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  1. Yes, there has to be life, it's as normal to exist life as it's normal that we with our limited senses are unable to communicate with them. We need to develop ourselves further to see further, but sadly we just focus on war and money.
  2. We can claim whatever we want, but for me the most obvious evidence of reincarnation are the child prodigy, they are born with a talent and for me that happens because they had already mastered that in previous lives.
  3. For me ghosts is the energy left behind when the body dies. We can say it's the personality that stays behind and doesn't die immediately and eventually still believes that is living.
  4. Well... That is fairly common these days, reality is hidden and we are presented with entertainment so that we don't think about the real world and the situation we are living in.
  5. It's pretty hard to imagine that we are the only ones in the universe, virtually impossible. Also, quite a few evidences of aliens do exist, I just believe that "higher powers" have those hidden due to economic interests.
  6. LOL, so it seems fake uh? Again, I don't know why people make these comments, eventually they just want to attract attention and traffic to their sites or videos.
  7. I believe that time travelers could not expose their position or else the people living in our time would be totally messed up. Can anyone imagine our world without time? Most people would get crazy!
  8. I once found a sticker that is claimed to mean that it's a alien friend house. I put it on my window and when my wife saw it and I explained what it was she freaked out and made me remove it LOL. I think alien have to be friendly and super smart, I'd love contact yes, not abduction though!! ?
  9. Well, you can be right, it can be a well made hoax, like you say you looked up for the tomb and didn't find it. I do not have the knowledge to say if it's true or not, I just wonder why someone would make up something like this.
  10. Sure, if we are discussing fiction everything is possible, but in our reality time travel is possible too and I think that is more important, trying to see the reality of it instead of being entertained with fiction.
  11. The images are not 100% clear, but it certainly seems that the woman is using a mobile phone! Thoughts? An old woman using mobile phone in a short clip from the DVD extras of Charlie Chaplin's film The Circus, 1928, spotted only in 2010 by filmmaker George Clark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiIrpEMbQ2M
  12. This movie was totally disconcerting, I mean, it was a little hard to follow and the fact that he didn't had memory of his past selfs is a little strange too. A good movie though.
  13. Actually I think that is something that happens often, governments try to rewrite some parts of history to their convenience and that is why we need to know for ourselves and not rely on what others tell us.
  14. All those are good questions and I really don't have an answer to them. I don't think it's a real watch, just a representation of a watch. Either cases, it's an evidence that in the past knowledge of common watches and Swiss existed, so that's also a proof.
  15. Now you are leaving me confused seivtcho, why do you say time travel to the past is impossible? If we do grasp the essence of "time" we go beyond it and we manage to travel to where we want no?
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