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  1. Thankyou for your contribution Pinterest. I've noticed that every decade, we become almost repeats of who we'd been decades previous :) . Some would say that who we were in the 90s resembled who we'd been in the 60s, but if history's building behind us so dragging the future hither & over the top of us, perhaps who we were in the 60s, resembled who we'd become in the 90s. When an event happens, only then will one recall their warnings or influences? May we think a recalled past warning or influence had come about 1st, but had it rather been the event which did? Would neither event or influence exist, nor would there even be a platform for Them to've existed if one hadn't always the other? Re. "This is why the 1950s at times are the same as the 1980s ..." Might the paradox we're caught in, that you're referring to be the chicken & the egg paradox? Taking not only evolution (Learning from our past) into account, but creation (being Accountable in the past), is the answer to the paradox "which came 1st the chicken or the egg?": Not Only that "the egg comes 1st", but that "because the chicken exists, only Then will exist aswell the egg relevant to it."? Not only that "the 60s came 1st" but that "because of who we were in the 90s, only then could we exist such a way in the 60s"? Not only that "man spontaneously generated all over the earth dominant over Neanderthal, who'd also died by other factors" but that "once, there was a time the species hadn't died at all, instead to live to an endtime on a world humans hadn't been conceived yet to've ever existed, only to conceive us so we had, so the last of us will conceive the next so They had (who'll Again wonder where their missing link is rather than When their missing link is :) . Is who we'll be in our late future relative to who we'll be back when, even meaning that who we'll be back when is no longer ancient man ...but instead a race higher than humans on the evolutionary scale? My opinion that the egg is relevant to the chicken just as the chicken is to the egg, along with my ML theory, is based on the theory that if you drop an egg for 30 days, 30 years, or even so far that it returns to the big bang from which it came & back again, That however much time will qualify as a single present moment in time :) . You wonder we each need to sort out our priorities, weather to slide again or move on to other important things. I don't think we can move on to other important things (see time in forward motion & evolve), or that 'other important things' (forward motion & evolution) would even exist Unless we slide back (to move forward again from points in time moved forward from before). That we successfully see time in forward motion, evolve, & breath at all, is it all proof that we slide back & live from previous times again? Have you ever had an Unsuccessful shave :) ? To successfully shave a leg without butchering yourself & gouging random chunks of skin off of it, will we not only shave upwards but back over & reshave each following point up the leg? Either a shave is successful, completed by doing it in strokes, or it's a butchering not to admit to & not to repeat. An unsuccessful shave is a shave that never began & so never happened. An unsuccessful travel through time, might it mean no travel period. I wonder that all who've lived all this time today ...do travel. I also wonder some of these will have never been tomorrow. I really do try to write coherently, but i wonder there's no language suitable as yet to convey this message. There's just no room at the inn been prepared for this baby, so here is where i'll spend a while & i won't be pausing for grouchy chauvinists @ DARBY. I think DARBY, that when someone gets angry like you do, it is to protect their own neck from those who should like to knock the head right off of it. I wonder Pinterest, are priorities sorted for us, so well that we will have what we need before we need it? Do the loo break & the slide break fall in the same timeframe, & as they're both priorities might we be capable of doing both at separate times & many times over within the timeframe :) ?
  2. So. No questions then? Are you calling me intoxicated? I do understand my writing can be difficult to decipher, but i'm all ears for questions. It's best to read my stuff slowly. And you know you may move on to another poster any time you like. I should tell anyone who is following me correctly though that i came to a strange conclusion above. That though i think it's abnormal we don't recognize history expanding as does universe, and i'd called the abnormality "being caught in a paradox", the conclusion i came to was that "history expanding as does universe, & our not knowing about it" may be the resolution to many paradoxes. Oh well.
  3. There's been invented a plasma that can be torn & separated, and information to one half be relayed spontaneously to the other half. They're using this plasma in a treatment for autism. Using it, info is relayed from parts of the brain what understand what's going on, throughout the whole brain so that the brain recognizes it's own connections. Now. Lets say the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva was indeed about to reach the speed of light. If we took 3 parts of plasma, attatch one to one of the connection-recognition machines mentioned above (placing the machine on a person), then waiting a few days place another part into the LHC, then after a few more days place say you on another of the machines, when the LHC reaches faster than the speed of light, would info then be relayed from your mind to that who used the 1st machine before you? I wonder if we'd already be attempting this. This may be a way to transfer something, the way it is, from the present to the past. If info from the present can be relayed to the past, will it give us control over creation from that point in the past. To repeat the above instructions month after month, would we end up boosting the rate we're evolving at, & be who we'll be in the future not long from now :) ? We wouldn't want those in the past to get too used to an easy ride though, always being sent information, so i suggest only doing the month-after-month thing maybe only every 50 years or so. Can you imagine? Everyone in our recent past, evolving into the latest unruly generation waiting for a buzz from the future, to inevitably then become us, only to inevitably send their old selves info more frequently? I'm afraid this one small step for man, could mean one giant leap back to being cavemen again.
