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  1. Sounds like a neat place, but not something I would travel into alone. Though if I wanted to be a dick I could always set the forest on fire and see what comes running out :P
  2. Thankfully for modern tech, censorship is really hard to do these days, its still happening in other forms but with whistles blown and government spy agencies coming to light, the public is getting a little wiser to their tactics and trying to get the truth out.
  3. Not a bad tacit and I can see it working with the populace not all being so bright. But I feel like it can backfire since it would only bring more attention to the theories instead of people ignoring them.
  4. Not sure what that is, could be a tape recorder but I just know if it was a cell phone why wouldn't the person be more careful with using it? Why dress up to blend in but you are still talking on a cell phone? Wouldn't someone in that time notice?
  5. an interesting read, first time I've heard of this really and I can't help but feel its a prank that the watch was somehow sneaked in and then found. If this is a time travel thing, then its a prank or something to mess with our heads which don't seem likely.
  6. Did you have caller ID? What did that say? Call back would have been a good method to use as well to see what was going on. But I would say its a prank or maybe you just blanked out for a moment?
  7. That is a bit odd but any place I dream of is places I go to a lot. Though its not completely impossible to think of someplace that already exists that you could have seen briefly and forgot about.
  8. People are always looking for and reaching out for aliens to visit us, but do you really want contact between the human race and another alien race? I don't think there should be contact as you don't know what could come about it and I doubt it be any good.
  9. nope, first I'm hearing of it. Looked it over and seems like a decent series worth checking out. Thanks for sharing it :)
  10. Something is turning or revolving so everything from the seasons to daylight changes. I can't say what since I've never been to space but I do feel Earth is moving around the solar system. Though dose anyone know if the sun turns?
  11. Yeah I agree with everyone else, they seem the same but are different. I don't really get the whole infinity thing since everything has an end but Zero can end up becoming anything and everything.
  12. I can't help but think the game makers wanted something to happen with that very VERY creepy Link clone, I mean why is his clone so creepy looking?! But yeah, this is most likely a hacked game or something along those lines and some created a crazy story.
  13. Not a bad video, but I really don't think the presidents are told about aliens unless needed. After all, they only have 8 years of power before they are removed unlike other people who would be apart of the subject for years.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heNOs49mzLc Anyone ever watch this old cartoon? It was about a special unit that patrols time, fixing it if any historical events go wrong. Its mostly about silly things but was entertaining to watch.
  15. I keep hearing great things about the show but never checked it out, didn't think it would have time travel in it. I'm curious to see how that would work, maybe when its done I'll check it out.
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