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  1. Interesting thread - I just finished an article on the book "The Power of Soul," which is that there is a way to heal the Soul that can then help all humanity to heal it's ills - Now, whether this is possible or not is highly questionable. For one thing, as stated in the article, it is impossible for many who do not work within a framework of organized religion to accept that each individual has a soul be that soul damaged, tormented or lost - As I am a comparative theologian and ordained minister working from a secular perspective, while I believe a spirit or soul can be healed, I'm not sure that in doing so, the act has the power to heal society as a whole though it is no doubt a worthy goal of the author and those who follow him as well - Thoughts?
  2. We have a place near us in Northern California, Confusion Hill which has the same aspects. Also, as a teenager there used to be an attraction at Six Flags Over Texas with a leaning house - anything can be built to lean, the question is in relation to gravitational forces and whether or not those forces can change our perceptions of reality or whether our reality is actually changed - yes?
  3. If Astral Travel to locations of memory is possible, is it then not possible to Astral Travel back in time? I know I have experience w/Astral Travel in relation to past locations and events - are these just memories awakened by the idea or is this real Astral Travel to a time in the past? Alchemy is also a big part of the process in my opinion as there are often light and dark times in past, present and future - Would you travel to a time if you knew there was an inherent darkness present? Astrally or otherwise?
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