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  1. I wonder if you were able to travel backwards or forwards in time would you be able to remember your life in the present day whilst you are there? Would you be so disorientated by arriving at a time in history or the future that is so alien to you that you would experience some kind of amnesia? Would you become so immersed in this new life that you just forget about everything in your present day life?

    Think of it as having lived your life at a certain frequency in the present day, but the time travel shifts you to a different frequency, the original frequency still exists but you have no recollection of it as your entire being is existing on a different frequency that has no links to the old one.


    The whole subject of time travel is so interesting as the questions it raises are endless.

    Time travel is based on a continuous shift between timelines so if you enter the time machine to visit the future will be different from the future you'd have on your timeline . It is impossible not to remember because a shift spacetime does not involve physical harm( excuseme for hypotetical grammatical error)



  2. As crazy as this sounds I have been hired to spend the next 12 months looking for any proof that time travel is real. I know this is highly unlikely, but on the off chance anyone reading this actually does time travel or knows how to -- please get in touch with me.


    I am just beginning my investigation but the people I work for have significant funds and if you can offer credible knowledge/insight/proof we will ensure you are adequately remunerated.


    Paying for you to come to me or vice versa also isn't an issue.

    I can help , teach nuclear physics for twelve years and I have dedicated my entire life to gather evidence about the real possibility of time travel ( i am sorry for my very bad English )



  3. Personally, I'm really curious about how the technology is going to evolve in the next couple hundred of years. It would be awesome if we are going to be able to live on other planets and develop new ways of living there.I'm also curious if we're going to be able to get in contact with aliens.


    The contacts with aliens already exist , why do you think the government of a democratic state such as America keeps hidden their military experiments ? If I were you I would start asking myself two questions . The real problem is not that the aliens but we



  4. A long time ago they did not know so many things in computing so it was hard to track down an IP address and then there was a lot of security on this forum . I am a supporter of the theories of titor because he said it is possible to travel on different timelines and so our timeline is different from its then in the timeline of jhon happened all the things he predicted ( I'm sorry for any grammatical errors but I do not speak English very well)



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