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  1. This one! I only wish it was the truth. Would have made that movie far less cheesy and cliche. Okay, so it’s more likely the evidence listed is a result of not properly researching, but it’s still a more interesting plot than what we ended up with :roflmao:
  2. I think this is an interesting theory as well. Probably it can’t be proven, but at the very least it would make the good basis for a story, if there isn’t something similar out there already. I’d read that.
  3. Maybe so, but many people are greedy and financially motivated. If given the chance I would hella do it right now, travel back for financial gain. And those with ruling power traveling back could be potentially more dangerous than those simply traveling back to get some more money for themselves…
  4. Oh no you di'int :lol: Incidentally we hold similar views, you just stated them much more eloquently than I could.
  5. I haven’t been drunk in a few months. But I can tell you, never try making seared ahi poke when you’re under the influence. You will regret it. I have a friend who’s fond of frying up some chicken nuggets while drunk. I feel like that’s probably a safer choice.
  6. This, of course, assumes it’s possible to view alternate versions of yourself in other timelines. So supposing you saw all of your alternate selves with worse struggles than your own, meaning you’re living the best possible version of your life, how would you feel about that? Better about your own situation? Disheartened? Accepting? Something else altogether?
  7. If we ran across a rip of some sort in our universe, perhaps it would be possible. I don’t know if I’d want to see my alternate selves, though. To see another self who’s worse off than I am would be relieving in some ways but infuriating in others; and seeing another self who’s excelling at everything would be inspiring in some ways but disheartening in others. I think I’d be better off accepting my lot.
  8. Good thing for the morals… not so much for the wallet :P If the infrasonic vibration theory explains people’s reaction to these places, I’m pretty sure my particular locale lacks the proper frequencies anyway. Wouldn’t turn out too well, I’d imagine.
  9. I live in a heavily forested area… I keep thinking I ought to take advantage of that and create my own “interesting forest” for fun and profit. And then I feel like a jerk for wanting to play on the superstitious natures of people around me. I think this might be part of why I’m not much of a businesswoman.
  10. To me it looks more like a ring-sized replica watch, and someone in the comments of that second post points out that the hands are set to 10 past 10 which is a traditional display for advertising and photos. Perhaps someone who was exploring the tomb had it on their person and dropped it without saying anything...?
  11. Bit spurious, I think. Looking at the article @AgiTitor linked, a hearing aid seems like a more likely explanation for this. I’ve seen ear trumpets but not the early electronic models, so thanks for that link. Pretty fascinating stuff.
  12. Am I the only one who thinks the human race would be incredibly embarrassed if we did manage to make contact with aliens, and they thought we needed their help? I wonder if it would hurt our pride enough to start an interstellar war… In the second case, I like to think they’d be more inclined to leave us alone than attempt to destroy us. We already do such a good job of it ourselves, it seems like they’d be content to let us continue down that path on our own.
  13. Thinking about this further, the locations in my dreams tend to be familiar, but something’s always off. For example, the layout of a building I’ve visited frequently will have some slight changes and I’ll end up going down the wrong corridor. Or the building will be the same, but the outdoor setting will be slightly different. I don’t know if it means anything, like I’m visiting a slightly altered reality, but it does have a bit of the surreal about it in any case.
  14. Initiating contact when we can barely take care of our own business does seem rather foolish indeed. That will never stop the curiosity, of course. But searching/observation is one matter; actually attempting to communicate is quite another. It’s something that needs to be carefully thought through.
  15. No shame in that! It’s a classic for a reason, I still love it as well. Spending time on this forum makes me want to reread it, in fact.
  16. At this point, I’d try nearly anything :P Unfair? Probably, but since when was life fair? Biggest risks would be creating paradoxes all over the place, not being able to return to this time, and/or not being able to enjoy my gains for very long. But hey, at least I got to time travel? I do like the idea of running a profitable business in the past, but ideally it should be sustainable without having to travel back to this time.
  17. I agree with those who incline to think that the mind could be a time machine of sorts, especially as we are already somewhat capable of traveling, in a sense, via our memories. But if we could improve this ability so that there’s a greater level of accuracy, and expand it beyond traversing our memories, I think it would still make us time tourists rather than travelers. Which may be for the best. Changing or influencing the past is likely to have more drawbacks than benefits, and we could still gain plenty of insight via observation rather than interaction.
  18. That is true, I feel as though so many people dwell on the past, worry about the future, or both, that we can’t see what we’ve got at hand. I know I’ve struggled with this. More food for thought: “What would happen if history could be rewritten as casually as erasing a blackboard? Our past would be like the shifting sands at the seashore, constantly blown this way or that by the slightest breeze. History would be constantly changing every time someone spun the dial of a time machine and blundered his or her way into the past. History, as we know it, would be impossible. It would cease to exist.” - Michio Kaku
  19. One of my favorite books ever is 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. The setting/major plot device involves an alternate timeline. It leans more fantasy than sci-fi, but I still found it so compelling a story, I read it almost straight through over three days and nights. A female assassin, a religious cult, a story-within-a-story, animal allegories; I loved it all.
  20. I grew up in a place steeped in superstition so I’m not sure I’d want to visit another one. Tends to freak you out if you’re around it long enough. But I can certainly see the appeal, for someone else. It’s the sort of place I’d rather read about than see for myself. Yeah, I’m a wuss :roflmao:
  21. So… the table possessed the boy’s soul? That’s pretty freaky indeed. And I agree, it’s too bad you don’t have a video of this happening.
  22. My family was convinced I could remember a past life, as when I was very young I started talking about Alaska before I even know where, let alone what it was. I’m skeptical despite being the one who supposedly had the memories; I tend to think something I heard somewhere must have filtered into my brain. But supposing reincarnation is possible, I tend to think it would be much easier for very young children to retain memories of past lives, so studying young children in order to find proof makes perfect sense to me. They’re still pretty fresh, so to speak, and the older one gets the more likely such memories would be replaced with new memories in their current lives.
  23. Perhaps they’re waiting for us to tear ourselves apart more than we already are, so they'd be ensured of success since we'd be too weakened. I like to think that as selfish and entitled as I feel many humans have become, we’re still capable of banding together - so maybe they sense that we’d still be too formidable a foe as a whole. I could be giving us far too much credit, though :lol:
  24. Cars with female parts… whoo boy, I can think of a few people I know who would enjoy those, and probably get themselves into trouble ;) As far as an android child goes, I’m not terribly fond of kids to begin with, but I don’t think it would be too far removed from loving a human child. As others have said, we do have the capacity to love things other than humans, and in fact I’d say my maternal instinct is directed more toward cats than humans. So sure, I could in theory.
  25. I don’t know, it could be like Candide meets The Time Machine. I’d read/watch that. Anyway, aside from the initial freakout? And then another freakout when I realize I’m probably super susceptible to the diseases and illnesses of the time… if I’m stuck in the past, I like to think I’d gather all my resources and efforts to create an identity for myself that blends in with the upper class, because I’m not gonna lie, I like my comfort. But I don’t know if I’m actually resourceful enough to do so, not to mention the risk of creating paradoxes would be quite high if I managed to succeed.
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