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  1. That's handy. I might try this when I get the oportunity. I was thinking about that what You guys said here and I got theory how Deja Vu can have corelation with timetravels or just time itself. What if Deja vu can be a natural sign that somone from the future affected our timeline so we changed our action? Because when you experience this anomaly, you got the feeling that you done this/ been here before but you acted different? Maybe that's because You (or other timetraveler) changed the timeline in this very moment, and the thing you remember was the actions you did before the change but somehow/somone changed your behaviour in a way the timetraveler want. P.S: I know my english isn't perfect and my translation of Science terminology is really bad, but i try as hard as I can to explain the things i have in mind.
  2. When i was at work, I was talking with my manager about wierd things that happend to us as kids. She said about the "Hard deja vu effect" she had when she was a kid. How you ask? Chemicals. She was in school and there was a refit of whole clasroom. They painted the walls and other things with some realy toxic paint. After the refit crew finished, kids could go in their classrooms and begin their day. After that, she went home with her friend. On the road, something really wierd happend. She has some kind of "Real life lag". She said that when she was going down the road, and was on it end, she was felling like she was just at the beginning of this road, and feel that she was walking the same road two times. So i was thinking and came to this question: Does deja vu has any conection with timetravel? I would like to know any opinion of yours.
  3. Oh belive me, i would know how to take care of this money :D Anyway, if I could explore the past in this scenario after giving me advice, i would totaly be in different places to gain som knowledge about the history of my city or something like this.
  4. Well yes it is. But what i ment to say is when somone invent the Time machine then our timeline will be the one that begin the whole "time travel tourists". We need to begin this so we could see any Time travelers.
  5. I have a theory that we don't see time travelers in our time just because our reality and our timeline is the MAIN timeline on wich time travels must be invented. If we invent them, there would be time travelers in our time.
  6. If the doppleganger effect wouldn't work, I would probably help myself get through the school bullies and give an advice about future life. Probably i would also get some of the Lotto numbers from 2015 and gave them to myself.
  7. I was thinking about that. What if we could make machine that looks like the one in "Inception" but it would affect our memories, not dreams. Think about it. When you want to travel to the past, You put yourself comfortable in chair and plug in to this machine witch make your memories more visible or even physicaly accessible. You could just walk around the whole area you remember or even further. But you couldn't change the past. Only (like you said) passing by as a tourist.
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