  4. I see i've an alert what reads "There has been some problem publishing your share recently. Click *here* to try again or dismiss." I'm not sure if something i wrote was interpreted as rude, or what's happened. Is a mystery so far. When i click *here* i'm led to a page what says "App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions." I have no idea where to find the Admin :) . Then i'm alerted that there's been a problem conecting with facebook. This is strange because never have i tried to log in using my Facebook account. I love this site so please don't get me wrong when i say that would be hysterical lol :) . I'm a new member, can someone help me get to the bottom of this, or lead me in the right direction :) ? ...Oh dear. I've a message telling me someone's liked me, and on opening it i see that i've a trophy. Awesome :) , but did they give me the trophy or was i awarded it for someone liking me? And who was it :) ? Oh i wish there was a rules page :-/ . Don't tell me. I need to sign up using my FB account am i right? Lol :) ?
  5. Agreed . Thankyou. Oh darn. I just realized "Actually, any advise is gratefully appreciated" is a prepositional statement, is it not? I so hope i'm not stuck this way lol :).
  6. If travel back to locations of memory is possible, how is that not travelling back in time? Travel to past locations and events - is it yes just that memories were triggered by ideas, & that this is real Astral Travel to a time in the past, both. Both evolution & creation may they walk hand in hand, but to know this or stand to do one or the other does it stifle your stand to do either? I'm not sure what Alchemy is, but i disagree that past, present and future are often either light or otherwise dark - so cannot answer your following question as to if i'd astro-travel to a dark time. Where i'd astro-travel, would always be to some time in the past. A time that i'll later say i've been familiar with all my life. All this will i do without knowing i'd gone back at all or that my life & i had changed beneath & including my own nose since. Each time i and the collective astro-travel (are reviewed & redescribed back), to've lived again from added precursors in time, would we always end up at a time brighter than the last? Any not part of the collective, might their time be darker than ours by comparison? Strike that. Might they've never even existed - a replacement brighter time having been forced over the top of them & their heaven & earth as they know it? I would not like to travel by any other means than to do it naturally, learning by mistakes & growing my total consciousness :). i've never heard of a prepositional phrase before. Thankyou. Actually, any advise is gratefully appreciated. At the moment, i find people are rephrasing what i say back at me, & having me approve weather what they say is what i meant or not. I wish what i was saying wouldn't boggle the mind so :( .
  7. I can appreciate the term "smeared", but then the term i use to explain how we respond to stimuli before it occurs is *by preshock*. I suggest that we each (as well as as a whole) have an internal richter scale, which IS involved in our repetitively moving back, to new precursors in shock as history expands as does universe allowing us elbow-room to. To even in shock (be smeared as far as to) become another species long ago dominant over sapiens to wonder again who our missing link is :), involved in dragging future over the present rather than jumping forward toward IT. The way an earthquake creates noticeable aftershocks, it will also create preshocks (pre-tremors) which may be noticed using either a richter scale, or a higher sense of awareness (internal richter scale) as seen in birds as they flee prior to natural disasters. Though man may have the same inner richter scale as the birds to save their lives by fleeing from events before they happen, might they otherwise flee to earlier points in time as events unfold, to live again from an add-on memory at which time to'd thought "This is going to happen", which most times won't be recalled you'd lived from until after an only similar event takes place? No two anything being alike? For one to boast a correct premonition pending an event though, might it mean that the event wasn't prevented by their escaping back to the precursors meant to prevent it the 1st time, and so the event thus happening twice over would one thus ripple back over the same precursors twice over also, to then consciously note they predict the event? Is to be psychic not a sign of intelligence thus, but rather of a hiccup to ones evolutionary path? Where in this case, two outcomes may actually be alike so remain the same outcome? To double back twice over, is it to scream of a standstill & a slowing of evolution on some level past (& so also until) the point of an event not being prevented? Might it mean they're arriving at the same precursors over again, with no more new precursors (& untold futures) having built up behind them to go back to to rather live forward from? The lack of creation behind them evident by the lack of evolution up until the point of the so far unpreventable certain event? No taking up a new sport or calling for Jesus eg. to've been born to any new outcomes & so different precursors rather? Those certain of their preminitions, are they stumbling on both their creation-creating evolutionary course, & their evolution-evolving creationary course? Man may find they've had premonitions previous to unfolding events and think the ability to've known was due to natural selection & sixth-sense alone, all the while oblivious to that the point in time the premonition was had had happened After the event due to creation building up behind them, creation & evolution walking hand in hand. What makes you say that being smeared isn't involved in a person traveling backwards to any meaningful time? I wonder that a time must be meaningful to reasonably travel back to it, to live from that point forward again. I'm not too keen on the 2045 initiative, being it may be against what should be our better instinct to spontaneously generate entire back to precursors in time and more untold future as a way to live for eternity. An instinct quashed by not having proven creation, so we'll only focus on evolution? Can evolution not be without that history grows as does universe,? Without creation?Would you forfeit living forever & on, just to know what forever holds or held only? It would be a rather short forever by comparison.
