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  1. I always considered everyone alive is kind of a time traveler because we are "moving forward through time", but now I see that everyone change in every moment, your cells dies and are replaced, your memories go away and get "blurry", every time you wake up you are a diferent person, so I can't say what we really are.
  2. Speaking of the Mandela Effect, when I was a kid before 2009 I always thought that Michael Jackson was already died back in the 90s.. The memory is so easy to manipulate that you can't trust on that as well.
  3. i don't know about your countries, but mine (Brazil) is a total collapse
  4. Hey, I'm new here too. 1) Nop 2) If really exists alternative universes, only the fact of you traveled in the past, your presence will change the world, so if either you kill your grandfather or not you will be not in your actual past.
  5. I don't think is enough, it's like say you are traveling to the past every time you see a old photo or go to the future every time you sleep...
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