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  1. Okay, maybe I don't really work in time-travel (but, oh, what a fantasy job!), but I really am from Iowa. Time-travel is one of my all-time favorite subjects. I was delighted to see this forum and it's great subject matter. I am a father of 3, been with my wife 11 years. I love to write (primarily science-fiction), but have yet to get published. I look forward to discussing this very cool subject and getting new perspectives on time-travel!
  2. Everyone is so quick to assume that when they see a person that is see through or otherwise otherworldly, that they must be the continuing existence of a dead person. Just because a person is dead in this reality, doesn't mean they don't continue to exist in another. What I think people are seeing is the reenactment of an event or events that happened, and continues to happen through time. This is why what they see is partially transparent, because it is not completely in our plane of existence. In many cases the "ghost" does not interact with the person observing them. In fact, they are oblivious, because they are carrying out an event in their lives. There are sometimes non-living things in these ghostly scenes as well, such as trains. How can something that never lived be in ghostly form?
  3. I have known about this doll since I was a child. It is something of a creepy story, but nothing that is blood-curdling. The doll itself isn't even scary-looking. I personally think that if I was there, I probably would be freaked out. This makes me think of a 30-page story I wrote a few years ago. It is about a antique French Jumeau doll that is given to a little girl a 100 years ago. Without giving away my whole story (it's not published), the doll maker is extremely upset with the little girl's father, a doctor who could not save his wife and child in childbirth. The doll maker makes a binding pact with pagan gods to curse the women of the family for 100 years through the demonic forces of the doll.
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