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  1. A particle accelerator to van de graph machine is what makes the actual white matter spread and get bigger
  2. White matter that's created by crossing magnetic rays is what opens the window or door and the magnets in the "window" slow the time down enough to let you see or go through
  3. It's the electron gun that s needed, and several if not all other components will need to be replaced. And it's a time viewing machine because only, a person cannot use it to go in, you can however talk to people but they won't see you, and that speech transmission has been disabled on purpose. The reason you can't use it to pass through is because it does not have any components that can keep the "wormhole" open long enough to pass through. For that you need powerful magnets.
  4. It's a window time machine, you cannot interact with it but your able to see past and future events.
  5. No as In i can provide photos of machine.
  6. There's no such thing as NWO within 0.8.9% differential parallel universes.
  7. No, it's not, several parallel universes visited recently were under 0.6% differential were disastrous.
  8. Here is life, even in this solar system. Other than us. Just not intelligent.
  9. It's complicated to even attempt to explain it to you, I'd have to show you telephically
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