestors because he fled his hometown at a young age and never heard of his family again. I don't know why he left, if it was his ow choice or not, but nevertheless I want to meet my ancestors.
  13. Of course I could love an android child. I believe there's really not much difference except that he's - well - a robot. But if the child is like any other, has the capacity to laugh and play and carries with him the innocence of a child, then why not?
  14. Global warming is undeniably one of the most pressing issues today. I live in a tropical country and over the last couple of years, our country has been devastated by supertyphoons, leaving thousands of families homeless. It's depressing to witness something like that. I think nature is slowly taking revenge for all the harm we've caused it.
  15. As far as I know it's the Earth that's revolving around the sun, making one complete revolution every year. But then again there are also strong points that say it's the other way around. I really can't tell alone which is which unless the theory has been verified as a fact. Well to add to that, it's also possible that both the Earth and the sun are revolving around each other.
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