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  1. I share your opinion in every way. I think that as life exists on Earth then why shouldn't on another planet? Maybe it's far away from us like years but it must exists somewhere.. I'm quite sure about this.
  2. This could be a theory. Dark Ages, if I recall correctly , were the period where that goes between the 5th and the 15th centuery and it was almost fully dominated by the Church. This latter concept might be the key in some kind of way. What I mean is that the Church was running pretty much actively the Inquisition that punished everyone that went against Christ, so maybe for some reason they didn't want to leave much traces for do not let people know in the future?
  3. Ghosts are just in our mind. We see them because in our head we fear the idea of a white spirit of a dead person glowing and shining. For example, take one random person and put him in a abandoned asylum in the night. When he'll be out I'll be sure 100% sure that he will say that he saw some ghosts or orbs or something along that line.This because he was put in a scenario where generally we all know that ghosts are supposed to be there...
  4. I think yes, it's possible but it would be indeed weird to see yourself and you know that it's not a mirror effect. If I would like it I don't really know... I could like it as much as I couldn't... It really depends on what situation I guess.
  5. Pretty nice post and description out there! What's that serum composed of? I would be curious to know it and maybe... try to replcate it :)! Also how was the technology on your original timeline? Can you describe it to us?
  6. I don't thiink they aren't the same thing else they would have the same meaning right? Also, if you take 0 and infinite , and you see them under a numerical concept you will understand immediatly that you are facing two differents things: 0 is null while infinite is a really high high number.
  7. This video is really interesting but this sounds me a bit fake. I mean if it's really the truth why this didn't get famous? Why this didn't aroused any attention by the most valuable scientest in the world? This would be a revolutionary video if it's real. Eventually how we are sure that what that woman was holding is a mobile phone?
  8. Well, film is just fiction thus they can't rapresent the reality as it is. Moreover they must make it interesting and exciting to watch since they have to make some profit in order to cover the costs.
  9. Hi guys, I was wondering if you would go back to the past for gaining some profit for example to win the lottery or maybe playing in the right way some bet. But profit can mean also to time travel, for example, to fix a chess game you've lost or something like this. Would you do it? Or you consider it too unfair?
  10. Actually I think that outside the scientific's entourage nobody would have known this kind of experiment unless the person we are talking to is in science and techonology. In the latter case then yes, you can start by making a comparison between the phone and the internet.
  11. It might be a possibility if the time travellers have a common "channel" were they converge when they travel to the past, but according to me it's more feasible and makes more sense a separated parallel timeline everytime you travel.
  12. Maybe I would start the discussion with something that already existed at that time like cars,ships and planes. Also I would mention the fact that we went on the moon in the 60's. It would still hard to explaon the internet toug.
  13. That's known that our mind could be seen as a time travel machine but the main purpose of time travelling is that we can change things while we are in the past and obviously this is not possible if we use our mind of course. But it still is an interesting topic to talk about.
  14. The terrorist attack happened in 9/11 is one of the consipracy that I believe in because it let me think that USA did this so that they can invade and attack muslim states to steal their oil on order to have the monopoly in this field.
  15. I don't believe in these type of things but this sounds scary indeed but I would still visit since I'm quite curious. Has anyone ever heard of it or maybe visited it? It should be cool to hear some opinion sof people that visited in first person.
  16. I believe in parallel timelines thus it would "create" another timeline where, in your case, Rome won't exist. It's hard to think that you time travel back to some years and change something, then you go back to the present and you find the changes you've done.
  17. I usually dream something that exists in real world but I don't remember that I dreamed something which doesn't exists or some fancy locations. But I could be easly mistaken because because I don't pay too much attention on what I do or what I visit when while I'm dreaming.
  18. Well, private networks and encrypted traffic is what you need for not let thirdy party strangers bump into your busniess. There are a quite good amount of tutorials and video tutorials about it. Tor network is an exmaple of this protection you can use, just download the browser and you're in and I guess pretty none will know what you're doing (unless you're NSA :P)
  19. I guess this is a worst problem than the one of reaching them on a lost planet. We don't know pretty anything of them and it's likely that they don't know anything of us. Nonetheless I heard that some time ago some researchers have sent in the space some binary data among the universe hoping that maybe some alien civilization can understand it since it's a machine language. So maybe the latter one is a way to comunicate with them?
  20. Quite fun video. I know all of them and he explains it in very down to earth way so that it's accessible to all of us. The explanations are clear and concise from my point of view even though the Grandfather one was a bit messy to understand at first yet a good clip to watch :)
  21. That sounds too much of a fiction to me. I have heard in the past these poeple that claim to remember a past life but come on.. How a human witha working brain could believe such things? It's obviously fake and the videos about it are just films. It would be cool to know if reincarnation exists but I don't think these are valid proofs.
  22. This is a more complex scenario than we can thought in my opinion. If we go back to the past to change something then our action will influence in some way our present right? Maybe we won't even exist? This is the perfect example of the paradox issue. For me, if it possible of course, it would be right to change something in the past if this has the aim to modify the things in a better way.
  23. What if you time travel backwards of some decades and meet yourself younger? I don't really know what I would do. I would probably stare at myself for quite some time and then I would realize that I shouldn't attaract a lot of attention and just move on else I would create a temporal paradox. What about you guys?
  24. Science and the most of the famous scientist say that the universe is infinite and I believe it. Why? If the universe has limits, first of all where are them? Secondly, what should be there on other side of the "wall"? Eventually, how come that this "wall" was formed and of what materials this wall is compound?
  25. Awesome article. I've read it lefts me amazed! I'd like to know more about that Swiss match, I mean it could be totally fake but still a catchy found. Has anybody analyzed it to tell if it's real or counterfeit? If this would be case it would be a concrete proof that something had happened.
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