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  1. I'm sorry. Actually, I don't have education regarding WWI. They keep teaching national history here, and world history isn't focused much. I was still ignorant, sorry for that. I think I should google before saying something haha. I asked someone and I think he trolled me. Sorry again :(
  2. I don't think avoiding accidents should be your intention. A natural balance is necessary to sustain the world. It still depends though, what do we really mean when we say we stop the time? Does it mean everything comes to a halt? If yes, then it means the light rays (bouncing off from objects) which travel to give us vision stop too. So would this mean we can't see anything? Really intriguing topic.
  3. 'The Man Who Folded Himself' by David Gerrold. Its a really interesting read, and I personally suggest it. Its about a man who discovers a 'time belt', which allows him to move through time. On his journey, he meets a lot of different versions of himself. The book is awesome if you love reading about paradoxes.
  4. Isn't 1915 the year when World War 1 happened? If I had the choice to go back, I would have researched the whole war, and then predicted the whole war in a dramatic fashion. At first, no one would've believed me, but as soon as one of my predictions became true, I'd be famous. And probably most wanted in a lot of other countries.
  5. I have similar experiences regarding dreams, but they aren't limited to just places. I sometimes dream about someone saying something, and it happens in real life later. I have tried explaining this to some people, but they think its purely coincidental. I don't think this is déjà vu, to be honest. Are we using our minds as a time travel machine already, without us knowing it?
  6. Here's one of the loopholes regarding time travel i noticed in X Men : DOFP. Now QuickSilver experiences time approximately 4000 times faster than a normal human being, which means QuickSilver could have got Mystique out of the whole building in 0.001 seconds, which makes the whole sequence quite pointless.
  7. That movie was really great. It got me interested in time travel to be honest. By the way, I like this quote by James Altucher, "Don't time travel into the past, roaming through the nuances as if they can change. Don't bookmark pages you've already read."
  8. As @FuZyOn said, its best to be careful with what to say. I would just avoid the meeting no matter what. The thing is, science has proved matter can't exist in two places at the same time. If you go back a little back in time, chances are that you both have almost the same body, hence the same matter. It would cause an unlikely paradox.
  9. Hey guys! Greetings from India! I'm a student, with love for all things Android. I am starting to develop a keen interest on time travel, after watching 'The Theory Of Everything'. I like the atmosphere of this forum, and its really well built. Hope I get to learn a lot from here!
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