  8. What do you make of astral time travel, & why don't you believe in it :) ?
  9. If history expands as does universe & everything change beneath & Including our own noses, can we who're only noticing time in forward motion not prove creation building-up behind us & that we'd gone back to new precursors (memories of warnings/influences) to new untold futures, to begin from those again without trace of having lived as far as are the reprocussions ..to hence avoid them but reach brand new procussions which to avoid, with new precursors which to go back to? This way, going back in time does not prevent us from having to have to go back in the first place ...because something else would end up occuring. To've seen the event what took place in the future to've arrived back to the last precursor you had, if time building behind us contributes to evolution, might we see fit to repeat our mistakes over & over again assuming we'll live for eternity this way, however cease to evolve as a result? I wonder there's no method involving creation of going to the future, but do wonder that to go back to precursors often enough can bring about a rise in global consciousness to resemble the consciousness we'd otherwise have had to wait for. May we not be able to jump from present to future, but rather can we jump future that it may exist now instead of what only does at present? But. As long as we'll assume that to timetravel to the past must mean to move the who you are now to a different whenabouts, i'll assume that the further we go back the dumber we'll be than the rest of the species who's history since you left the present has still been building up behind them. Not only would they be more evolved that what you remember them, but they'd not nearly have evolved as much as they should've since the get go, your travelling there also having lowered the consciousness level of the whole world ...in preparation for you? It would be a super hateful thing to do to yourself & to humankind. To head into the future though would it result in more history having built up behind you than everyone else by that time in comparison (as everything would've stopped changing beneath their own noses to Wait for you lol :) ), & would it cause a subsequent rise of global consciousness :)? I actually think we would exact some change to the either past or future if we were to go as who we are :) . To be the era's Steven Hawkings would be better than winning the lotto Anyday :) . If travel to the future was possible, I wouldn't like to come back, as i guess i'd like that history would've been building faster from the get go since i left ...in preparation :). To come back would it just return us all to this present speed of progression? I agree that if we could move who we are now to anywhen (which i don't agree we can), we should only move forwards not backwards :) .
  10. Yes. I'm so happy to make your acquaintance Gpa lol :) . On top of that, i wonder is it the norm or a consequence that we're to remain oblivious to the fact (assuming it is fact) from the get go. QUOTE="Gpa, post: 90761, member: 3030"]OK, if I get this at all, here's what I am getting from your posts. We are existing in a "reality" that is constantly being changed by someone...anyone...even ourselves... from a future that keep going back in time to change some event that, then changes the "history" of all of us but, we continue on as if nothing has changed because we can not be aware of the change. Is that close?
  11. I understand a paradox to be an impossible self-contradictory outcome. But what if, of all the luck we are caught in a possible paradox, self-contradictory ourselves & to've lived this way from the get-go without obvious purpose? If a heap can consist of one grain of sand if 1000000 IRL (Sorites' paradox), if motion is impossible while no time lapses when an object is moving (Fletchers paradox), & if as universe expands history does also may we at any given instance have had any number of precursors we'd obliviously gone back to to change in a lifetime, & still be living in the same lifetime? The possible resolution to Sorites' & Fletchers paradoxes not having to do with 'grains' or 'an object in motion' at all, but rather the possibility of timetravel & our being oblivious to it? Are we caught in both of these paradoxes (& funnilly enough we can throw in the boat planks paradox for good measure). They all hint at 1 answer, that's that we might change but still be all we've known all our lives at the same time. Then maybe we can add the epimenides "this statement is false" paradox, which could point out that information (even material information such as us) might exist at every instant however be not information at all & never will be. Statements still, however false. I just blew my own mind :) .
  12. Right. Where was i? What i mean by fit information is, any information what like truth can't be bound by time & space & may materialize anywhere. You yourself could be information. Now I suggest that without creation, there would be no evolution. You agree universe is expanding, correct? So what of history? I suggest it expands aswell & that "everything changes beneath & including our own noses" based on a Quantum theory that questions & answers crystallize simultaneously each at their own times, & on a Christian belief in having what we need before we need it. To evolve day by day for what is known as natural selection, is each time the result of a change in history also? That this (let alone creation at all) can't be proven, does any sort of progress on the idea remain hindered, thus hindering our rate of evolution? How are we all? And wow, there's stuff missing? I'd better check that :-/ .
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